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    So you invented the press ganey survey?!

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    "sheesh, I just asked for help with my testicular exam"

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    I'm in an ADN program right now at Morton College. I chose it because including tuition and books and supplies it will cost me less than $10,000 to be an RN. We take the same NCLEX exam and I can and will probably pass more easily than some BSN students. I am going to do an ADN to MSN program after I start working as an RN and have my employer help pay for it.

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    Quote from grntea
    you don't say what you're studying, but from here it looks like you should drop by your school's esl office and see if they can set you up with a tutor from your program.
    yes there were grammatical errors but her english looks pretty good. i type fast and make errors all the time. no need to be rude. it seems like you said that to be hurtful. will you care for your patients with that same caring demeanor?

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    priming it as in getting it ready to be connected to the patient the actaul process of you spiking the bag and pinching the drip chamber then releasing the clamp so the fluid will flow down it.

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    Yes it would be more nurses that came and told you when they were doing something you may want to see or do, but you should be more assertive. We are assigned two patients and I tell my nurse or nurses that I would love to know if they are doing anything special or interesting. I ask them to let me know if they need to start an IV for instance. When I'm going through the hallway I'll even ask other nurses especially if I see them or overhear that they are going to do something. Once I heard they were going to access an implanted port and I introduced myself and said I'd love to watch, she let me do it!

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    LOL! I'm going to graduate in May!Hello! Just signed up today I haven't seen much on here for Morton College. I am a sophomore and the Nursing Club President. I love Morton's program. I feel so prepared at clinicals. I walk in there and know what needs to be done and how to do it. I've heard numerous nurses at clinical sites say we all know what we are doing and are more independent and knowledgeable then most of the students from other programs. The program is NOT easy but it's definitely well instructed. The have open lab times after school so you can practice any skill you want. All of the instructors also have posted hours and are willing to help. They care if you pass and give you all the tools you need to be a fantastic nurse. I have a friend that graduated from Morton like 5 years ago and she said that some of her coworkers with a BSN are surprised that she knows SO much and they come to her for help. The nursing corner of the school was recently remolded. They added our own computer lab for nursing students only and it comes with free printing! just bring your own paper. I've seen a few concerns about Morton's graduation rate. I know the overall school graduation rate is very small because alot of students take a class or two and never graduated, they just drop out. 80 students get accepted each year and we now have 72. Last year I think 50 graduated. Don't be lazy, study, do your work, go to clinicals and class, and be on time. If you do ALL of that, you should have no problem passing.