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  • Aug 30

    Agree with all the above. I was reported to the TX bON August of 2008. Did not hear a word until Feb 2011. Get another job or all the hours you can get and bank your money for a good board attorney. DO NOT USE or DRINK..period. You never know when they will call on you, but as was stated above..they will call on you. It's a long ride, but a doable one. Keep us posted.

  • Mar 26

    I worked for the leading health insurance company in the nation for 10 years as a utilization review nurse. If you think adhering to HIPAA is huge in the hospital, it is ten time more enforced in the insurance biz..I would not even be able to tell your husband about your healthcare or meds without him filling out a 3 page release form with your signature notarized in 2 places before I could release ANY information. The HIPAA laws are a pain for us nurses to work with sometimes, but they are there to prevent just this kind of ignorant prejudice that the general public..(and many BONs) have... that just because you are HIV positive, have Hep C, have received mental health care, or seek medical care for a tolerance problem..then you must be a scum of the earth bad person.

    I feel you have nothing to worry about with disclosure from the insurance company and that you can answer honestly that you have never been treated for addiction. Your doctor is right..he does not have to disclose anything unless it involves criminal behavior..and even would take a court order to compel him to disclose and his lawyer would fight that. I feel that it is so sad that we nurses must work with this "witch hunt" mentality from our employers and BONs.

    That being said..kudos to you for your proactive insight...and as you can see..we are a pretty non judgmental crowd out here..and I, again, commend you for taking care of yourself, before the drugs took care of you forever.