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    Hello all. i took the AANP exam and almost passed the first time. Took Fitzgerald and got a lower score. Now i am sitting for the ANCC on the 22nd. Please any advice would be helpful!

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    I think Hollier is better,Ive taken both

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    Hello All,
    I am having a serious dilemma. I took the AANP twice and didn't pass. I scored better (almost passed) the first time and then took Fitzgerald and failed again AND my scores lowered by 17 points. I am now only able to take the ANCC exam and am scared to death and feeling like a real loser. Could someone please direct me to what I need to know, what materials I should buy and how to be successful this time? I also went to school online and do not have anyone to study with. Needless to say I am feeling quite disheartened and would appreciate any feedback at all.