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The following are articles I have written and shared with the nursing community. If you enjoy an article please leave a comment and tell me what you think.

Nurses Who Harm Patients

When we entrust our loved ones to the care of Nurses, few people really believe that they are going to be deliberately harmed by Health care professionals. Surprisingly, over 2000 Nurses worldwide have been convicted of harming, or killing their patients. Often these nurses move around from job to job, which makes it difficult for them to be caught. Frequently these nurses are fired and suspended from jobs. Hospitals do not want negative publicity so often they will move suspicious staff... Read More →

25 Years and Counting

When did I become the old timer? In 1989, I was a young fresh-faced nurse ready to start the first steps to becoming a nurse. I was so excited to begin the rest of my life. We were all young in my group 18-27years old-2 male nurses and 18 female nurses. We wore dresses in blue check, not the men of course, and we wore hats with one single strip, this indicated we were first year student nurses. Roll on to 2014, 25 years after that day and I am older, wiser and fatter! What happened... Read More →

Top 10 Reasons We Get Fired: Sleeping on duty

Sleeping while on duty is the number 3 in my top ten of reasons nurses get fired. In 1910, we slept for an average of 9 hours; by 2002, the average dropped to 6.9 hours per night. Early studies indicate that those Individuals who work nights and rotating shifts rarely obtain optimal amounts of sleep; they may have 1-4 hours less sleep. This could all add up to a sleep deprived night worker, which could cause a night nurse to nod off while on duty! Or even fall asleep while driving home. ... Read More →

Top 10 reasons we get fired!-Poor Performance

Continuing with the series of 'Top ten reasons we get fired' Number 4 comes in as "Poor Performance" at work. Problems with performance can result from any number of factors. Organizational change, new technology, inexperienced nurses, issues outside work or even a run of "bad luck" can all affect performance, even for the most assiduous of professionals. Managers should be able to say that they have the right person in the right job, sometimes they get it wrong. Everyday we hear... Read More →

Top 10 reasons we get fired!-Medication Errors

Number 5 in my series of Articles about the top ten things to get fired, discusses medication errors. Making mistakes in health care tends to be frowned upon more than any other career, the general public simply do not tolerate any form of mistakes which could threaten the life of their love one, or anything which could disfigure or cause pain and discomfort. We are only human, and humans make mistakes, this is not taken into consideration when you make a mistake in the hospital. Upper... Read More →

Cannabis and Healthcare 2014

The eyes of the world are watching the new experimental POT shops, which have recently opened in Colorado, selling legalized Cannabis for everyday consumption, for everyday people. Who would have thought that this would happen in our lifetime! The lines went round blocks and shops feared they would run out quickly. It is estimated that 37 shops opened their doors 1st January 2014, and by January 6th 2014 speculation is mounting that shops will soon run out of supply. It is estimated... Read More →

Death, Abuse and Alcohol

As 2013 draws to a close all over the world we need to stop and think about what this night means to many families, friends and the Emergency Room. Many of us are planning a night of celebration, which involves loud music, games, copious amounts of food and of course lots of Alcohol. New Year for me has been very mixed over the years, full of emotion but I am one of the few who really doesn't pay much attention to it. Often I would volunteer to work to allow others to enjoy the festivities.... Read More →

Top ten reasons for being fired - Falsification of Documentation

Falsification of documentation is number 6 on the list of 'Ten reasons why we get fired' Documentation is a large part of a nurse's daily routine; everything we do, say or plan has to be documented. The greatest nurses saying has to be 'If you didn't document it, you didn't do it' this means we spend half if not more of the day documenting. When I was training to be a nurse we were taught to assess, plan, implement and reassess. We were expected to document in the same manner, also... Read More →

"The Big C"

When I was growing up, my parents referred to cancer as 'The Big C" I hadn't a clue what they were referring to, all I knew it was a horrible disease that people had and it was whispered about not discussed in the open. What on earth was 'The Big C' all I knew was it was a secret, a bad secret because people would point to who had it, and discuss it behind closed doors! It terrified me because it was like a monster or something horrific that could catch you! Of course as I grew up I was... Read More →

Top 10 Reasons We Get Fired! - Frequent Sick Days and Tardiness

A huge problem in healthcare can be an employee who is constantly late to work, or calls off frequently. Sometimes this is due to genuine problems in their personal life but often it is a pattern of behavior which is difficult to manage. This problem on a floor can often lead to resentment for co-workers, especially when they have had a difficult shift and want to go home. Number 7 in my series of Articles 'Top Ten reasons we get fired' has to be the frequent call off employee or the... Read More →

As the holidays approach, remember the dialysis patients!

One of the benefits of working in Dialysis is that you get Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Years day off! Which is a wonderful thing for staff and patients alike. It means they can have normality for the holidays, spend it with their family, enjoy good food and relax. Even if staff work the day before, normally it is reduced hours and can be a lot of fun. Patients tend to be looking forward to the holidays and talk about what they are going to do, who they are going to see and what they... Read More →

Top 10 Reasons We Get Fired! - Social Media

Most of us agree that there is much enjoyment and pleasure gained from being part of a social website. My own weakness includes Facebook and of course I have never been able to get a handle on Twitter but I do know that the so-called celebrities of our time tend to get themselves in a whole heap of trouble because of twittering. To continue with my articles on the top 10 of reasons we get fired, number 8 has to be social media sites, which include but are not limited to ... Read More →

Nurse Management

Nursing Management is the leadership who performs governance and decision-making within a nursing environment. Managers have the responsibility to guide staff towards achieving goals by assigning responsibilities and expectations to the right person, in the right role and the right job. Making sure excellent, high quality health care is delivered. Ensuring that the organization goals are achieved is one of the main functions of the role, discouraging performance, which does not achieve... Read More →

OB/GYN Nursing

An OB/GYN staff nurse is a registered nurse who provides direct care to women. OB-GYN nurses may work in hospital labor and delivery and post-partum units, as well as at birthing centers and maternity or outpatient clinics. Their duties include admitting patients, taking medical histories and assisting physicians during procedures. They may administer medications, apply fetal monitoring devices or perform ultrasounds. They may also lead childbirth preparation classes or educate women... Read More →

Quality Improvement Specialist

Majority of quality improvement jobs in health care can have many responsibilities that fall into specific categories, including but not limited to evaluation, analysis, training and education, regulatory and compliance responsibilities, and risk management. A quality improvement health care specialist would ideally be responsible for gathering and evaluating clinical data from the organization; analyzing data for patterns and trends in the delivery of healthcare; researching root causes for... Read More →

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