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  • Jul 19 '12

    A lot of the hospitals here in Florida are getting rid of the patient care if you plan on being a nurse, you better make sure you're ok with doing a lot of what a typical CNA would do for the patients. I can understand why turn over is high for new is crazy out here. I've been a nurse for over 7 years & even I am getting fed up with the shortstaffing, poor pt to nurse ratios, the constant berating of HCAHP scores & how we (the nurses) need to do better.....even though the hospital chooses to keep us running with as few nurses as possible. Our poor new grads are started out on med/surg with 7 patients, no techs and no secretary. If I had started in an environment, I would have turned around & ran the other way.

    I don't think it's so much that older nurses are eating their young......rather they are too overwhelmed themselves to help very much. I am not jaded towards nursing.....nursing is a fine career. It is when administration thinks because a nurse "can"...that they "should" do everyone's job. We put in our orders, we are doing respiratory treatments, now they are telling us to make sure we clean the rooms on a daily well as emptying the trash & laundry. Cater to not only the patients, but their families also...because 60% of the patient satisfaction surveys are filled out by family members. Remind doctors to do this or that. Call doctors with results of tests....and in turn get yelled at by these doctors for bothering them with results.

    Where is the nursing in all that? We are being turned into a jack of all trades & then blamed when something doesn't go right. Lab messes up a time or a order....well, the nurse should have caught the mistake & corrected it....or the nurse should have noticed no one from lab drew the blood at the exact time & the nurse should have made a call to remind lab to draw the blood. The doctor orders the wrong test or doesn't give a reason why a test is ordered....the nurse should figure it out or follow up with the md. MRI is ordered but the dept is taking awhile to get the patient...the nurse should call & find out why they are taking so long. Pharmacy is questioning medications, have the nurse call the MD to clarify & then call the pharmacist to follow thru on clarification. Pharmacist still doesn't agree? The nurse should keep calling until it is resolved. Why can't the doctor & pharmacist talk to one another? No one around to answer the phone, the nurse should drop everything to answer the random unit phone calls. It goes on & on & on. Put the nurse in the middle & then blame the nurse for everything that isn't perfect. That is not nursing!

  • Jul 3 '12

    Never burn your bridges no matter what type of job you have.

  • Jul 3 '12

    You will not be a UK citizen straight away, doesn't work like that. You will however have permission to work in the UK. You need to go to the NMC website and meet registration requirements

  • Jul 1 '12

    I don't know anything about Kindred, but ...

    A lot of places who do credit do not disciminate against people who simply have poor credit -- but who are within the range of "normal" for the population. They are looking to screen out only those who have something really extraordinary in their records. They also use the credit check to verify that the residential and employment history given to them by the applicant matches the information in the credit check. They catch liars this way -- and they don't hire liars.

    Finally, in many (all?) states, people can't run a credit check on you without you giving permission. So it is unlikely they ran one if you didn't give them permission to.

  • Jun 30 '12

    I totally agree with MJB2010 and the other contributors with similar responses. Do your best to recover from this negative experience to that you can go to a new interview with renewed strength and positivity. But, it's important to let that garment of negative feelings drop!
    It can be a painful thing when you have tried to hard to do better each time and somebody is simply out to get you for whatever reason. But, you will rise again. I know you will;and on the next job you will feel so much stronger having this experience behind you.
    One more thin: whenever we find ourselves in this situation, we should be certain that Human Resource has our side of the story on file. They can tell if things are fair or unfair. They deal with this all the time. Sometimes the environment is simply toxic and even if you are let go, H.R. might still be willing to put something positive in your termination note on file.

    I'm saying this because it happend to a friend of mine He was told that in his file, they'd simple put, "employee and employer parted company on such and such a date". No other infomation.
    H.R. was willing to put in a good word the my friend and he got the next job.

    "The good you do and embody, gives you the only power obtainable." Mary Baker Eddy.

  • Jun 29 '12

    It sounds like they did you a favor. No one should have to work in a toxic environment like that. Pick yourself back up and move on.

