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  • Mar 20

    The only time it really comes down to argument is when a student exceeds the number of unexcused days allowed.

    I din't take issue with a parent that elects to pick their child up. It is your child and if that's what you choose to do, I have nothing to say about it. It's when the extra component of bringing me into the absence excusals discussion (which usually happens months after the fact when it's noted that the child has reached a certain point) and the parent gets upset because I have no record of seeing the student and can't change anything for them.

  • Mar 20

    It read angry to me as well.

    But to the real point: this is a school nurse forum, for school nurses, who work in relative isolation. We have either few or zero colleagues to question and poll. So we come here. The OP had an honest-to-God issue and needed advice. We answered, but due to the nature of social media people with an ax to grind are able to come on as well.

    Before you attack, elladora, I am not saying you have an an ax to grind, I am saying you had something you clearly wanted to express to us school nurses, due to some school nurse along the way whom you felt was in the wrong. Fine. I am sorry for whatever made you feel like you needed to tell us that you are in charge of your child, not the school nurse. Of course you are.

    Basically, unless you are a school nurse or were a school nurse, your advice and comments are Most of us are also parents, and we have dealt with these issues from the parent's side as well. We probably don't need more angry parent comments. I know I hear more than I care to at work. I come here as a break from that and to get thoughtful, helpful commentary from my fellow school nurses. Because really, no one else understands.

  • Mar 20

    I tell them I can't pull it as I'm not a Dentist. I had my superintendent in my office for one such visit and tongue in cheek asked him if the board would pay for me to go to dental school. He laughed his way out of my office. Guess that was a no.

  • Mar 20

    We are raising a generation of wimps.

  • Mar 16

    *stops compressions*


  • Mar 9

    Quote from Julius Seizure
    Also blows peoples minds that Motrin and Advil are the same thing.

    "Do you have any Motrin?"

    "No but I have Advil."

    "Oh, no thanks, Advil is the only thing that works for me."
    Or Dilaudid, because we all know that's what really works best!

  • Mar 9

    In a previous school, my office was right off the main entrance across from the main office. This is Not where it should be. Parents felt like they had open access to me all the time and would just walk in...Not pretty

  • Mar 9

    Do you feel more focused?

    I love the doctor's note. Perfect.

  • Mar 9

    Because it has been almost a year. I have a student who keeps a bottle in my office, with doctor's orders, for ADHD. I came in last Friday to find it broken on my desk, smelling to high heaven. Cleaned my desk multiple times and the smell still lingers. I am gagging here. Funny side note, the doctor's order stated "the parents seem to think this helps, so pt may apply as needed". That is one nice doctor.

  • Mar 9

    I think you did fine. You assessed and charted what you found and called to alert the parent. It is not the nurse's job to diagnose a concussion.

    I agree that a follow up call is a good idea. Parents love them and since mom is a nurse there will likely be professional appreciation.

  • Mar 9

    I think you handled it fine. If the kid was fine neuro-wise during your checks but something was still off, then it's possible that something was going on. CYA rules apply here. If mom doesn't follow up with you, then you can always do a quick courtesy call.

  • Mar 9

    Quote from Farawyn
    I don't have a standing order for ibuprofen, so I probably wouldn't have done that.
    Otherwise, yea, you followed through. You called the mom, you observed the kid, you charted.

    I would maybe do an IR to cover your hiney if you are that concerned. A follow up phone call with the mom.

    I call for every head injury. I've been burned too many times.

    Let us know!
    Agree with Far. If the student is in school today, I would likely follow-up with a check-in, then a call to Mom (after student left my office if seem well). If student is absent, I would call home with a follow-up, check-in call. Oddly enough, parents seem to be always surprised when I do those and very appreciative .

  • Mar 9

    Agree with everyone else. I even got rid of my "extra" glucometers because unless a kid is dx DM, I have no use for it. No orders, no bg. Definitely call mom and mention facts only, and concern for the weight loss. Maybe some numbers for local food banks? Numbers for local clinics? Even just an inquiry in to what she needs as far as resources?

  • Mar 9

    Yes - i would not check the child's blood sugar without an order, but a call home with hard facts like Joey has lost 20 lbs since his last weigh in with suggestion to go to primary md or local clinic right away if they don't have one. I would even ask about the accompanying symptoms if mom notices anything unusual at home.

  • Mar 9

    I would not, repeat, NOT check this child's blood sugar with no order. Accucheck is considered an invasive procedure (I think) since it breaks the skin.

    Maybe start with a call home? Ask the kid if he is having other symptoms.