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    so sorry to hear that was their decision.

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    There is a beach chair with my name on it and I hope my butt is planted in it most days of the week this summer. 28 days left...

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    It is not required of anyone but me in our school but I do get the district to pay for 10 people to get certified each year and I can get those spots filled so we have some people certified.

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    so ready for the weekend. Happy it's Friday!

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    I am in PK-6 and always say I can't imagine going anywhere other than Elementary. I love the kids at these young ages. Certainly the smaller school size sounds huge to me too but then again I have 100 kids here so I'm clueless about big schools. Good luck with your decision!

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    Quote from Supernrse01
    At our schools, the students only self-carry the Epi. If they have an order for Benadryl, that is kept in the clinic. The thinking is, the reaction isn't urgent enough to require the Epi, so they have time to get to the clinic, or the nurse to get to them to administer the Benadryl.
    YUP. This.

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    Good luck! We will of course be here to help!!!

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    Is anyone willing to share the med alert form (or whatever you use for communication) they send to the classroom teacher of a student with allergies or other medical information they need to know? I am currently revising some paperwork in my office and wanted to see what others give to teachers at the beginning of each year and how your process works. If they have multiple teachers do you print a form for each or do you have a way to inform them electronically of the medical problems and what they should be aware of? I'd love to see your sample Emergency Care Plan you send to teachers as well as what you send for those students who have medical info the teachers need to know but do not constitute an emergency.


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    I don't have any other Nurse's in my district. The nurses from 2 other local districts and I all serve as a sounding board for one another at times. I always make sure the student could not be identified by the information I am giving and we all know that any information shared is confidential. It has worked really well for us.

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    54 days left. but who's counting?

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    Summer Vacation!

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    The nurse before me was here for about 7 years but when she left they had subs for about 2 months before they found me. We are a 1 building district so I was on my own from day 1 which was very interesting. At the end of year 1 I went through every cabinet, closet, shelf and drawer in my office and got rid of so much stuff! There were old books discussing the "mentally retarded", feminine product boxes advertising "no belt needed" and lots of other out of date goodies to be found. We had a lot of laughs when I was going through everything!

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    Quote from ohiobobcat
    Good news!! The student was discharged yesterday and is home!!
    So glad to hear the good news!

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    I just picked one a long time ago because I hated seeing it blank. In my mind it's me all sweet and smiling on the outside even when people are driving me crazy and I'd love to give them a big shot of what I'm really thinking.

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    Quote from dakotadenise
    Waiting patiently! Anyone get their goodies yet?
    Nothing yet here either.