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  • May 26

    My first impression is to say give that poor nurse some slack in this situation. It sounds like the family member was over the top aggressive, both verbally and physically if he/she was punching walls. I am sure the nurse was terrified. Hopefully she told management if she felt unable to complete the shift before she left, but even if she didn't it's really none of your business.

  • May 21

    Quote from run.for.the.roses
    Hahah absolutely I can tell you why I was "really fired"...But why is everyone here a "liar"??? I was joking about the pity party part, really, just wondering who has authority here...

    I was late twice in four weeks. 8 minutes once, and 17 minutes and I called. We had some stuff going on, spoke with my manager, he suggested I switch to 12s, the shift I was hired for, and I agreed. A few weeks after switching, an assistant manager called me into her office at the end of a shift and handed me a final warning stating I was late three times, 4-8-17 minutes. All occurances happened before I switched shifts. There was a corrective action plan stating that I would be on time for every scheduled shift. I had the next few days off and tried to call and email my manager to discuss it. I had tried to set up a time to meet with him prior about some concerns I had with the preceptor. I worked my next three shifts, couldn't find my manager, but got a call from him the next day. He asked what I wanted to discuss, I asked if I could come off orientation as I felt that I was competent and confident enough to do so, he stated that "you're definitely competent enough, your competency has never been an issue". He then stated "the problem is, you can't get here on time. I can see where you punched in on time your last three shifts, but can't for the life of me understand why you have been 20-30 minutes late and missed report". My preceptor told him this, that I must be punching in at 0300 and taking off for a while. I suggested she was mistaken, and asked if we could talk to the two nurses I had gotten report from, he didn't think it was necessary and asked that I meet him at HR the next day where I was fired for not meeting the terms of the agreement "per preceptor". When I tried to defend myself, I was told that this isn't a conspiracy. When I asked for a copy of the hospital's attendance policy, he told me that he had followed it. I refused to sign the papers, and the HR rep told me to take a while to reflect, and get settled into a new place, and reapply for a different position.

    I'm a new nurse, but a seasoned vet of the game of "life". I'm not sure why this young lady who was my preceptor, and a terrible one at that, could not have possibly acted like a catty little teenager who just didn't like me and decided to put my faith into her hands. This isn't some big glamorous job, it's a community hospital that has never achieved Magnet status and has always had a somewhat lousy reputation. However, they have brought in a lot of new managers, invested time and money into upgrades, and into striving to be better. This is where I live, and I wanted to serve my community. I have a sick first grader, and want to be close if he has an emergency.

    The hospital attendance policy states that anything over five minutes is considered a tardy, and that four in three months warrants review, and possibly a conversation with the employee regarding the situation. I had two. IF it continues, a formal verbal warning may be given, followed by a first and second written warning, final warning (but only after review by the director of the department, vice president of the division, and HR director. This attendance policy is used from the start of employment, even within the 90 day probationary period. A different corrective action policy is used for competancy and other issues. I was given a final warning first, and fired after three more shifts. I was on time for each one.

    I should never have been late in the first place, should not have handed them any ammunition, kept my head down and my mouth shut even when my incompetent preceptor was acting unprofessionally, and later downright being a and learn I guess.
    "Little" things are very big things when you're on orientation. Most of us are on our absolute best behavior when we start a new job, so when someone's shows up late three times while still training, it's a huge red flag.

  • May 21

    Not making it off of probation for attendance issues is kind of a big deal, in my opinion. I also probably wouldn't have been to bold to announce that you were ready to fly solo and come off of orientation early, but again, just my opinion.
    You say this hospital is nothing special, proximity seems to be your big reason for wanting to work there. I would need more than that! I think it's time to cut bait and fish elsewhere

  • May 18

    If I smash my thumb with a hammer, the words "Gee whiz, Beaver, golly that hurt" are not the words coming out of my mouth.

  • May 18

    Unless a patient is cursing at me or in front of small children I'd let it go.

    If the worst thing about your shift is a patient swearing coming out of anesthesia it's not a bad shift to be honest.