  • Jun 29 '12

    Quote from patty377
    I was there for just over a year. And my Facebook post was beyond harmless. I posted "I wish families wouldn't fight about patients wishes when there is a Power of Attorney and a Living Will that spells those wishes out so plainly" No names, no facility, no identifying factors whatsoever. But I have definitely learned my lesson. I am no longer FB friends with anyone I work with, even those I am legitimately friends with. It's sad that they felt the need to have to dig so deep to find a reason to fire me. The best part is that other employees had in the past and since made posts with patients names and obvious identifying factors have not been disciplined at all. I had been unhappy there for a while, I'm sure it was for the best but it's tough not being able to do a job that I love.
    I have been a nurse-BSN going after my Msn, for four years I have seen it, bottom line is this, people in management get scared when they see someone who is a better nurse than them.
    I had a 2 yr RN as my supervisor, I also was going for my masters degree, two other unit managers where also in masters progress, they dragged up trumped up charges on ALL three of us within a month, and all three of us where fired, NO, it is not the end, just say you wanted to move on.

    Keep in mind these Director of nursing people, had their "click", clicks are dangerous.

    In obummas economy, jobs are hard to find even for nurses, if economey ever comes back, things will be different.

    Right now they can fire you for anything, they have hundreds of nurses looking for work.

  • Jun 25 '12

    Don't even wast your time. Hospital nursing jobs right now are nearly impossible to get. There are thousands of applicants for each opening. Newgrads are only accepted in new grad programs which are rare these days. The interviews (if you ever land one) are brutal and humiliating. Please spare yourself the pain and suffering and look for some other area of health care where there may be a chance for employment. There is absolutely zero need for newgrad nurses right now. There is definitively a preference for the young and cute even though they are the least likely to stay.

  • Jun 24 '12

    I agree with the above poster: getting a CA license takes weeks, sometimes months, so you better get started on the process ASAP.

  • Jun 18 '12

    the more advanced your education, the more you specialize. i'd encourage you to figure out what it is you want to do before you spend a lot of time and money on advanced degrees that may not prepare you for something you'd enjoy doing. if med-surg (or maybe just your current unit) isn't doing it for you, try a transfer. if you like floor nursing, try oncology or renal. maybe icu or or is your niche. i wouldn't encourage anyone to take on more debt until they've defined their goals a bit more thoroughly than you seem to have.

  • Jun 15 '12

    We didn't do ANY IV's in my school...and I went to a very good school. When I started in the NICU we just jumped in and learned, it was required to get off orientation. Now I work in the peds cardiac ICU and most of those nurses have no idea how to place IV's because they use primarily IV team but I will always look and if I see something go for it. It's a skill I don't want to loose and one that many of my colleagues are jealous that I know how to do. But honestly I was never really taught, watched a few then just started trying

  • Jun 7 '12

    Please tell me where nurses make $70k a year and I'll leave here lol. I wish. I don't even think nurses here make $40k a year

  • Jun 7 '12

    Quote from MN-Nurse
    Show me a slave making $70k as a new grad and I'll toss you some sympathy.
    Where the F is anyone making $70000/year as a new grad? I want to go to there.

  • Jun 5 '12

    Because I care, I would like safer staffing.

  • Jun 5 '12

    Patient and family appreciation can surely make our job fulfilling.

    Your facility is getting 22K per patient per week. By forcing you to take care of 6 total care patients (slavery).
    they are boosting their profit margin.

    Rationally, three patients would be do-able in a sub-acute rehab. But noooo! Administration( the fat cats sitting in their office, smoking a fine cigar) have deemed little nursie will bust her tookas trying to take care of six patients.

    We all know that this makes providing quality care impossible.Nursie works 13 hours with barely a bathroom break trying to provide some semblance of care.
    And as long as nurses accept these conditions and get their satisfaction from EMOTIONAL rewards..
    We will remain overworked and under paid.