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    I'm up for it, and have extremely poor taste and a love for the darker side of humor! When I blow the last gasket, I want them to play heavy organ music.(rather than the light chimes of birth).

    I want someone to get tickled and blow soda through there nose at my funeral, but I will settle for an awkward moment(like Queens' "Another One Bites the Dust" plays, and the director jumps up and says, WRONG TAPE!! What happened to "Bridge Over Troubled Water?"

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    @Jean Marie, thanks, even though I am out of my comfort zone on politics! Love Treme, but not home enough to subscribe to HBO. That was the first thing I did now was get the premiums

    I just hope that the NOLA residents get "Justice" one day, pound-for-pound the poorest City >100,000 on GDP.

    The city would have sooooo much going for it, oil, excellent GLOBALLY important Port, strategic location, agriculture, tourism, excellent education:Colleges and Universities, I could keep going on and on- but every sector has been shrinking as the city has faced it's share of hell anyway, and survived- it's heartbreaking that Public corruption is so rife on my favorite ground in the world!!!!

    In fact, I will be haunting Mayor Ray's home soon if convicted-or- his cell(unless it takes place in Louisiana where $$$=Power). Boy am I going to rattle some chains, flicker some lights, and flush some commodes.

    Then, I am headed to where ever Casey Anthony lives now

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    Lol, glad to know my state (MS) is number 1 at something. (Along with infant mortality, teenage pregnancy, tornado deaths, obesity [on/off], and illiteracy.)

    I thought political corruption and racketeering was legal in the Pelican State as long as you were in elected office. Sean Penn couldn't even stay clean down there, "All the King's Men."

    It is part of the culture and tradition to rob from poor folks' paychecks and shake special interest groups for loose thousand dollar bills for the occasional beneficial bill pass. Lol, this has been a tough winter on the south,...

    so cold the Democrat's have their hands in their own pockets
    (don't taze me bro, I vote both ways)

    S and SE Louisiana will never change until the voters get a bait of it and strengthen oversight. It was during my lifetime that over 50% of the law enforcement their was cleaned out by internal affairs (FBI Taskforce).

    I worked their clinics when the State Medicaid Program would go broke and we couldn't fill our kids' and teens' CANCER or AIDs Rx's!!! Often!! Usually once a year occurrence.

    But, now that I understand that money went to better use greasing palms, overseas mansions, and supercars for the elite, I know I'll sleep better knowing I couldn't vote that election that he won (lived in NOLA then) because I was at a fishing tournament trying to raise enough money for Youth Medications, while LA Congress rejected an Emergency Pediatric Medical/Prescription Reimbursement Promise(EMFAP) of $2 million until an agreement on extension could be reached(no other riders). No news coverage ANYWHERE, because they were afraid too.

    Wild wild wild. Sad sad sadWhite Collar Crime is not a victimless crime, Crime in the Suites really does hurt citizens, I saw it happen. I knew the victims. We also begged for assistance from Feds where money was allocated for such emergencies, to get a $100,000/mo grant, but it had to be signed by our Gov and regional House Rep, who declined because 25% had to be repaid, and they could have just held that amount out. $75K a month isn't much, but when you consider only filling critical Rx's, it would have helped(Amazingly, the only relief we had was from Pharmaceutical Companies- a real surprise!!)

    I am disgusted with the pillaging of those supposed to help and protect, but no word for when it becomes a!

    I dread the coming storm of hearing how the BP Oil money is divvied. They'll be lucky if 20% of that dough gets to where it's "kneeded"

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    Hahahaha, Davey (The Amazing) Do, you know my coming to the room ahead of you(and/or the elusive Sushi Joe), opened up a wonderful opportunity to poke s'more fun. Sushi Joe has become a Brand in his absence, Lol! I am far from a hero. I just ended up facing what we all will face as a mere grown sprout, ok,... maybe a "sapling" So, I just roll with the punches, and when the dirt nap comes, I feel bad about using up good ground for all the failures and mistakes I have made just this far into life, but I appreciate the "hero" nomination.

    I wish I could have cured something, or saved us from an asteroid- or ended the epidemic of underwear that climb or get all discombobulated and make a pair that wears comfortably in any situation, even after hours of wear!! But, no, I haven't accomplished much of anything 'useful' (kind of like a reality show celebrity who wins an award), so I must humbly pass on the nomination of "hero" to Sushi Joe who has brought LUV and a Mutual Appreciation to LPN vs RN relations. I can't touch that with your stick. So, love me just for being able to keep the thread active for the latest greatest Joe!

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    Oh, and on the public pooping and peeing, let me tell you. In Central America, there is NO stigma in squatting on the side of a rural road for either function. It was like "Raising Arizona" on the bus as the American Driver in Honduras announced, "Turn to the right!" "Turn to the Right!!"

