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    Quote from Jen-Elizabeth
    I'm hoping this attaches, but this is what I use. I put in their file after I complete it and have a letter I send home if referral is needed.[ATTACH]23219[/ATTACH]

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    Some parents are NEVER happy and you will never win with them. It's ok. I like to kill em with kindness and start calling for every little complaint their snowflake has. It becomes comical calling to tell them their precious child got a mosquito bite and then calling again to tell them they have a hangnail and then calling again to let them know they got a paper cut. Some people just don't get it. I had the other side yesterday with a parent who didn't want to pick their child up with a laceration over his eye that required stitches. Seriously? Don't let it get to you!

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    Quote from Jen-Elizabeth
    My state provides training and an excellent check off sheet with great visuals for screening.
    Would you mind sharing the check off sheet you use?

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    Quote from JerseyTomatoMDCrab
    This thread is almost exactly a year old! Happy anniversary to me!

    I just needed to share this one.

    I sent a 4th grader home on Friday for a fever and headache. Came back on Monday feeling tired but much better. Teacher, a real germaphobe, called me twice asking if he is ok to be in school. I insisted he is.

    She sent him to me just now. No note. I asked "Why are you here?" His response? "My teacher told me to come because I was walking slowly."

    I can't.

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    I work with PK-6 and if the child is willing and it's fairly easy to get out I will remove it. The tiniest of splinters can be the biggest distraction in class so I use splinter out as well and usually have no problems.

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    I teach Health for our kids PK-6 but it was never a part f the job until I started. It was something my administration wanted and I only needed 1 graduate class to get my certification as a School Nurse Teacher. I am now am responsible for the whole Health curriculum for the building. It's a lot of work but I really enjoy it.

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    Mine is teachers and parents who try to tell me how to do my job. "You should really..." or "Maybe they just need..." or "When that happened to me when I was a kid..." or "I wouldn't do that, I would...", Seriously? This is my job, I went to school for this fancy degree and they even pay me to do this. I got it. Now, could you just turn around and leave the same way you came in? It's just been one of those kid of weeks here! UGH.

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    Our kids are allowed (and encouraged) to keep a water bottle on their desk all day for frequent drinks. Some try to get away with ice tea, etc. but it is a water only rule.

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    No problems for any of my parents here, thankfully.

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    I am not anti HPV vaccine but I do not think it should be mandated. IMO increasing the # of mandated vaccinations is only going to lead to an increase in parents using a religious exemption to be excused from all vaccinations so I think we need to be very careful about what we decide needs to be mandated.

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    Jen-Elizabeth-which grades do you teach for Health? I do K-6 and want to add some more into my 6th grade curriculum but find much of what I find seems too advanced.

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    Business casual here. I do many other things than being the Nurse so it just makes sense for me.

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    I send a letter home with each child in April/May spelling out exactly what they will need for the start of the next school year. Once school starts I send my own letter first for the ones I am missing and then one signed by the principal for the ones still missing even with a warning. I mother my own children I don't want to mother every kid in the building! Is that really too much to ask? Some days these parents really get to me...

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    Quote from Jen-Elizabeth
    Yep, but I also wish they would change the orders. Anyone gave give an Epi-pen. It is so easy to use.

    I tell my teachers that they will never regret giving it; they may regret not giving it.
    I tell my teachers if you have any concerns/doubts give the epi.

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    Quote from C.MackeyRN
    Also, I kind of feel the student is old enough to carry her own epi on her person. Unless its just against NY policy for them to carry it with them. I feel she should keep it in her purse or back pack. I have several students on my campus who have epipens that they keep with them as well as those with inhalers. Naturally, we have a medication form on file with their doctor signature signing off on whether they've been educated on it. I follow up on it as well and once they show they can administer it correctly, they keep it with them. But 15....I think she should be allowed to start taking ownership of her allergy and carry her epi on her. But this is just my opinion.
    NY law allows for students to self carry with physician and parental permission. The School Nurse also assesses whether the student is fully able to understand the When, Why and How of their medication before allowing them to self-carry. I have Elementary School kids who carry their own epi pens so now sure why this was not done with this student. Again we don't have the full story so we are all just guessing.