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  • Dec 8 '17

    Thanks for the article. I'm starting a new grad OR fellowship in less than a week. I'm SO nervous.

  • Nov 20 '17

    Attachment 17968

    I laughed really really hard at this.
    Then I felt awful for laughing so hard....

  • Nov 8 '17

    Quote from edmia

    Noooooooo! Can't be. Poor kid!

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    Honestly I don't believe anyone is named shithead, la-a, lemonjello, orangejello, female, abcde. Let's not post the same urban legends over and over again like the other thread.

  • Sep 10 '17

    I'm pretty sure suctioning isn't the issue... But eating a hamburger after a child just had throat surgery just seems to be worst idea ever. I think anyone with a bit of common sense would not do that.
    I really hope that's just a nasty Internet rumor. Because if it isn't that family is carrying some well deserved guilt.

  • Aug 21 '17

    If you don't want to be a CNA, then don't. I didn't Enjoy being an aide.

  • Jul 19 '17

    Quote from Pinkpenny
    Peace out ✌
    Don't let the door knob hit you....

  • Jul 19 '17

    Quote from pct333
    you all take yourselves way too seriously
    Gee sorry for taking our profession seriously.

  • Jul 19 '17

    Quote from am27
    Just as other professions outside of nurses save lives. I never even implied that saving lives only happens in acute care hospitals. OrganizedChaos first said that medical assistants only work in clinics and are never in a position to even perform CPR or save lives. An obviously ignorant and demeaning statement.

    Also - patients that are circling the drain are not forbidden to enter clinics. I've also seen patients code in clinics. All I'm trying to say is these generalizations from OC are not respectful.
    Moms, teachers, flight attendants, waitresses have all "saved lives" people who are not medically trained do cpr and inject epi pens daily.

    I'm not sure what that has to do with anything.
    Until you pass nclex you are not a nurse. You don't have the knowledge of the nurse. You aren't doing the same job as a nurse. You are not a nurse of any kind.

    Why is this such a difficult concept for some people.

    Maybe you should start an MA message board, so you can quit telling nurses how great you are.

  • Jul 19 '17

    Quote from Nibbles1
    When I was in nursing school, I worked as a CNA. A fellow CNA told me she was in medical school but had to drop out. She said she only lacked 3 hours before she could sit for her "doctor boards." Ummm, okay. Then she told me a few weeks later that was a NP but working as a CNA until she found a NP job. She had some crazy stories she would share with us fellow CNA's because prior to becoming a NP, she was a trauma nurse, after she was in a car wreck, when she was 3 hours away from getting her MD.
    This honestly is not normal job inflation ... This is completely delusional... I'd feel uncomfortable around someone that unstable. Yikes!

  • Jul 19 '17

    Quote from Girlafraid13
    I got a good one for you guys. My girlfriends exfriend who was in MA school claimed to be in medical school to get his MD. 😒
    I know a girl who post about being in medical school all the time too. She goes to a for profit MA school.
    Lol she looks ridiculous.

  • Jun 11 '17

    Feeding patients.
    It takes everything in me not to vomit directly in their mouth.
    Especially hospital eggs.... Seeing the Smushed bits in the thick string of spit when I pull the spoon back does me in....

    So far that is the only the I absolutely hate doing, it makes me ill.

  • Jun 9 '17

    Doesn't sound like a top nursing school.

  • Jun 9 '17

    Doesn't sound like a top nursing school.

  • May 12 '17

    I was asked "if you were an animal, which one would you be and why"

    I replied "a monkey, because they have thumbs"

    I did not get the job.

  • May 1 '17

    depends on how much your bills are. Can you afford to live on 10-12 dollars an hour? Working as a CNA from what i read on here is a good idea. I start a BSN program in august and I'm not a cna and don't plan on becoming one.