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    I attend all IEP meetings but don't write up any evaluations. What are you evaluating? I add an IHP to some of the IEPs for the kids who have medical issues but most of them I have nothing to do with except for being a part of the meetings.

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    I am so sorry you are dealing with all of this. Being ganged up on is awful and just not right.

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    Hope your first day went well! Congrats and welcome!

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    I am on the Teacher's contract and pay scale because I have special certification by the state to also teach Health classes. I was only recently added to the Teacher's contract for this even though I got this certification and started teaching Health years ago. My district has never had a Nurse on the Teacher's contract before. My School Nurse years counted as experience (even those before I was certified to teach Health) when I was added to that contract but not anything before starting in this school.

    I am entitled to a prep period each day but almost NEVER actually get it, but I do take lunch. I am expected to be back for Conferences, Back to School Night and Teacher Development Days when school is out with no extra pay as that is included in my salary in the contract.

    I do carry my own liability insurance. If there's ever a problem I expect the School's insurance to cover the school and work in their best interest, not necessarily mine. For about $100/year it is worth it to me to know that I will have someone fighting only for me, not the school if I ever need it.

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    Good luck! It stinks when we feel like we miss something but best to own up to it and move on. You are human! Hugs!!!

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    I just got the teacher who stopped me in the hallway to say "Oh I was out yesterday with a terrible 24 hour stomach thing so if any kids come to you feeling nauseous they probably have it so be careful..." Thanks for that gem. Now she's going to send me 20 kids today, I can feel it. And by the way if you were vomiting yesterday why are you in my school today???? Grrrrrrr

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    About 100 kids (hence the name) K-6 and I fly solo.

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    I can deal with a lot of things but this might have made me vomit! I hate bugs!

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    Hang in there! It is Friday, the weekend is within our grasps...

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    I call the parent and have them come pick them up. It's the only way I can stop parents from trying it in the future. I have 1 parent who will wait exactly until 24 hrs and bring them in. She did this until the one time she brought her back 24 hrs later ands he vomited 2 hours after that. Seriously? I'm amazed that the same parents who do this will also keep the kids home for a simple cold and rush them to a Dr. but don't think 24 hours to recover after fever or vomiting is important.

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    Quote from Been there,done that
    You've been working for 2 months now,that must be brutal. You will get a week off in November, 2 weeks off in December, that should count as a vacation.
    Perhaps you should stop focusing on the daily first aid, start some health care teaching and try to help a child that is so screwed up , they are faking hallucinations.
    I really love it when people make assumptions and make snippy comments about our job when they have no clue what it entails . I do not have a week off in November nor 2 weeks in December so possibly the OP does not as well but how brilliant of you to imagine we all do. We should probably just write posts all day about how wonderful our jobs are and how lucky we all are. I mean what could we possibly have to complain about? Give me a break! Try adding something constructive to the discussion instead of just piling on when someone is having a bad time.

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    Today is crazy around here but tomorrow is going to be awful!!! I think it should be a school wide movie day.

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    We will have costumes and parties and parades all day Monday. Definitely not PC here.

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    Thanks everyone for your input. It was a discussion here today so I just wanted to see how others handle it. There's a new administrator here this year so he wanted to handle it differently than in the past.