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    Get the flu shot! There are bigger battles we need to fight.

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    16 to 18 patients where I work. Along with rehabbing knees and hips, we have dementia, CHF, syncope, wound care, tube feelings, IV antibiotics, and much more. No bed rails, alarms, or restraints to keep patients from falling out of bed or wheelchair. CNAs have up to 12 patients. If I have two patients with sudden health changes, everyone's meds are late, blood sugars get missed, etc. The pace is insane and most of the time I don't know much about my patients other than "he's a knee." it is very difficult to provide the kind of care I would like to provide.

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    Wow, you tell her that Jesus hates her? Just so you know, Christians aren't perfect. No human being is perfect. If you want people to respect you, you have to give respect.

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    When a family member wonders why mom is so tired all the time: really? She is 96 years old!!!The daughter who sternly told mom she can "do it" (walk): Really? Could you walk on those contracted feet? Or hold onto your walker with those contracted hands? Geez.And my favorite is when a family member is concerned that mama, who is terminal with metas. Liver cancer, is too groggy from pain meds. Really? You would rather have her entertain you? She will probably be busy writhing in pain, a$&hole.

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    Hi! I can tell you that my experience has been that every opportunity I have "lost" in nursing school and with nursing jobs has led to a better opportunity more suited to me. Hang in there and keep pursuing your dream!

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    Ha ha this makes me think about how hubby showed up at my work this past week and asked me for Advil. (His mom is a patient right now.) I almost clobbered him! Told him I would get to my purse after I made sure my 17 patients were medicated.

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    It helps me to hear that caring for 18 patients with meds, treatments, etc. is unreasonable for one nurse to finish everything in 8 hours. I thought I was too slow. I hate it most when a family member or doctor asks questions about a patient that I cannot answer because I've barely had any time with the patient! And when families are upset because their mama isn't running a marathon by the end of week one, it's hard to state the "party line" and not say, "are you serious? Mom is not rehab material and you need to yell at the doctor who told you she was!" Ridiculous.

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    I have had several careers in very large corporations before coming to nursing. I never felt so stressed out and felt such hostility in any other job for the 25 years before I became a nurse. It was quite a culture shock. Yet in spite of that, I :redpinkhe nursing.

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    I also cared for a young woman with CJD and saw the horror of it. Her brain was donated to research and she had to be double-bagged to be shipped home to Puerto Rico.

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    Wow, I don't like any of those answers. But that is how nursing tests are written! In the real world I would page doctor or on-call hospitalist again, AND get my charge nurse involved. On my floor we would call a Rapid Response with this patient.

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    Wow! This was my first post and will probably be my last, if my feelings are involved. While I appreciate the feedback, the phrase "nurses eating their young" certainly came to mind. I hope none of you who judged me so harshly ever make a mistake. As you predicted, the job offer was rescinded but fortunately the info will go no further. This was an honest mistake and I was in a lot of pain over a holiday weekend when I was away from my pharmacy. The upside is now I have the time to have the foot surgery that I need. Thank you to everyone who offered suggestions and support. As for the rest of you, thankfully I'm not suicidal.

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    I am so freaked out. I was hired, conditionally, for a job I really want. Today I found out that I failed the drug screen because it showed Darvocet. I have prescriptions for Percocet because I recently broke a bone in my foot. Over the weekend prior to the drug test, a family member gave me a couple of their pain killers until I got mine filled. I didn't put it all together until today, but apparently I took the Darvocet without thinking it would cause a problem. I am not sure yet what will happen, but I fear I will lose the job. Even worse, I am afraid of being reported to my nursing board. Any suggestions? I am feeling like a royal loser. I have never had a problem with any other drug screen in prior jobs or nursing school.