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  • Nov 20

    Quote from Farawyn
    Hey Tomato!
    How was the wedding? Congratulations!

    Maybe give it the year and try to get back to a SN gig?

    We are always here. Don't forget to wear pink on Wednesdays!
    The wedding was lovely! Thanks for asking, we had a great time. I'm a married lady now!

    So, in NJ as I may have mentioned before, requires a post grad SN certificate to work in a school here. Now that the wedding is over I have been seriously looking into programs in my area. Some schools will hire you if you are enrolled and working towards the certificate as well so I really think this will be the right move for me. I am paid very well for my current position but that is really the only perk and it truly isn't worth it anymore. Life is too short! I was a good SN and I really loved it.

    I'll keep you guys posted about this new development. Thank you all so much for always listening.

  • Nov 16

    Oh, and pajama day of course.

  • Nov 15

    See Old Dude's synopsis in School Shooting post. Time for accountability. This should be a disciplinary issue at this point.

  • Nov 15

    Quote from MrNurse(x2)
    There was a day when gun safety was taught in the public school. Classmates had guns in their trucks on racks at the window, in the school parking lot! Guns were more visible when I grew up, yet mass shootings were unheard of. I feel that those who want guns restricted are those who have given up on changing the culture's heart. They feel it is a lost cause, just tooo hard. I have a limited sphere of influence, but I will use that sphere to make a difference in the greater sphere.
    I didn't have a truck when I was in High School but during dove season, I'd keep my shotgun and ammo on the back seat so it would be handy when we'd go hunting after school.

  • Nov 15

    Quote from kidzcare
    I've heard the phrase "The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun" but that argument holds no weight. None of my research has shown a worthwhile percentage of "good gun owners" stopping "bad guys" in fact, armed civilians who have intervened are more often injured in their attempts. I'd wager that most armed citizens would not intervene even if they were present at a crime. We like to imagine how we'd react in emergency situations, but the truth is, in our imagination we are always more badass and witty than we end up being in real life.
    I have no idea how some psycho gets enough weapons to outfit a small army so, on the political side, that's one thing that could occur; complete revamp, nationally and internationally, of the background checks associated with gun purchases. I know criminals will still obtain guns but at least don't give them the opportunity to simply waltz in and pick up the newest, biggest, baddest weapons off the shelf. That stuff should be reserved for law enforcement.

    I know a lot of "good ole boys" that have a cache of weapons ready for "when they come;" whatever or whoever that means...I saw Red Dawn and know how it ended, "nuff said." I have a rifle that I use to kill deer with, a shotgun that I use to kill dove with and a handgun I use for personal and family defense and I pray to God the only thing I will ever kill with the handgun is money to buy target practice ammo. It would have to be a very special circumstance for me to intervene in a crime not directly threatening me or my family. And you're right, tough talk is cheap. Smoking cigarettes and a 45 caliber handgun will both kill you. But you don't appreciate the finality of cigarettes like you do if you're staring into the barrel of a gun. One thing for sure, if nothing changes, we can't expect the future to be better.

    I think everyone has the right to protect themselves and their family.

  • Nov 15

    Very well stated, Old Dude.

  • Nov 15

    This is probably gonna be long so I under stand if you pass it over. I'm not intending on offering a political opinion so please don't read that into it if you choose to go on.

    Everyone who has kids understands this...few things scare me. I'm afraid of snakes; I hate snakes - snakes scare me (coincidentally as I was typing this a report came over the radio of a snake in one of our classrooms. I responded, it was a little non-poisonous snake, and I took it back outside - but I didn't like it). The other thing that scares me is the inability to protect my children as they've progressed to being out of my reach and my sight and are available to become carnage resulting from the action of some satan reincarnate with a gun, machete, vehicle, bomb, or some other mechanism used in a manner to purposefully kill others.

    Frankly, I think the fringes of our society have deteriorated to the degree that these hideous acts can not be prevented and will continue until "we the people" reel in our "tolerance" atmosphere and go back to enforcing acceptable behavior in a public place. I believe the genesis of today's violence is a product of progressively allowing a couple of generations of individuals to violate the public "peace" laws and mores with no accountability or consequences. For instance, nowadays, if a parent stands in the front office of a public school and continually drops the "F" bomb and "F" this and "F" that, their action is met with meekness, and apologies, and pleases to quiet them down and satisfy their complaint; out of fear of retribution, further complaints to higher administration, or whatever else lame reason. So what is the result? Incentive for the bad actor to repeat the behavior and, with human nature being what is, the repeat performance will likely escalate. What should occur in a situation I've described is the person acting out in a public should be hauled to jail and charged with disorderly conduct; a law which is on the books in every state in the union. A law written and enacted by those voted into office to represent "we the people," i.e., the opinion of how society should act in public.

