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  • 8:14 am

    I'm not sure where to update, but I did accept the smaller, rural school with the schedule that worked great for our family. Thank you so much to everyone who responded here to my post. You've helped me make a huge decision that I feel was a good one.
    Now, I plan to take full advantage of everyone here, of any willing participants, in order to get this rolling. I'll make a new posts for that.

  • Apr 20
  • Apr 19

    Quote from WineRN
    38 more days, like real, including weekend days until Summer for me!!

    I'm just excited to have the days with my little one, she's nearly two! We are staying local since I'm working on keeping this bun in the oven. I'm high risk so I joke that I'm an oven with a chair against to the door to make it work .
    Congratulations on your other "bun"!. Get alllll the the rest you can while you can!

  • Apr 19

    So the reports are she and another guy performed CPR on the poor victim for 20 minutes. If you've done chest compressions in reality, you know it doesn't take very long for the sweat to start dripping off the end of your nose and you arms become like rubber bands and you are whipped in general - even switching off with someone else. Imagine doing that in the narrow aisle of an airplane!! This woman must be made of titanium!!

  • Apr 18

    Quote from Nurse2Kids
    can you please elaborate? I need as much info as I can get.
    Stuff that Amethya pointed out and there are no shoes to fill, no preconceptions, you'll be in on the ground floor of a small semi-rural school, parents will be more available, staff will appreciate having a school nurse, etc. I can't see a down-side compared to the other school you describe.

    You'll have plenty of time to learn the rules and regulations. The most important thing is student health and safety; everything else falls behind that.

  • Apr 18

    Quote from LikeTheDeadSea
    What is your gut telling you? I'm a big believer in gut feelings.

    ...except when a 1st grader tells you their gut is gonna vomit. Then I only believe 10%.
    Until they boot on your shoes...

  • Apr 18

    What is your gut telling you? I'm a big believer in gut feelings.

    ...except when a 1st grader tells you their gut is gonna vomit. Then I only believe 10%.

  • Apr 16

    my advice is to view the video yourself in advance and keep your q& a focused on the content of the video. The discussion can go off course into uncharted waters very easily. Also - keep any q&a short. video, 5-10 minutes of questions (again, focused questions - these are 11 year olds, need i say more??) hand out any samples and get out!! Cue the Mission impossible music!!

    Oh, and practice keeping a straight face for when the WHOLE class laughs and freaks out at the part in the video where they go over basic anatomy. I still inwardly chuckle at the uproar when the video bodies grow their pubic hair. I freaking swear i'm going to lose it one day.

  • Apr 16

    My best advice is to call in sick on the day you're scheduled to do that.

  • Apr 13

    One of my students told me yesterday, "I know I can be a pain in the butt, but thank you for taking good care of me." And a parent brought me girl scout cookies (shortbread-yummm) last week for "putting up" with her two kids. LOL It's the little things that brighten my day....

  • Apr 11

    Quote from OldDude
    I'll rinse the neb stuff off with water and let it dry. That's it. I will use soap/water when I notice that white film collecting on the inside of the spacers. It's been a long time since I've used a neb in here...what's up with that?
    You KNOW you just jinxed yourself...

  • Apr 10

    Most of the time I am telling a staff member to call their doctor because, well, I am not their doctor.

  • Apr 10

    I know there are varying opinions about this but the only time I write anything down about staff visits is if I have to send them from work to a/their doctor or out in an ambulance.

  • Apr 10

    Quote from Queen of Icepacks
    The only record that I keep for staff is incident reports.
    This. I don't chart on Blood pressures, temp checks, "check this weird rash".

  • Mar 28

    My campus is PK-5, a little over 700. It's just the 3 of, myself, and I