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  • Jul 28 '14

    I wipe big butts and I cannot lie.

  • Jul 13 '12

    I honestly didn't think anyone would reply- no one ever has. Lol. Thanks for the comments. I was upset and probably came off like a huge *****. I have good grades, I'm a cna, and I'm trying. I guess the good grades in the pre reqs don't cane as easy to me as it does to others, and it just was getting to me. The person i was referring to is my boyfriend's cousin, & we're friends. I guess i was more frustrated how she talked to ME about herself getting into the program & money. She just made me feel bad. Sorry I came off ******, i was just frustrated at the moment, and needed to vent, like I said. :/ I didn't think I'd get such negative posts back for venting. Lol. But Thank you for those who encouraged me, I appreciate it. We all have bad days, just gotta keep pluggin along!!!! Thanks

  • Jul 1 '12

    Quote from OnlybyHisgraceRN
    I used to get frustrated too, but people that is in it for the money will not last long... trust me.
    What does that even mean? Everyone who has a job is "in it for the money." Most nurses never would have went into the field if it paid 12.00 an hour. The OP is in for a rude awakening if she acts this superior and judgmental when she actually starts working with real nurses.

  • Jun 10 '12

    Wow, pinayluv, that's awesome!!! Congratulations, what a big achievement!

  • Jun 7 '12

    Quote from pinayluv78
    Shoot, I don't even remember all that stuff! And I got all A's in my prereqs! LOL
    Ditto to that one! I even took a Continuing
    Ed refresher A&P course last fall on TOP of the A&P classes I'd already taken and i don't remember jack about the bones or muscles'

  • Jun 7 '12

    Congratulations!!!!! I will continue nail biting until I get a letter...

  • Jun 7 '12

    When I applied I wasn't too confident on getting accepted into any programs. So I applied to 3 schools (2 BSN & 1 ADN) and was accepted to all 3. I ended up going the ADN route since my uncle offered to pay all my tuition. Congrats to everyone who got in!

  • Jun 5 '12

    Quote from pinayluv78
    So I just found out today that I got 1 out of the 66 seats available. Like I mentioned earlier, I had only applied to this one school since it was the only one I could apply to at the time. I was planning on applying to the community colleges around here for the Spring semester if I didn't get in. I guess I don't have to anymore, though...
    Whoa! Good for you! You must feel like a million right now! Congrats and good luck!

  • Jun 5 '12

    Congrats...take the time to enjoy ur victory

  • Jun 1 '12

    I can't imagine! I hope all goes well and you hear good news soon! Good luck!

  • Jun 1 '12

    Quote from abmsam
    If our government starts giving food stamps to all students who are unable to work, imagine how many people would abuse the system.
    Just look at how many people abuse the system now. I'd rather have a college student that's trying to make a better future for themselves abusing the system than people that get pregnant over and over just so they can remain on assistance.

  • May 28 '12

    what does it take to succed? A good attitude and teamwork. Sometimes you gotta be a leader, sometimes you gotta motivate others and save other people from making mistakes. they will save your butt sooner or later.

    Another thing is letting things go. It is so hard to do, but sometimes you have a bad clinical day and you got a quiz or exam due in a theory subject. sometimes the hardest thing is to let go of that clinical day and focus on studying. Even when the teacher yells at you or you felt you did a bad job. don't fail yourself.

    Do what is due for the next day. Take each day one day at a time. Keep in mind your end goal is RN, put up with A-hole teachers and move on.

  • May 28 '12

    I felt the same way and still cannot believe I am a senior now in my BSN program and going to graduate next school year. It is definately manageable but best bit of advice I can give you is to not procrastinate. I have this problem and it is constantly a struggle to fight it cause when you do that it can become overwhelming. Relax and just go with it, it will be okay

  • May 28 '12

    Coming from a straight A student....I can honestly say it takes a lot of work and dedication. You may think a C is the bare minimum to stay in but what I have learned Is that staying in is the most important thing. We live by the mantra C means continue. You have to work extremely hard for that C and you also need to be able to take constructive criticism. Try not to let others "stories" get under your skin. Nursing school can be what you make of it. And book smarts are good however a good nurse needs to be able to critically think or think outside the box. All the answers may not come from a book. Some may be common sense and some you will have to go by what you will do just make sure you think as nurse and not a student. That's all I can say for know along with this YOU CAN DO IT...JUST RELAX AND TAKE ONE STEP AT A TIME 😃

  • Jan 23 '12

    The ATI study manual was great! It comes with two practice tests in the book and two online practice tests. Those online practice tests were the best! They were more helpful to me than the paper tests. It gave me a clearer picture of where my weak areas were and how I was able to operate under the stress of a timer. Totally worth the investment. Good luck!