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  • Jan 3 '13

    After working for a CNA for what is now 4 years, applying to hospital jobs all the while, sending out over 100 applications to said hospitals, have only 4 interviews, I finally got a hospital job! And it's at my preferred hospital, and they have low CNA to patient ratio. I'M SO HAPPY I COULD CRY!

  • Dec 30 '12

    Try not to look at it as being depressing even though I know it can be at times. I talk to residents that have conversations with themselves; unable to talk at all; those who can talk; and those who can talk but make no sense. Sadly, majority of the time we are the only people interacting with residents and become their family (I know they say don't get attached but if I take care of someone for a year its going to happen). I work with many bubbly CNAs. We talk, dance and laugh with our residents when we can. Just know that you can still maintain your personality while working matter of fact your residents will appreciate it. Anywho, the first couple of months are sometimes challenging then after awhile its routine. But, if you decide LTC isn't for you this was just experience for your next journey.

  • Dec 28 '12

    Brandon, thank God for nurses like you

    I had become burned out on LTC not because of the residents, but because of management, and I used to love LTC. However, I am ashamed to say that because those precious people need nurses, aides, managers, ancillary staff, etc...who care enough to give them the time of day and try to make them as comfortable and content as possible.

    As hard as I have tried to get away from LTC and into a clinic or other area, apparently the good Lord wants me to stay where He called me, and that is in LTC. I have an interview Monday morning with a cute little homey LTC home in a small town and I look forward to it. When God calls us to do something in particular, He tries hard to keep us going in that direction one way or another

    al586, always remember there are people in this world who need others to care for them, whether it's a young child or an elderly person. It takes people like you with hearts of gold and full of compassion to let them know we care and will do everything humanly possible to make their days on this Earth better. God bless you!

  • Dec 24 '12

    I've been a CNA for one year now, and will probably continue to be a CNA for at least two more years while in nursing school. I was extremely blessed to get a job right out of my CNA class: 7-3 shift at an LTC. Going from no CNA experience to being thrown into the busiest, fasted paced shift of the day with only a few days of orientation was...interesting! But I usually ended up working with a partner who has been a CNA for over 20 years, and she gave me a lot of great tips and training and constructive critism. It did take a couple of months (there was a bit of time where I was getting depressed and wondering if I had made the right choice) but one day I realized that everything had finally clicked, and that I was not only enjoying my job but also doing it well! I switched to working the 11-7 shift a couple months ago (works better with my class schedule as I cannot afford to stop working) but I am extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to refine my skills on day shift.

    It is very scary to start a new job, especially one where you don't have experience in the field and where you might not have made your first choice to work. When/if it starts getting hard for you, don't gice have an amazing goal in mind and this is a necessary step toward that goal. Your coworkers are there as a support system for you, and don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it or to take some consctuctive critism. Remember that the hands on patient care you will be responsible for will provide you with skills and comfort levels that your class mates may your best at the job, and before you know it, we will both have jobs in a hospital environment.

  • Nov 30 '12

    Congrats on applying to go to nursing school! That's a huge accomplishment and you should be proud of yourself for that :-) What we've noticed in the CNA job listings over at myCNAjobs is that Senior Home Care Agencies are more likely to hire candidates without any experience since there is a growing need for CNAs in home care. Good luck!

  • Sep 6 '12

    I will be finishing up my prerequs this semester. With that said my schedule looks crazy.... A&P2, A&P2 lab, MIcrobiology, and Human Growth and Developement. So excited!!!