    I believe this lack of enforcement of societal rules over time has tentacles that creep outward and take hold and simmer with those who have a propensity to be a bad actor. Those who have had life slap them in the face for the multitudes of possibilities. Those who face little or no possibilities of obtaining mental or emotional health intervention (but the lack of mental health services now is a different rant). The results of continuing to allow unchecked violations of the "public peace" and tolerance and excuse making for public displays of outright vulgarity and societal degradation has grown like a deadly virus and is manifesting in the inhumane behavior we are now seeing.

    Laws won't fix this because we already have laws in place that address each and every bad or evil commission deemed unacceptable by society. Only "we the people" can fix this by returning to the public climate where it is NOT acceptable to use vulgar language and gestures and unacceptable actions in a public place and those who do must be punished and responsible for their actions. Then and only then can, (with the assistance of some REAL mental health revision) over a couple generations, we remold the respect people deserve from each other and how to address objections in a civil and objective manner.

    I read this morning that no kids died over there in California yesterday - 2 sadly received gunshot wounds but will recover; undoubtedly due to quick thinking by school personnel to lock down the building. Praise be to GOD. Other innocents were murdered...praying for God to give those left behind the strength for tomorrow. Just as those murdered at church 100 miles up the road a couple Sundays ago.

    OK, if you made it through, thank you for listening. I feel blessed to be able to take part in such a forum for GOOD as is here with you wonderful people. And BTW, it's Far's fault for starting the thread...thank you Farawyn for reminding us of the deadly reality that lurks out there. Keep your heads up and looking everyone.

  • Nov 15

    I was bad the other day, teacher sends student to clinic with note "check temp" I did it was normal, my reply to her note "T 97.8, Teach Class" She hasn't sent any more kids for a temp check!

  • Nov 15

    Quote from Ree250k
    Unfortunately our student/parent handbook states "parents will be called and sent home for fever greater than 100 degrees F, vomiting, head lice or any time that a chld is not well enough to complete school activities. This is such a broad statement and the teachers will insist the child can not complete activities because "she is sleepy,she stayed up late last night", "he is sore from played football over the weekend" so you need to send them home according to the handbook.
    If I had to send home every child that is sleepy because they were up late the night before, my school would be practically empty.

  • Nov 15

    Quote from schoolnurse61
    I'm the bad guy alot of times and on occasion make Facebook with "that school nurse is making me do this or that" and guess what I LIKE being the bad guy...cuz i"m just doing my job! Love rubbing their noses in it when it comes back to haunt them later.
    On our main FB page and PTO FB there are never any complaints, but I know a burn book style page has to be out there somewhere lol

  • Nov 14

    Quote from OldDude
    Our district finally worked it out to have the entire week off; no academics occurred during that week and it was the peak time for absenteeism. Little bonus for me this year...Sweet Petunia and I are going on an 8 day Caribbean cruise the week after Thanksgiving
    SP better post some pics.

    I'm like Jen. Half day Wednesday, then Thursday and Friday off.
    The Kids are coming home from college Tuesday night. So happy.

  • Nov 14

    Quote from 1nurse4you
    If the student is not vaccinated they simply cannot be in the public school system. That's a law
    No, it's not.

  • Nov 14

    Quote from 1nurse4you
    I thought vaccines are required by law in all states
    Yes they are except for when they're not. This sentence exemplifies exactly what we're dealing with.

  • Nov 9

    Yesterday I had a student visit me. Not a usual visitor, presenting with right upper abdominal pain, slight nausea, no appetite. Temp was normal, student told me pain was "stab-like" and started about 12 hours prior. No rebound pain, but increased pain with palpation. A red flag went up for me and called student's Mom to pick student up and make an doctor's appointment today and that I really thought the student needed to be seen today. Something just said appendix to me, despite the lack of rebound pain and low grade fever.

    And I was right! Student having surgery this morning. Now, I know it isn't our job to diagnosis, but I am so happy I made this referral. Mom was as well and offered to buy me a drink - ha!

  • Nov 9

    BAM!! Another kid snatched from the jaws of death! School nurse comes through again! Great intervention Jen.