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    I am considering relocating with my company from Ohio to South Florida

    What are the pro's and con's

    I hear traffic is horrendous and I would be doing a lot of traveling in my job

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    It happened to me once many years ago, I so totally understand the feeling-The patients wife gave me a folded bill I tried reasoning but they were so instant when I looked it was $100 and I never felt so awful and horrible in all my life
    I left the money in a drawer in my house for a long time and then I too donated it

    I will never ever allow anybody to give me money again

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    First of all thank you for caring so much that you are asking for advice on the renal diet, two things you need to know are your patients on dialysis or are they on a renal diet to slow down their kidney deterioration? By this i mean are they stage 3 or 4 pre dialysis patients?

    The reason I ask this is because the Renal Diet is different for pre dialysis patients-my suggestion is call or send a note to the dietitian at the renal centre where they get their dialysis. Each patient has their own specific diet prescribed for them and the dietitian at the dialysis facility would be more than happy to send you information on each of your patients.

    Dietitian love it when nursing home staff contact them about this as they have a deep frustration when it appears NH patients eat just what ever they want, plus drink what ever they want and their lab results suffer as a consequence.
    Call the facility before you leave-staff in renal units start very early and leave a message on the dietitians voice mail or speak with an RN who can get you all the information you would ever need.

    If the pt is in end stage renal failure but not yet requiring dialysis then you need to speak with a dietitian at the doctors office or you can fax the dietitian and ask for them to provide you with a diet for that specific patient

    I hope this helps

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    Welcome to allnurses I have moved your thread to this forum as you will get more responses

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    Quote from GRounded1
    Thank you so very much for being willing to answer any Dialysis related question. I am interested in PD nursing and just wondered what a typical day is like for a PD nurse and where will the position lead me. I eventually wanna be a manager?
    Do you have any Renal experience?

    A lot of dialysis centers are cross training their home nurses these days, the RN's will do the PD and HHD training.
    It takes about 3 months to train/orientate a RN to PD and the same for HHD.

    You can be expected to train 2 PD patients a day-their training and it should be individualized can take 8-10 days. Currently if you use baxter products patients are experiencing a delay in going to IPD using the NXstage peritoneal dialysis machine, so patients may go home on CAPD.
    They will need to return to the clinic to retrain onto Nxstage.
    You will be expected to be once for home patients, should there be an emergency overnight you would troubleshoot issues and problems via the phone.
    Monthly labs and follow up
    Nephrologists will see puts monthly, normally at the home therapy center.
    Home visits for new patients and home visits to assess conditions post peritonitis
    A lot of IDT work
    Education for family and patients

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    Closing for Staff Review

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    Please visit your GP for advice-unfortunately we cannot give medical advice on this site
    Good luck

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    Please refrain from insulting one and other, it serves no purpose apart from derailing a thread

    Stay on topic

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    Did you get a sign on bonus? Or did they pay for relocation?
    You would have to return the money, if they requested it-sometimes they keep your last pay

    The first six months are the hardest, have you made friends?

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    My advice would be in the future because there will be a time in the future you will do something like this-drive back to the hospital and return anything you accidentally took home.
    I am all for covering my back and that would be my advice to anybody, yeah it sucks having to drive all the way back but it sucks more if you ever get into trouble for anything like that.

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    Prioritize your care, be methodical-great time management
    Divide your work load between you and the LPN
    Or what has worked for me in the past
    Work together going from room to room, obviously starting with the patient which needs you the most-before you start your day make sure you visit each patient say hello and explain you will be back

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    I have rarely in my 24 yr career met very rude patients, however I have met very rude relatives and fortunately for me I have been stern and put them in their place.

    I find rude relatives and visitors are mainly from uneducated white backgrounds and over educated white backgrounds

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    Quote from CT Pixie
    I went to my LPN pinning and my RN pinning. I was not pinned by someone of my choice so it didn't mean a whole lot to me. My LPN pinning was done by an instuctor who verbally told anyone who would listen how much she despised me. My RN pinning was done by the director of the program who said as she pinned me, "I can't believe you made it here, after all the problems you had passing, I would have bet anything you would never graduate' (uhh! lady, I was never in danger of failing and I passed with honors..) Needless to say my pinnings were memorable but not for good reasons.

    I only went to the pinnings because my loved ones insisted. They wanted to see me rewarded for my hard work. If any of my loved ones couldn't be there, then in my opinion there is no reason to go.

    Go be with your Dad. You'll cherish those memories of him and the time you spent much more than you will the 1-2 hrs you stand at your pinning.
    Unreal that somebody would say that to you! How rude