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  • Jun 21

    I found out yesterday that I was given the middle school school nurse position that I had applied for! I am so excited, and I know the nurse who is retiring from that position is really excited for me, too, and has been getting things ready and wants to give me a tour of the office when we can arrange it this summer. There were four positions available, and while my kids were bummed that I didn't get the high school position (the school where they would be in a few years), they know how happy I am about this!
    I used to teach middle school and took a course on middle school development, so I am sure that the people who interviewed me liked that a LOT.
    Yay! I can finally say that I'm a full time school nurse as of August!!!

  • Jun 21

    2 more days!! Today and Thursday for me! Students are out on Friday! So ready!

  • Jun 13

    Quote from Timbal
    As a mom, I expect medication to be returned to me at the end of the school year. My daughters' medication is $10. per pill and I would raise a big fuss if my money was just thrown into the trash.
    Simple enough then...pick it up, if that's what the school's policy is!

  • Jun 9

    I'm here all year. Pediatric office. I just like to lurk and make witty comments.

  • Jun 8

    Typical. Reaffirms that most of the time I apparently talk only to myself or am speaking a language no one understands. At this point in the year you either laugh or cry. Reset for next year.

  • Jun 7

    First, I am sorry that your family member is in hospice...((hugs))
    Second, Yowsa, your cousin is clearly less than tactful...that hurts.

    Emotions certainly run high at times like this, I hope you get a chance to point out that you do #justalittlebitmore than bandaids and bellyaches...

    And FWIW, nobody asked her, did they???

    Hang in there

  • Jun 7

    Quote from JerseyTomatoMDCrab
    In unrelated news, as some of you may know I am leaving my school at the end of this year. Mr Tomato and I are moving since he got a promotion and I will not be working in a school once we do. I do, however, have 3 job interviews lined up for the weeks after school ends!
    Good Luck!

  • Jun 7

    In unrelated news, as some of you may know I am leaving my school at the end of this year. Mr Tomato and I are moving since he got a promotion and I will not be working in a school once we do. I do, however, have 3 job interviews lined up for the weeks after school ends!

  • Jun 7

    Oh my heavens....I was just sent a student complaining of discomfort with his left pinky because a stuffed animal hit it. What has this world come too?! And it was the guidance counselor who sent him. I'm done! 7 more days, 7 more days!!!!!!

  • Jun 7

    Quote from ohiobobcat
    I am here!! Today is my first day back after back surgery on May 5.

    Finals are June 19-21. Rumor has it teaachers are here until Friday June 23, but some are saying teachers are done on June 22. This is a tightly guarded secret in our school for some reason, which makes planning for summer stuff, like, oh say the CAMP where I am working, a challenge.
    Yea, I was missing you. Hope you are doing well post op!

  • Jun 6

    Ok I think I have end of the yearitis...I responded to this post several times and when I opened up AN just now, the title of the post just made me laugh.

    Narcan for School Nurses??

    Taken literally, I guess it could ask if school nurses need to take Narcan...have we been dipping into our med carts? Oye....

  • Jun 6

    Quote from LG1137
    Narcan is used also to RULE OUT opiate overdose - give narcan to see for a response, if so, probably opiate OD. The only side effect is immediate withdrawal.

    Don't defer to the police department! They are law enforcement officers, we are healthcare providers!!
    Wrong. Calling 911 for a teenage OD brings ambulance and FD. Both of which have EMTs, who have already been using Narcan.
    I'm thinking any plan would to administer Narcan while at the same time activating EMS.

  • Jun 6

    Quote from Farawyn
    More and more and more and more.

    I *wish* this was a band aid pushing job.
    Quote from Farawyn
    But, ya know? We are NOT a trauma unit. We are a school.
    I don't feel comfortable with the Narcan.

    I need to research it more. This will be my project tonight. Last time I had a part in it was over 10 years ago, and a doc administered it.
    Interesting that NASN came out in favor but the agenda there is to get a school nurse in every school so the more medical things that are mandated, the more the schools will feel the pressure and will have to acquiesce and hire more nurses full time on every campus.

    My issue here on the West Coast is for the most part we don't have full time school nurses or even health aides on every campus. As you all have heard me say many times, in this district there are 11 campuses from pre-K to high school, including Continuation and Community Day Schools. The school nurse works three days a week.

    Our state passed the stock epi pen law a year ago. It took us forever to find a doc to write a prescription though. And some of the local docs at our ER are not happy about that.

    The problem if you don't have a nurse on each campus full time is you have to train the staff to administer these drugs.

    For the epi pen law, the superintendent has to ASK for VOLUNTEERS to learn to administer epi. Only two takers. We finally decided that we would simply train all office staff because that's where the kids come for medical care anyway. The office staff did so begrudgingly. They are so busy with their real jobs and they feel very conflicted about being the "medical authority" on campus. We have had a law here for a few years about rectal valium but no one will be trained for that. Teachers are constantly attending trainings about keeping physical (and emotional) boundaries with students and so no one will consent to placing medication rectally even in an emergency.

    There's the rub for me . . . we pass these laws without considering how it is going to work. The epi pen law was passed even though the AMA was against it for a long time and there was no stipulation in the law for how the districts were supposed to get the medication. We also don't have the medical staff on each campus to do what the legislation entails.

    And now Narcan.

    The educational staff are getting pretty darn tired of this and the reason I know is I had to train them to give epi.

    Makes me glad I retired a couple of weeks ago.

  • Jun 6

    Quote from Farawyn
    I'm not really scared of the med. It's the KIDS.

    Oh, yeah, when you suddenly reverse all that good stuff they come bouncing back with purpose and vengence!

  • Jun 6

    Quote from Farawyn
    A kid just came in and asked for Nicotine patches, and seemed shocked when I didn't have any at my disposal.
    Yes. I keep them right here next to the Saltines.
    Right next to my x-ray machine.