  • May 18

    I remember using the f-bomb liberally during transition in labor (unmedicated). If my nurse had asked me not to swear, I may have hauled off and smacked her.

  • May 18

    Excuse me Sir ....I realize you just got sliced open with a sharp object, but the "bad" words you're saying really offend my ladylike sensibilities.
    It doesn't sound reasonable, to me. It sort of reminds me of those 911 operators who say things like, "Sir, you don't need to speak to me that way!" when someone calls in because their wife is getting stabbed to death and screams, "Hurry up and get here!"

  • May 18

    I agree that you might want to talk with a financial profession about your questions ... but here is my $.02.

    Some nurses don't understand the way the US tax system works. As a result, they misunderstand what happens when someone suddenly gets a paycheck that is larger than normal.

    1. The "system" doesn't realize that the big paycheck is unusual for you and that you don't make that much every pay period. So it taxes that paycheck at the rate appropriate for someone who makes that much money on a regular basis. When you eventually file your tax returns, that takes care of itself as your final tax bill is calculated based on your total earnings for the year, not how much you made on your highest-grossing pay period. So it looks like "all of it went to taxes," when in fact, you'll be getting most of that extra taxes back.

    2. Some people don't understand how the tax brackets work. They mistakenly believe that when you are "pushed into a higher tax bracket," that higher tax rate applies to all of your income. It doesn't. That higher rate only applies to the portion of your income that falls into the higher tax bracket. So yes, if the extra income you earn working overtime pushes you into a higher tax bracket ... that money will be taxed at the higher level. But it won't increase the taxes on the money that is in the lower tax range.

    So you will never lose money by working overtime and getting paid extra. It's just that the extra money you are earning might be taxed at a higher rate.

  • May 17

    Quote from synaptic
    And if you went to a for profit nursing school, and you come here whining about not getting a job, your dumb. Yeah, thats right... your DUMB.
    Isn't it funny when people call other people dumb, then end up looking dumb themselves?

  • May 17

    You guys!!! I got in!!!

  • May 16

    You're being thrown under the bus.

  • May 14

    I'm not sure I totally get the point of threads like this.

    I've known I was an atheist since age five. I've known I wanted to be a nurse since about then, as well. The two were never conflicting.

    Yet I now work in a Catholic hospital, because in rural areas, many of the only hospitals available for employment are Catholic. I spend every working moment surrounded by Jesus on the walls, have my boss tell me things like "God bless you!" when I pick up a shift, and have patients tell me all the time about the Christian God and various related religious things because of where I work, and not ONCE do I bemoan the fact that I feel rather oppressed.

    Yet I come to threads like this and all I hear is "Wah wah, I'm brave for talking about Jesus and God and Christianity and if people give me crap for it I don't care because I'm a warrior in the face of a war against Christianity.'

    What war? I have Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons knocking on my door several days a week, usually while I'm sleeping after working all night, and the only place to get acute care treatment in this region is a DEVOUTLY Catholic institution. My insurance through there won't even cover my birth control option because the hospital won't support it, and I have to drive and hour and a half to the nearest Planned Parenthood to get what I need.

    That, my Christian friend, is something you won't ever have to do, and I guarantee you, no Atheist would make you do in the name of their lack of belief.

    The willing blindness and self-martyrdom of the religious sometimes is just staggering to me.

  • May 12

    Here is a guarantee that they won't hassle you for saying no. Slur your words slightly and tell them "Sorry, but this is my Saturday and I am halfway through a 12 pack."

  • May 11

    Quote from OldDude
    OK, I'm in with about ear and nose hair?
    I'd go with trimming, no plucking or waxing. I once saw Mike Rowe's producer have some of his nose hairs waxed. OMG that had to HURT.

    *Now daydreaming about Mike who is all kinds of yummy manliness. And yes, you want the ladies to find you yummy.

  • May 11

    While an overly groomed man isn't really my thing, can I please make a plea here for men to do what it takes to have TWO eyebrows (symmetrical!) instead of a unibrow?