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    I am officially responsible for first aid and referral out to their doctor but that's it. I have done blood pressure checks, an eye exam for a driver's license and a TB check but I am not required to do them.

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    I work in a small school and wear many hats as well. One of those being Attendance. I do not worry about each period of the day attendance, just homeroom. If attendance is not in the system by a certain time, teachers get a call into their classroom from me. Usually a few of those calls is all it takes to get them to remember. I also do not offer to input it for them into the system but rather ask them to please enter right away so it so I can make attendance calls. This is now making them stop instruction to answer the phone and then to input the attendance data. That's usually enough to annoy them into being more compliant. In my system I can run a report at the end of the day which will indicate which teachers are not taking attendance each period. Maybe you could offer to run something like that so administration can get on those teachers that are failing to do that part of their job.

    I find being responsible for attendance and making those calls home benefits my work as the Nurse. I know what's going around and what symptoms to look for in kids coming in, I am able to educate parents and students on reasons they should/should not stay home from school, and I keep my finger on the pulse of things going on in the school community. It has led to decreased absences in my students with chronic health issues and better overall attendance in the school.

    When you wear many different hats it can be difficult to manage those roles but in the end it's all about triage, attending to a student having a seizure takes priority over a bloody nose which takes priority over addressing a parent's 100 questions about everything. Attendance is at the bottom of the importance list. As long as your administration understands that then it can work but you have to make sure your Nursing responsibilities are being handled first. Good luck!

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    Congratulations on a successful first week. The first year is the hardest but you will find your groove. Good luck!

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    Hope you can work it all out and go back to being a School Nurse! Hang in there!

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    Off Wed, Thurs and Fri here. Cannot wait.

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    Yeah I agree I never refuse to give the med but if I think it's a problem or a crutch I communicate that with the parents. There's always more to the story...

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    I created most of my own Health curriculum for grades k-6. I find that no one else does it the way I want it. I like to google health curriculum or health lesson for each grade and then I start with an idea there and go from there and design what I want to teach and how depending upon the class.

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    Epi pen for School program here as well. They have the info on what you need on their site. Our School Dr. was willing to sign standing orders and write a prescription for me. The whole process was pretty easy. Good luck!

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    That's great! I love teaching the little guys! They get really into it.

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    Quote from OldDude
    What is down time?
    I was thinking the same thing. I never seem to have any down time.

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    School Nursing is not for everyone but based on all the School Nurses I know (IRL and on AN) I'm guessing you won't be bored for long. Yes in School Nursing it's not always emergency here, problem here type of busy but I never finish what I need to do in a day here. These kids are all my kids. I worry about them like my own as well. Have I prepared little Johnny to be able to self-carry his inhaler as he gets older, is Sam ok or are there troubles at home I need to watch for, how can I help Jenny's family with diabetes education because they are not getting it from their physician, how can I help Julia handle her anxiety and stay in the classroom instead of being a frequent flyer, how can I help these children become their best selves and live happy, healthy lives? The mounds of paperwork and screenings somehow get done before the end of the year BUT that is not my real job in my opinion. My job is to help the chronically ill students be able to attend and function in school and to help all of the students be able to attend school and learn. Sometimes this involves educating the students, sometimes it's educating and encouraging the parents. In the middle of all this are the hockey sticks to the face at recess, the peanut butter and jelly at the lunch table, the student fainting in the auditorium and the diabetic student whose readings range form 38 to 438.

    I work in a very small school so I have many other hats I wear in my building (attendance, health teacher, dismissal coordination, etc). I would suggest getting to know the teachers and students in your school. Offer to come into the classroom and read a book or discuss germs and hand washing, or healthy eating or the body systems. Being the Nurse in a school of educators can be isolating, but my advice would be if you have time on your hands try to integrate yourself into the education world at your school. The highs of this job, when I go home and know I made the difference in a child's life, they are huge. I hope you find them where you are as well.

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    Quote from MHDNURSE
    They probably don't even know about the survey. When I started at my charter school three years ago, our school was brand new and no one knew about it. I only found out about the survey by accident b/c a nurse at another school mentioned it. I called to confirm and sure enough, I was responsible and only had ONE week to submit the survey. Talk about stress. My own DOO knew nothing about it.
    We have to do one in NY as well. I found out about it 2 days into my new job all those years ago because I started in November and the Health Department was calling to find out why ours had never been submitted for the year. It was due in October! I had to do some figuring out and quick!

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    Quote from Farawyn
    I hit 100% compliance in my school TODAY!!!
    I'm so jealous!

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    I always find that my students here from other countries tend to come in at the beginning of the year and by the time I finally get all their immunization figured out they are leaving again. I wish they would come AFTER my immunization report for the state is due.