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  • Dec 16 '15

    Hello..I have worked in a correction facility for the last 3 years. I was promoted from staff nurse to clinical supervisor to health service administrator and found the job very interesting. I am looking now to go back to free world nursing for reasons I have posted in other threads. I would like you to consider two things I have learned in my correction setting practice.

    1st..understand that working as a nurse in corrections you will not have the last word on patient care. I would often tell the nurses I hired that "we are not a medical facility that happens to have security..we are a security facility that happens to have a medical dept." It can be very frustrating and hard to provide nursing care when the Sheriff's dept., Warden, or bureau of prisons is your boss. Their job is to provide safe secure prisons..your job to take care of offender's health will always be second to that.

    2nd...Remember that while you have spent your whole life coming up to be a decent person and a trained health care professional with skills and knowledge about healthcare..the offenders have been just as busy coming up and learning their trade and skills as professional criminals. They are the masters of manipulation and finding the slightest weakness in anyone they can and they are professionals at doing this. I have lost 2 very fine nurses to relationships formed with offenders that totally manipulated them..very very sad.

    Corrections is a great field..just be wise before you go in to the possible dangers to self and career