  • Aug 31 '12

    I live in the northern part of Louisiana. I attend Louisiana Tech which is an ADN program. I also have a prev bachelor's degree. Tech is a great's hard, but I love it!
    ULM(in Monroe) is a BSN program and also very good from what I have heard.
    Just so you know, Louisiana, Mississippi, and several other Southern's a different life...things move slower here, meaning education/healthcare in the rural areas tend to be a bit behind bigger cities...not necessarily a bad thing, just different. Also if you don't have allergies will lol

  • Aug 30 '12

    Hi! I live in WA state, but moved here from SC. I have quite a few friends from high school that have graduated for USC's or Greenvile Technical College's nursing programs. I am unsure of price, but those are 2 that you can look at. Also, don't know if you are single but the Greenville, SC area is a great place to date, be single, or be a married couple. Tons to do inside and outside! I would go back if I could convince hubby

  • Jun 15 '12

    Thank you! Did you have to gather your own supplies, and if so, did you set them on the table?
    I've have been trying to watch youtube videos, but like you mentioned in your previous post, not all are correct in the way they're performing skills- I just try to match it up to the NNAAP book as best I can.
    I think I am most nervous about not retrieving the correct supplies since the book does not state what we need to perform the skill. Other than that, I will write out the steps like you suggested and practice! ( on Teddy bear)
    Thanks again for your help and input, much appreciated!

  • Jan 9 '12

    Stay strong, retake the test and best wishes. You can do it!
    Just keep postive and keep dancing! (Dancing helps your spirits to keep positive )

  • Jan 5 '12

    Things might be different because I'm from Cali, but...

    1) I didn't have any trouble taking the state test shortly after completing all required hours (Within maybe a week?). This was back in 2007.

    2) I went through the ROP program here and they set up all clinicals for us.

    Hope this helps in some way

  • Jan 4 '12

    As a hiring manager, I like to see that a person has volunteered--shows that they are giving back to the community. Volunteer work at a healthcare facility shows they have had some exposure to health care environment... a plus when considering candidates.

  • Jan 2 '12

    When I get asked, "Why not become a doctor?" I cringe everytime. Nursing and Medicine are two different entities to me. I want to spend time with patients. I want to be at bedside and see patients come into my unit and see them go home upon discharge. I want to do nursing care. I want to help people, be their advocate, be their support and friend, be their teacher with patient education, be a reliable source when they are in need, help patients cope, ease their suffering and anxiety.

    In nursing, I find I can get a career in the health field much sooner than I would as a doctor. As much as I love school, i don't want to dedicate that amount of time plus years after graduation to become a doctor. I have respect for physicians and what they do, but becoming a doctor is not the path I would want to take.

    I'm not going into nursing to make my millions. I'm going into nursing to help people, in the best way that I can. It is nice getting paid for doing something that you love, but money was not a consideration when I chose nursing. Yes, doctors do make more $$ but they've earned it through their education and experience.

    I am choosing nursing because I love it. I know I will love it during the good and bad days. Through the rough times and joy, through the heartache and tears, and smiles and hugs.

    That is why I want to be a nurse.

  • Jan 1 '12

    Hi! I have a story for ya sweetie. I am 24 years old. I have been trying to get into the nursing program at my school and other schools for two years now. I have been rejected from one school twice and my school rejected me once. I re-applied to my school this past fall and I decided to go to another school for health information. I gave up. As soon as I was about to go to another school I recieved my acceptance letter in the mail from my current school. I dropped everything from the other school and chose the nursing program. I am so happy and excited right now. I cried about it, prayed about it, worked hard, took the teas 3 times, and I still made it. Do not ever give up on your dreams. I almost gave up and I would have regret it. If u want something go hard for it at all cost (education). All my friends I graduated with already have degrees. Do all of them have jobs, no. Building a career takes time and I am just getting started. I cant wiat. U can do it. Dont give up, no matter who already have a degree. No matter who's in your ear, go for what you want out of life.

  • Dec 31 '11

    FINI FINI FINI!!! I am finally done with those dang prereqs! It took a good 2 1/2 years to finish them while working fulltime as a teller but I just officially finished the semester today!!! YAYYYYYYY, excuse me for being so excited but I thought this day would never come!!! Congrats to all the students who are done and ready for the next step (TEAS, HESI...etc...) towards nursing school! Here is a round of applause for you!