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  • Nov 28

    It depends. I know a place where I live that only hires people in recovery (Thank God for places like that!). I would find out about the facility first.

  • Oct 30

    State: Colorado
    Is there a question regarding mental illness/chemical dependency?: Yes
    How is it worded?: In the last five years, have you been diagnosed with or treated for a condition that significantly disturbs your
    cognition, behavior, or motor function, and that may impair your ability to practice as a professional nurse safely
    and competently including but not limited to bipolar disorder, severe major depression, schizophrenia or other
    major psychotic disorder, a neurological illness, or sleep disorder? (there is also a question about chemical dependency/addiction following this question on the application).

  • Sep 4

    You can still get in trouble with Boards. I drank and am legal to do so, I still got in trouble for alcohol abuse (and mental illness). Just because it is legal does not mean you can use and abuse a substance as a nurse. If you want to smoke pot in a legal state, do not be a nurse.

  • Sep 3

    I am not going to vote because I can see both sides. However, I wanted to throw out this suggestion- have you looked into being a CSAC? It is a certified substance abuse counselor. I know that many, not all, however, have drug pasts. Good luck!

  • Sep 1


    This has been a common question here lately on AN. So, I started this thread in hopes that 50 people (plus DC, if there's a license for DC) from each of the 50 states, plus DC, could share whether there is a mental health/chemical dependency question and how it is worded. Please no repeats (the hope is that everyone can find their state and if/how the question is worded). Moderators, if this is against TOS, please remove. Use your own judgment and/or call your state board for further questions regarding the question and other questions on the application. I will start.

    State: Virginia
    Is there a question regarding mental illness/chemical dependency? Yes
    How is it worded? "Do you have a mental, physical, or chemical dependency condition which could interfere with your current ability to practice nursing?" (I have asked the Board of Nursing to clarify and I was told that if you have a mental illness/chemical dependency, you must report. It is not an opinion question.)

    Again, please no repeats. Virginia has been done.

  • Mar 26

    I probably will be soon (private stuff), but as of this moment, I can say my Board of Nursing was very kind to me. Yes, I am in a monitoring program and yes, I have to do drug screens (no documents revealed last I checked, but "yes" next to my name), but I am trying to make the best of it. I know it is because the Board only cares about the public and not the licensee, but I am pretending that they actually do care about me. Things might change, but both the staff from the Board (I had many communications with them) and the Board members (through their decision) were very kind. Is my situation good? No. But, could it have been worse (like denial of licensure)? Yes. I feel like at least I got a chance. Now, getting a job in a few months might be a challenge.

  • Feb 11

    It depends. I know a place where I live that only hires people in recovery (Thank God for places like that!). I would find out about the facility first.