    One day I was walking from the Clinic to the Pharmacy down the road, and this very cute girl around my age asked me to hold her 2 hens(tons of Market traffic), "Sure!" I said.

    She proceeded to take a big fat dump while I was a captive audience with her two chickens. (Mind you I am a avid hand-washer) "Thanks!" I handed her the Hens, and a wipee from my pocket, and took the bus from there-out. You got to watch your step in flip-flops down there, I tell you from experience

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    I certainly don't want to judge anyone, but yeah, some awkward moments. My in-laws would whip them feeders out anywhere. Maybe it's just delayed PTSD. (Act normal- Do Not Look- Act Nor....Oh I looked! Panic, flushing,...ok breath, be natural). Lol!!

    I still have dreams I am in college at Final Grade Postings and realize I have missed a class ALL semester!!! I really did this, it was Physical Education, and we couldn't have a class below a C. I needed the class to be full time. I will never tell how I pulled that one off, but that's why I have the "I forgot" dreams constantly.

    Once, My wife came in and said, "Where's Tag?" It was winter (travel RNing in Northwest Iowa) and I realized I must have forgot to let him in(rural area). I stayed out in 10 degree weather calling and calling, feeling like a monster. I get home prepared to my wife I am a murderer and a Neglectful Idiot. I was sobbing, panicked, and just in shock(could have been hypothermia). When I went in,...

    "I Found'em, he was asleep in the laundry basket!"

    I was too glad to see him to be mad.

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    You forgot, "Don't taze me bro!!"

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    In church, I always sit in the back. I like to get out real quick because after benediction, it's like a feeding frenzy, and I can't hear well in all the chaotic loudness. So anyway, on the back bench, this young new mom sits down with this adorable baby(huge blue eyes), and starts nursing it on her breast(which I am not aware of yet).

    I just happened to look over, and Wuh!!

    So she says, in the middle of the service, "Your a Nurse Practitioner aren't you?" See how my (pulls baby off with end-suction sound), ears feel like their on fire, and I can tell my face is like 50 shades of Red..."Is this normal?" Pointing to an obvious engorgement, and saying "they just ache, and are so painful."

    I whisper the obvious problem, and what causes it so on and so forth, ..when she grabs my hand and said, "see, feel how tight..."

    Then, for the first time ever, I wake-up from a nightmare sitting up really fast, panting, and heart-racing in terror as I realize it was just a nightmare!

    I haven't sat on that back pew since that dream!!! I got online that night to look up the dream on a site that supposedly explains dreams deeper meaning(for $2.99), and it said this was because I was repeating my work activities in my dreams(an occurrence of repetition, and the girl represented an unmet need to nurture something, and the church meant "hiding or sanctuary." The baby meant a new beginning. I looked up the dream because I was bored and couldn't go back to sleep, and it was a VERY vivid and spontaneous dream!!! So I was both lazy(sleeping), and the dream was so out of character for my thought process. I hadn't thought of any patients, or even church that day. The way the human mind can construct dreams in total vividness amazes me!!!! I go back to sleep and continue the same dream telling her she needs to feed more regularly, get a pump...knowing its a dream now! (But obligated to help)

    Have you guys Nursed in your sleep after a wild day, or answered questions in your sleep?...weird to be so tired, and explaining a medication's side effects in your sleep!!!! Reminiscent of Nursing School

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    Redhead (which reminds me of my Ex saying she loved Shirley Temple because they both had red hair, and were both close to the same age). She was such a ditz!! -and I am a blonde? She was like 26 when she said that, Gah....

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    I know right? Davey(no show)Do. I limped all the way over here from the comfort of my living funeral to have some fun, and here I am, you better be da-gum glad Nursefrances saved the trip

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    Well, I have put trying sushi on my "bucket list," but it is way down there with "swimming with Hippos," and "saving kitten's from a burning home." Sushi Joe, I hope you had a LUV filled weekend!!! Davey (whatever your middle name is today) Do, I have thoroughly enjoyed the laughs here and elsewhere on AN!!! I am just surprised there are still (2 Members & 4 guests) here right now this long after the original posts, but, ..... Great taste in a Thread People!!!!!

    Welcome to Sushi Joe's

    There is no dress code, so take off your shoes, and stay awhile. Leave a line or take some. Just Sushi-Joe Responsibly!!!!

    A message from the Sponsors of The Luv NetworkTM, where there are no rules (except...Well I forgot), and it's a Different Kind of LUV.*

    *This message was NOT approved by the thread's OP, the Great and Wonderful Sushi Joe. It's his world, we're just playing in it.

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    Hurricane Glass(from Pat O' Briens) New Orleans