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  • May 18

    the bedpan shouldn't be dirty when you first bring it to the client, but in short, yes you put on gloves before handling the bedpan (both times! so you change gloves 2x). also, you avoid exposing the client as much as possible when removing the bedpan (i had this skill for my exam and i lifted the blanket with one hand and removed the bedpan from under my patient with the other, he could move himself) so there is no going back and forth and leaving the patient exposed -- you shouldn't do that!

    here's the long version with all the steps:

    1. wash your hands

    2. explain the procedure
    provide privacy
    4. lower the head of the bed
    5. put on gloves
    6. place the bedpan under the patient
    7. remove gloves and wash hands
    8. raise the head of the bed
    9. make sure toilet paper and hand wipes are within the patient's reach and tell them to use the hand wipes when they are finished
    10. call light within reach and tell client to signal you when finished
    11. (when signaled) wash hands and put on clean gloves
    12. lower the head of the bed
    13. avoid overexposure of the client when you remove the bedpan
    14. "dump" contents of the bedpan into the toilet
    15. rinse and place the bedpan in the dirty supply area
    16. remove gloves and wash your hands
    17. call light within reach

    good luck challenging your exam!!

  • May 18

    Hello! I just took my state exam last week. There are 24 skills ranging from bed baths to cleaning dentures to giving fingernail care. What worked best for me was writing out all the steps of each skill (even though we got a pamphlet, writing helps me remember things!) and then practicing on my friends and (lol) my stuffed animals (haha I know). I would take a few skills at a time and then practice them until I didn't miss a step. You can find every skill on YouTube if you search "CNA Skills" or "CNA skill _____" (and put whatever the skill is, say "assisting with the use of a bedpan." Just be careful with these videos because they aren't always correct (look for ones with the most views...there is a really good series of videos made in North Carolina that have all 24 skills). Overall, the best way to learn them is to just practice doing them. Even if you don't have all of the supples at home, you can improvise! For example, I practiced cleaning my retainer in place of dentures, etc. It also helps to say each step out loud as you do it, then redo the whole skill if you miss something.

    As for the written portion of the skills exam, you can find sample questions online. If you pay attention in class you should be fine. Ask questions and be an active participant because you'll get the most out of class time that way. You can find tips for taking vitals online too (quite a few I found on!), such as feeling for the tendon on the underside of your wrist (thumb-side) and sliding your fingers over to the bone to feel for the radial pulse

    When I took my test the examiner was very nice and really wanted us to succeed. It's okay if you miss a couple steps (as long as they aren't the critical attention to these! Your teacher should point them out, but they are usually safety steps like being sure to lock the bed/wheelchair before moving someone, making sure they have shoes on, etc.) If you do miss a step, you may be allowed to say so ("I should have provided privacy," for example). I found that once I practiced the skills enough a lot of them had very similar steps "First I wash my hands, then I explain the proceedure and provide privacy." You get the idea

    You asked about the partial bed bath. For that skill we just had to wash the face and one arm (including armpit). In my exam the other student was doing this on me (but the examiner said he could just pretend to wash my face since I had makeup on lol). For skills like perineal care you would do them on a maniquin (don't worry, you won't have to be a dummy for anything like that!!)

    Oh and try to submit your paperwork as soon as you can after completing your class so you can get scheduled to take the test before you forget everything! That happened to me. I finished the class in March but I kept sending in my paperwork wrong so I had to wait 2 and a half months! And then I had to re-learn everything...ugh.

    Good luck to you in your class!! Hope my novel helped haha