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  • May 27 '16

    Hi court304! I took and passed the NCLEX after the first try and after just 75 questions just last week! I highly recommend the kaplan review book (of course most questions in the CD) and if you have time, use the Saunders book also. I used just those two, but mostly the Q-bank questions from Kaplan. Do EXACTLY what Kaplan says to do, for example, for a 3-week plan they will say to do 50 questions/day until the day of your exam. Here's your job though, after EVERY practice exam, please please please review EVERY question, whether right or wrong. Doing this process w/ every question IS your studying session! Don't try to study all content, system by system. What I did w/ the Saunders book was use that to touch up on my weaknesses. For instance, my weakness was med surg aka physiology adaptation. So I did all 500 of those questions, which is mainly factual, short answer style questions. Kaplan has legit NCLEX questions. Saunders does not, however, is really good soley for content review. I say legit because almost all nlcex reviews will say "NCLEX style questions" however, I found that only Kaplan gave challenging questions THAT WILL PREPARE YOU. Hope this helps!

  • May 27 '16

    Forgot to mention this: while reviewing all rationales to all your q-bank questions w/ Kaplan, have all resources in front of you such as your pharm book, med surg, maternity and peds text books. And just do your research according to the answers you truly don't understand, whether they are RIGHT (because sometimes our right answers are right guesses) or WRONG.