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    Last week-FINALLY!!! I am so ready for summer vacation!

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    I work with Elementary kids and wouldn't have it any other way! I'm like their mom at school. I work in a very small school so I do a lot of jobs here in addition to being the School Nurse. I am often like a chicken running with my head cut off but at the end of the day I love it. I teach all of the Health classes for my school and really enjoy that time in the classroom. It is one of the highlights to each day but it makes things crazier when I get back to my office and need to go check on students who came to see me while I was in class. The 1st year as a School Nurse is difficult. You are on your own (well except for the people here) and no one else in your building really understands Nursing. It is not a hospital or a Doctor's Office and everybody thinks you should know everything there ever was to know about health, illnesses, injuries, medical terminology, medications, etc. Realizing that's unreasonable and not expecting yourself to be an expert in all areas medical is liberating in this job. Everyone thinks School Nursing is band-aids and ice packs but there is so much more. Creating Health Care Plans, monitoring home situations of at risk students, educating a newly diagnosed asthmatic who was handed an inhaler with no instructions, digging into what's really bothering that 3rd grader who comes to see you not feeling well at least once a day, helping identify potential issues for kids and working through them with parents, helping parents understand their child's illness or diagnosis, these are all the wonderful things I do every week. I love the school I work in and I love my kids, and believe me they are my kids. The hours work for me so I can be home with my own children each summer. I used to get home in time to get my youngest off the bus but since he no longer needs that I often stay late to work on my Health lessons or new programs I want to implement. It's been a good fit for me.

    Good luck in your decision!

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    I have to say I'm jealous for those of you who have days/weeks without kids. I'm assuming you're in upper level schools where there is testing but only kids with a test report for that time. I could so use that time to get my office organized, finish my paperwork and get situated for the next school year. We have kids right up until the last day and I'm always scattered right up until they leave.

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    Here til the 23rd here.

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    I just have to say these all have me cracking up and nodding my head, yup, yes, yup that one too!

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    Quote from dakotadenise
    There is supervision on the playground from 7:30 - 8:10 so many kids get a morning recess.
    This is an interesting idea. Can any kids just show up on the playground during that time or do they have to be signed up? We have a problem with some kids being dropped off early and no one there to be responsible for them so they are hanigng out waiting. This might be a way to at least have them doing something.

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    I hate days like that! I lIt's June 1st and we have more kids with colds, coughs and sore throats than we did back in February. Summer break cannot come soon enough!

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    8-3 here

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    Quote from Jen-Elizabeth
    I am so very jealous of those you finished this week or next. Enjoy your summer!

    I still have 21 days left (2 are half days, thankfully.)
    I'm so jealous too! 19 days left here

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    I'm ready for a summer free of saltines! 23 more days...

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    I teacher 1 Health class per week for each class PK-6. I have special certification to do this and it's one of my most favorite parts of my job. The kids love it! I cover hygiene, self-care, emotional health, social skills, anatomy, nutrition, healthy habits, self-esteem, medication safety, first aid and more. It has taken a lot of time to create my curriculum but the rewards are high.

    If you want to get more involved in the classrooms speak to administration about it and get their backing. Health is scheduled into the students' day here just like any other special so I don't have to fight for time but show administration why this is a good use of school time and the benefits to the students and school. Healthy kids are better able to learn! Good luck!

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    I am included in Teacher Appreciation Day here and one teacher brought me flowers for Nurse's Week.

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    Quote from Farawyn
    Glad I live in NY. We are one of the most stringent vaccine supporters. If you are not immunized, you cannot attend school. NOPE.
    Well unless you have a religious exemption. Those are not to difficult to get in my NY district. Several years ago my youngest had pertussis even though he was vaccinated. At the time I knew 5 children who got it in his school (there were more but I don't know the exact number). All 5 of them were properly vaccinated. Those cases made it even harder to convince some local parents of the need to vaccinate.

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    Quote from Farawyn
    I''ll be here.

    Last day of classes 6/9
    then graduation 6/25.
    Me too. Last day is June 23, kids until then as well.