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  • Oct 12 '11

    Hardwork really does pay off.Just want to tell everybody my story.I posted before about being depressed because I failed nursing school before.I started going for the bachelors in nursing,didn't make it.Next,i went to the associate's then didn't make it either.Finally i told myself i will give one last try,to go for the LPN program.Guess what? I finally made it,graduated last week and even became Class Valedictorian.And my road doesn't end here.I am going up the ladder again to RN school.

    I want to thank all of those nurses who responded to my post before,encouraging me never to give up.That just because I failed nursing sometimes does not mean that I will not be a nurse.That if it is nursing that I really want, then I will someday be a nurse.Thank you so much for helping me believe in myself.The road may not be easy.I had to drive everyday for 1 hour or more to school and to my clinical sites because the school is in another county.But I told myself,I really want this.I was thinking what would I feed my family,what will happen to them if I don't make it?Despite people and even family and friends teasing me that I was a failure and my former nursing instructor telling me to just give it up,to just change major because maybe nursing is not for me,I fought my way through and I proved them wrong! I prayed to God that if nursing is really meant for me, to please help me make it through my one last try in nursing school,in LPN school.If I dont make it,then I will give up nursing.Fortunately,I made it after all those years.Thanks to my LPN school for giving me the chance to pursue my dream.So I advice all the students,specially the ones who might have failed a couple of times,never to give up.Stay motivated and think of all those people who depend on you,specially your family.Make them your motivation,even if the road out there is tough.Do not be discouraged by people who tell you that you might not make it.Don't even listen to them.Just don't forget to pray to God,believe in yourself and do your BEST.If nursing is really what you want,then follow your heart because someday, just like me,you can be a nurse too.