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    BOur policy and procedure states all are pulled.A central line is not the type of access used in embalming.They use giant trocars,as big as my thumb

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    Quote from NurseNicolexo
    I started a job as the DOC at an assisted living facility and I am trying to get my CNA's to start charting (they only have been writing in a communication book little notes to each other but nothing on legal documents). I just need help or advice on the best way to teach them how to write progress notes since none of them have any experience charting!
    Try to limit them to graphs,flow sheets or "fill in the blank from these choices" via electronic charting.No offense meant to any cna's on the board,I worked as one for years.
    You would NOT believe the narrative notes our unlicensed staff have entered in the electronic medical record.Opens a big can of worms.Our admin had to stop it." Resident sitting on bed looking bad".No follow up,nothing reported to the nurse.

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    Quote from feelix
    The patient had become unable to communicate due to a catastrophic event. She had become deeply depressed because family abandoned her and since she was visiting from out of state, she had no coverage. She was left at a 'personal care home' to be taken care of by a family. It was church volunteers who took the initiative, applied for medicare/medicaid, asked hubby to authorize taking her to the hospital, stayed at the hospital with her 24/7.
    Oh,so church "do Gooders" got involved,saving the world one heathen at a time.Maybe she was depressed because of the incapacitating catastrophic event.I wonder if anyone considered her wishes.

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    A very tiny piece will dissolve on the tongue.If a host falls or is not consumed they take it back to the church and bury them after saying a certain prayer.....You can BUY wafers on Amazon.If you are in the mood for a laugh check it out and read the comments people have made.

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    It's taken me close to thirty years to learn to shut my mouth and listen to the message.It's a hard but valuable lesson to learn.Good Luck.

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    Quote from feelix
    Update: I wrote the original post on April 28. Today is June 11.
    The patient is alive and well today. We had to hatch an elaborate plot to extricate her from the 'care home' she was dumped into by her family and left by hospice to die.
    She had cared for her 4 kids and hubby till she herself became disabled. The moment she became disabled herself, everybody dumped her.
    Suffices to say, when she arrived at the hospital they said her kidneys were shutting down. After two days of hydration kidneys started producing urine, she is tolerating tube feeds after a bowel program was initiated. She was transferred to an LTACH, from where she would be sent to a nursing home.
    Poor soul.

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    OK this is long post, and we all have been going on and on about this lol... Basically everyone has their own opinion, and they are all valid. We aren't always going to agree with each other, but cutting one patients pubes (with a purpose) isn't going to get someone fired or their license taken away....[/QUOTE]
    Tell that to the two CNA's I know who were fired for that.And I know another who cut a woman's filthy ,matted hair in the hospital and was fired and still another who shaved an Amish man's beard who also lost her job.....

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    Quote from Barbie8808
    I'm back ktwlpn, thanks for waiting! About thirty minutes ago before my computer died, I promise you I wrote out the longest reply in reference to your statements about the difference between a nurse and tech in regards to respecting patients cultural and religious preferences. lmaooo But fortunately for you my computer did die so the world will never know how ignorant I think your comments are. I suggest you do a little research to find out how much education Certified nursing assistants receive about topics such as ethics, cultural, and religious preferences before you make a silly assumptions. No one is Holding a patient down with out their consent to give them a Brazilian wax - at least not me. For a incontinent patient I think it is a good idea to trim pubic hair so I can clean them properly instead of the hair holding a strong odor or a poop ball being lost amongst the madness. If I'm starting an iv I prefer not to stick someone aimlessly because thick corse hair on their arms. If the patient does not want me to do it I wont do it. Thank you for your patience in waiting for my response! I hope I have answered all of your questions, if not I know you know where the reply button is.
    I worked as an aide for years,The facility I work in now is a recognized trading and certification center in my state.I know the curriculum.I never delved into the argument surrounding your scope of practice.A monkey can be trained to perform pretty complicated procedures.End.
    You can spout that you are aware of the generational,cultural norms of hygiene and call me "ignorant" for pointing out that aspect of the issue but in your comments you clearly continue to leave the impression you'll continue to do whatever you think is "a good idea".Your immaturity shines through your posts.
    I have worked with plenty of cna's and a few nurses with the same "it's all about me and what I think is right" attitude through the years.They are long gone from my current workplace-let go for making gross errors in judgement
    I have performed my share of incontinence care,is there anything worse than a wrinkled,saggy old scrotum that sat in bm for hours due to dementia and violent resistance to care? Nothing here that plenty of soap,water and wash clothes can't fix.Should we shave heads because hair gets tangled and greasy? What happens if you nick the skin down there? You set a sequalae of events in motion that you can not control and you just don't get it.You really don't seem to care.

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    I stay away from pubes,lol.[/QUOTE]
    Words to live by.....Still waiting for the OP to acknowledge she has read the responses.Want to hear her opinion on cultural,generational hygiene practices....

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    Yes,worth the investment.Take the online practice exam as well(it was not free,but worth it)

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    As a CPHLN I find it all really interesting.I always try to personalize my tips to make them more interesting to the staff.

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    Why "cutesy"it up? Never have been a fan of that.It's a pretty important specialty and should be treated with gravity,IMHO. monthly palliative care tips?

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    Quote from Ellie G
    Pages and pages on pubes. Seriously? Wow
    If that is all you get from this thread you are sorely missing the point ,which seems to be exactly what the OP is doing

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    Quote from KathyDay
    In defense of "visitors" who I prefer to call care partners, they often do not understand acronyms. NPO except Ice needs to be interpreted for them saying DO NOT GIVE HIM/HER anything except ICE! Also, post written instructions on the PCA medication. Never assume that they know these things just because you do and don't question their intelligence because they don't know "nursely" things.
    Every patient needs a trusted advocate by their side while they are in the hospital, but they do not need droves of visitors including tiny babies and toddlers, who will exhaust them and disrupt everything. The designated advocate can be the note taker or the recorder of doctor visits, keeping a list of medications, special instructions, etc. Then they can relay pertinent information to the rest of the family/guests as appropriate.
    There is a way to work out all of these things, and communication is the first step in all of it.
    And we can never assume they have common sense,either.Simple common sense would keep a visitors butt in a chair ands their off equipment until they could speak to staff to find out what they can and can't do for their loved one.Sadly it seems common sense is being bred out of human beings.We feed our kids took animals .....

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    As a friend it's not your job to educate-you risk losing that friendship.Your job is to provide emotional support and encourage them to seek and accept support and education from appropriate sources .I have worked with many families who tried to strictly control and aggressively manage their demented parent's health.Do you know how many regretted those decisions in the end? When confronted by the horror show of the end stage of the disease they realized what they had done.That's why support from groups like t he Alzheimer's association is so important-it helps to talk to people who have walked the path before you.