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    We are also ex military and thinking about relocating to Hawaii, some of the wages were real low, $13-$14 an hour, but most seemed to be good, at least for LPN's. Can we trade information (I don't have any , but what have you found out?)

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    Have been checking into relocating to Hawaii. Had lined up a job with a travel agency but felt the pay was too low. Will be going over with my kids and just myself (single mom). I am ex military so was thinking I would like to work at Tripler. Anybody out there know the best way to get a lead on a job there? Worried about the school situation. Is it as bad as I have been told?
    Thanks for any info you can give. Also I have been hearing that Queens will give relocation benefits. Is that only for certain high demand jobs. I have worked almost every area in my 25 years but mainly stay in the pediatrics.

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    Hi Everyone

    I'm currently working on my BSN and I'm wondering which duty station is best for AF nursing? Are they all about the same? I've very interested in Hawaii, but all I know about is Tripler and that's Army...

    What was your favorite and why?

    Happy New Year!

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    Hi everyone, official (though unlicensed) working on my RN using Excelsior and taking courses at the local university. I hope to be commissioned into the AF once I get my BSN. I have all of the NC exams to take and whatever is required for the bachelors, but I have all of the general requirements and nurse science topics out of the way (finished this Spring). What is the fastest anyone has earned their BSN through Excelsior? What is average?