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    The students need to be dealt with on a higher level,they are jeopardizing their clinical placement,their behaviors are unacceptable.
    Be firm,fair and consistent with your staff and they will come to respect you.

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    I have two questions/requests:
    1. What are your current biggest specific challenges that you face with local hospices?
    Communication,not receiving necessary documentation on a timely manner,delay of care.
    2. What strategies have you used that have been most effective in improving these relationships?
    Palliative care nurse now co-ordinates the care to make sure we are a cohesive team.Protocols are written as needed,each agency has a clear understanding of our expectations.We don't hesitate to call our physicians ourselves when a resident is symptomatic and the agency is not responding.We can make one call much faster!
    The staff of all of our hospice agencies work WITH the unit nurses.They also will come in an give in services.The culture in the facility has really embraced the hospice model but it took a long time.The more visible they are in th he facility the better they are acceptedn

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    Earlobs,ear wax,hearing aides and ear rings....Not going there....NOPE

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    While I understand the holistic approach I know a geri-psych consult is invaluable at this stage.I see two issues here.First is her sleep pattern.What is the impact on her and the family from this? Is their rest interrupted as well? This and incontinence seem to be the common triggers that lead to LTC.The body's clock is disrupted by the damage the disease causes the brain.We just go with it-we make sure the resident gets meals and plenty of liquids while they are awake. awake.The masturbating and aggressive behaviors need to be addressed and can be treated.There are no risks,the disease is terminal and the goal should be comfort right now....It is also important for the family to accept they can not control this,they need to consult with experts.

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    Agree with the previous poster,your actions are similar to complicated grieving.Make healing yourself your priority,you are wasting a lot of positive energy on this -you're deflecting .

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    Buy panels of chain link ,create a pen,push the open end up to the doorway in which you have installed a doggie door.Problem solved.She can go in and out at will.Make sure the panels are securely connected to something so they can't push away from the house in bad weather and anticipate training her to use the door

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    Quote from lexylooRN
    Thank you for the reply! It means a lot. Can you give an example of progressive discipline?
    In my facility We start with a verbal warning ,next is a written one which includes a plan correction ,third can mean dismissal.If you ask someone to do or not do something and they persist you need to pull them aside and address it immediately,every time,without fail.State clearly what your expectations are,Let them know exactly what they did wrong and what will happen if it continues.Involve your manager now,Let him/her know you have a plan for creating a cohesive team,meet with the staff and outline your expectations clearly.

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    You just have find your equilibrium.They are hazing you just like they do almost every other new charge nurse,most of us have experienced this and it really is exhausting.You need support from your admin,you need to continue to be firm,fair and speak up with your staff.Have meetings,make your expectations clear,start progressive discipline as needed.When they realize they can't bully you they will learn to respect you.If your manager is placing more weight on comments from students you are in trouble.Your manager should meet with their instructor and you,that behavior is unacceptable! Wish I could hug you-had a crap day myself.Keep your head up,it will get better.

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    [QUOTE=Parakeet;9008186]Like I said earlier, I am not spending all of my time proselytizing. However, if I see an opportunity to speak, I will do so. I had a pt. just this past week ask me how to pray, so in answer to her request, I talked with her about prayer...

    It really does not come out logically when you think of other religions that wage holy war and force their beliefs on people, are commended or excused, but a Christian who dares to share their faith with a pt. who asks them to; somehow the Christian is in the wrong?

    Should not we who do profess Christ follow in His footsteps? It seems only here in the U.S. do we dance around the bush of political correctness]quote
    Again,you are NOT qualified to offer spiritual support as an aide OR nurse,delegate it and tend to the rest of the patients(christians and heathens alike) Don't compare this conversation to martyrdom around the world-it's illogical.We are talking about you working as an aide right here.Let the Jew down the hall call for assistance to the bathroom while you are praying with another patient and see where you end up....

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    Quote from bunnynurse
    Wow, thanks for all the helpful feedback!
    I wanna make a few things clear. I have NOT paid for my vacation yet, so dw
    Also, I read the facility's policy, and it said that one LPN and one RN can go on vacation as long as no other LPN/RN are gone the same time. I msg'd my coworkers to make sure no other vacay overlapped.
    I understand I haven't accumulated enough vacation pay or what not, so I sent the request as a *unpaid* leave of absense (if that makes any difference).
    Also, I asked the RN who has been working there 5+ years and he told me 3 months is a good enough time of notice from reading the comments, that varies from a lot of places! He actually told me, "tell them that you already paid for your trip, and as long as you made sure with the other LPNs, she should let you go" I'm going for only one week anyway.

    Anyway, thanks a bunch everyone for replying!
    Good luck-we now have a policy prohibiting unpaid leave.If you don't have the time accrued you don't get to take it....

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    Quote from purplegal
    Pretty sure whoever wrote this was not being serious, just saying.
    If you are referring to RNdynamic that poster is always serious and appears to live in a parallel reality....

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    Quote from RNdynamic
    No one should have to work when they don't want to.
    Well,don't even know what to say to THIS....It's called "work" not "fun"

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    Quote from bunnynurse
    Hi everyone,

    I've been currently working at a LTC facility since mid-January 2016. We are quite short-staffed. My boyfriend and I are wanting to go to Cancun in July. I plan on putting in my vacation request this week. My facility has been known to be stingy on accepting time-off requests... and I'm kind of worried. What if I've already paid for my vacation, and they decline my request?

    Has anyone have any experience on this? Thanks!
    When accepting a new position you have to think ahead.If you have made the plans for a vacation,wedding,etc make it clear you can not work during that time and GET WRITTEN CONFIRMATION .
    You are likely working with staff who have been there for many years,they have seniority over you.I have worked with nurses who get those s requests in on Jan.1 and essentially take out JUne,July and August for everyone else.We have a new policy to address that now.Everyone is entitled to one week during those months

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    Quote from A.dela

    **I would however like to jump into more for a management role eventually and be involved with protocol changes, I'm not even sure what this job would be called and it most likely doesn't exsist, but how would you bring that up? Again, not trying to be misunderstood and have the DON think I'm implying she sucks at her job or anything like that
    Very few " management roles" exist for LPN's ( in my area) and even ADN's.You should peruse a BSN at minimum if that is your goal.

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    Quote from RegretfulLPN
    Stealing for an underlying reason..... Not acceptable but maybe understandable once their individual stories were told. I guess what I'm getting at is the news reports the bullcrap ,,,, what about the domestic violence, isolation and financial abuse/violence the nurse endured and coped the only way she knew how
    Sounds like a case recently in our local news.Yes,understandable but inexcusable.Blame every one and everything ....It is still crossing legal,ethical and moral boundaries.