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  • Jun 24

    Quote from NurseGirl525
    It was an attack on this country. I weep for those in Orlando as I did for 9/11 and for Boston, among other attacks on our country.

    I dont go around saying but that was a heterosexual theater or building!! I bet there were heterosexual people in that club that night as I know sometimes I would go out with my homosexual friends to party back in the day when I did party. This is the problem, we are focusing more on the people's sexual orientation instead of what happened. People died. People were horrifically injured. Let's grieve that loss.

    People cant have it both ways. Either we are equal, or we are not. I weep that people who were so young and had their lives tragically taken or forever changed that night, should not have. I weep for the potential that is gone now. These people should be remembered for losing their lives way too early. Not who on earth they slept with. Because, I don't care who they chose to sleep with. I care that they were human beings who had potential to make a great difference in this world. And hate killed that.
    I'm a student nurse lurker who felt compelled to post about this. I appreciate your sentiment, but your refusal to acknowledge that this was, in fact, an attack on the gay community and that the gunman did, in fact, target these people in this place because he knew most of his victims would be gay makes you part of the problem.

    It's tacit homophobia like this - the refusal to acknowledge LGBT people and their spaces as their own - that snowballs and grows to create a culture where we're seen as "less than," or where our unique and continued struggles are ignored because "we're all humans." It's no different than saying "I don't see race - we're all American citizens" when the unfortunate fact of the matter is that white and black Americans have incredibly unequal experiences today.

    I appreicate your viewing this as a "human tragedy"...but maybe take a step outside your perspective and be willing to view this as an attack on a community that's not yours, and that you don't understand (I'm willing to bet on this considering you claim you "would go out to party with my homosexual friends back in the day" - there's nothing we love more than being objectified).

    Try to understand what it feels like to have one of the very few safe spaces you have - maybe the only space in your entire community where you feel completely free to "be you" - be completely violated.

    Empathize with us. Grieve with us. Acknowledge us.

  • Jun 22
  • Jun 22

    Quote from Damiapa
    It was actually a mistake, it was from a vape pen I didn't know had weed in it, which is why I didn't think I would be positive for it it was all weird, but anyway I don't need to explain myself to anyone not like you've never made mistakes, and I said thanks for your judgement I didn't say anything about it being wrong blah blah are you on this page just to look for **** to start?
    Oh yeah, it was a mistake. YOURS. You picked up someone's vape and just decided to take a hit off it? My son vapes, regular nicotine. I would not take a toke from HIS pen. Germs and all that stuff.
    Nice try , I'm not buying THAT story.

  • Jun 19

    I don't think the hour before and after applies to PRNs...

  • Jun 19

    Providers MAKE money for the man, nursing is viewed as COSTING money for the man.

    Corporate health care.. at it's finest.

  • Jun 18

    If you are stating that "I pretty much tolerate" and "do not necessarily like her", why would you want to agree to take NCLEX and apply to work in the same area? Do you want to be her new BFF? Put it out of your mind and move on with your life.

  • Jun 17

    Screenshot of that policy or it didn't happen.

    Part of the review process for policies goes through the legal department. Doubtful a lawyer would ever let something like that slide.

  • Jun 14

    Quote from MunoRN
    Responding to an inquiry about whether or not a specific person is in the facility is not a HIPAA violation, HIPAA specifically allows for this information to be disclosed. It also allows for specific inquiries about the disposition of the patient at discharge to be disclosed so long as the patient was not transferred to a mental health facility. There is no HIPAA violation in looking up or telling a family member that their mom/dad/whomever was transferred to such-and-such nursing home. How would any of you feel if you called to check in on your mom or dad and was told they aren't there any more but they aren't going to tell you where they are? That's fine as long as there is a legal requirement to do so, but no such legal requirement exists.
    Since you usually know what you're talking about, I'll take your word for it. But I would still have concerns about it since there's no way to identify the person on the phone when I receive such a call. Anyone can claim to be a relative whether they are or not.

    Perhap, between my experience as a women's reproductive care provider and an AIDS nurse through the 80s and 90s, I'm a little oversensitive to such matters. I think the OP did the right thing. I would have suggested that the caller get in touch with the immediate family or the hospital administrator's office.

  • Jun 14

    You handled it well, and appropriately. Unfailing politeness and calm in the face of rude and demanding behavior will always put you beyond reproach. Nice work.

  • Jun 12

    Follow policy. Otherwise you open yourself up to discipline.

  • Jun 9

    I work prn in a MICU - land of c.diff, tube-feed and liver-failure related diarrhea, and never-ending secretions around ETTs and trachs.

    For brevity, I will side-step all the ethical reasons not to alter a patient's appearance and focus on the nursing practices and skills involved here. Even dried secretions or fecal matter can be dealt with by use of sufficient water. Saturate the area, then change the linen. Ridiculous "wipe" products encouraged by some facilities do not clean. If you are tugging on hair to clean - you're not using enough water to soak the area.

    And while it is sometimes a good idea to consider hair clipping in the context of tape adherence and eventual removal -- if you can't feel a vein because of a hairy arm, you're not nearly as skilled as you may think you are.

  • Jun 9

    Quote from ktwlpn
    Tell that to the two CNA's I know who were fired for that.And I know another who cut a woman's filthy ,matted hair in the hospital and was fired and still another who shaved an Amish man's beard who also lost her job.....
    Yeah... Opinions that are verifiably wrong are not just as valid. Laws, policy & procedure, scope of practice... All kinds of things affect whether we can take action that affects the patient based on our opinions. Be especially wary of taking action based on what you assume looks better.

  • Jun 2

    I used the core curriculum when I took the CHPN exam and passed on my first attempt. I see there is a core curriculum for the CHLPN also.

    There were a few topics that I used another resource to learn a little more about, but the for the most part the core curriculum had the essential info.

    Good luck!

  • Jun 2

    I completely understand what you are saying. But liaisons getting paid by the numbers of admissions they get seems like a huge conflict of interest. And the ones I am seeing ARE going into the charts and ordering meds and DME.

  • Jun 2

    Absolutely, positively true. You are just now noticing? Everything has become monetized, even death.