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    We had a similar episode a few years ago during rehearsals for the spring concert, too long standing on stage under hot lights, small child goes down. Thankfully he did not hurt himself in the process. In our case I called mom and she brought him to the ER just to be checked. The rest of the school was more freaked out (and the adults too!) than the student who fell. Now I always remind him during those long rehearsals to bend his knees and sit if he feels funny at all.

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    When I was on my own contract I got a yearly % increase that changed each year depending on a number of factors (budget issues, job responsibilities, my negotiations, etc). Now I'm on the teacher's contract so there is a % increase each year built into our contract.

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    I love reading these good stories! It's a great post to look back on when it seems each day is full of the bad...

    Earlier this week I had a 2nd grader in my office with 102 fever. Couldn't reach mom on her cell right away, got Dad but he was working 2 hours away. We both said we would keep trying to get mom. She comes in 30 min later and as she's leaving with her daughter turns to me and says thank you so much for taking such good care of our kids when they are sick. They are so lucky to have you. Just made me year!!

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    None and I am the only Nurse in the District so it was a really a figure it out yourself type of situation! Those were a fun first few weeks! Reach out to other Nurses in your district (if you have them) or in neighboring districts for help/questions. Good Luck!

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    work on the 23rd off until the 3rd. It wont be enough time.

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    Quote from OldDude
    I'm a big fan of the movie Mr. Woodcock, where the high school coach forces the asthmatic kid to run laps to learn how to control his asthma. That's what we do at my school. Lock up the inhalers and make the asthmatic kids run laps to break them of wanting to use their inhalers. What do their doctors know about asthma anyway????

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    thanks you just reminded me to order

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    Quote from heinz57

    Why is a child separated from their inhaler during PE?
    Why aren't they bronchodilating before exercise if they have been diagnosed with Exercise Induced Asthma?

    If they are wheezing, you screwed up by not allowing them to bronchodilate prior to exercise. .
    Nope. If they are supposed to bronchodilate before PE this would or should be in the orders from their Dr (we do have some with those instructions) but if it's not there and the orders are written "prn for tightness or wheezing" then there's nothing we can do. If they are having regular problems after PE I will call home and recommend they discuss it with their child's physician but I can't just change the orders to whatever I want.

    Quote from heinz57
    What are the ages of all these kids who have their inhalers locked up in the office? We are going into 2017. Time to stop punishing kids for having asthma. I see 5 year olds who can tell me more about their medications than their caregivers can.
    Are you kidding me? School Nurses are probably one of the biggest group of advocates for children with asthma. I try to have kids in my school self carry as early as possible but in my state Dr, parent and School Nurse permission is needed and often the physician or parents don't trust the kids to have them and want them kept in my office. I try to educate my students on their asthma because many of them are told basically nothing from their physician except take this inhaler if you need it and I try to help both them and their parents understand what their medications are doing (or supposed to do) and the discussions they may want to have with their Dr. if they are experiencing difficulties and/or are using their rescue medication frequently. I'm glad you see 5 years old who are so knowledgeable but I see kids age 3-12 who have no clue and many of their parents don't really understand it either.

    To the OP No. I don't ever deny an inhaler but if there is frequent use I always call home and discuss the increased usage and the possible need to consult with their physician about getting better control of their asthma.

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    Quote from Flare
    My overall point in this post - we do the best we can with what we're given - yet we're still given grief and the shoulda coulda woulda by people that are not in our trenches.
    This exactly!!!

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    I attend all IEP meetings but don't write up any evaluations. What are you evaluating? I add an IHP to some of the IEPs for the kids who have medical issues but most of them I have nothing to do with except for being a part of the meetings.

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    I am so sorry you are dealing with all of this. Being ganged up on is awful and just not right.

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    Hope your first day went well! Congrats and welcome!

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    I am on the Teacher's contract and pay scale because I have special certification by the state to also teach Health classes. I was only recently added to the Teacher's contract for this even though I got this certification and started teaching Health years ago. My district has never had a Nurse on the Teacher's contract before. My School Nurse years counted as experience (even those before I was certified to teach Health) when I was added to that contract but not anything before starting in this school.

    I am entitled to a prep period each day but almost NEVER actually get it, but I do take lunch. I am expected to be back for Conferences, Back to School Night and Teacher Development Days when school is out with no extra pay as that is included in my salary in the contract.

    I do carry my own liability insurance. If there's ever a problem I expect the School's insurance to cover the school and work in their best interest, not necessarily mine. For about $100/year it is worth it to me to know that I will have someone fighting only for me, not the school if I ever need it.

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    Good luck! It stinks when we feel like we miss something but best to own up to it and move on. You are human! Hugs!!!