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  • Mar 14

    Thanks y'all.

    Segal, Grady really isn't bad at all. Although all of us had patients there for a variety of issues (gunshot, stabbing, sickle cell crisis, hernia repair/infection, multiple fractures with external rotation, ect), none of them were that difficult. I found that most patients wanted to help in any way they could if possible, and of course they loved to talk. I can truly say that I enjoyed my experience, and that is not only because I passed. The two CAs that we had were very supportive and really wanted us to do well, assuring us that we were capable of passing, and to leave our nerves with them. A very good experience.

  • Mar 14

    You have the right idea Tasha. As long as you can let go of your way for a while, the CPNE should be no problem. Good luck on you exams and the FCCA, I'll be waiting on your PASSED post around June!!! You can totally do it!

  • Feb 12

    I haven't graduated yet, but let me say that this is a GREAT thread. It is so motivating. Congrats to you all!!!...

  • Jan 24

    Well I have quite a few but....

    I worked on an Alz. unit, and one night I was making rounds, when I go into a patients room, and find her in bed with the man from across the hall. I am ust shocked, because number one this is a nursing home, and if it were a regular unit I guess it would have been okay but this was Alz. So I called the charge, and by the time we got back to the room, he is standing there with a t shirt and nothing else on getting back in bed with her, while slapping her behind say and I quote " Girl move that big 'ole thing". I was just done. So the charge (she was a comedian), says Mr. Johnny, I called the police on you. Then he says ya'll better get out and stsy out of grown folks businees. And then she says look you got her pregnant. Then he proceeds to jumt out of the bed put on his clothes, and says it ain't mine. I was so threw.