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Hello All,

I am having a serious dilemma. I took the AANP twice and didn't pass. I scored better (almost passed) the first time and then took Fitzgerald and failed again AND my scores lowered by 17 points. I am now only able to take the ANCC exam and am scared to death and feeling like a real loser. Could someone please direct me to what I need to know, what materials I should buy and how to be successful this time? I also went to school online and do not have anyone to study with. Needless to say I am feeling quite disheartened and would appreciate any feedback at all.

Thanks :crying2:


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I am so sorry about your situation!! But don't beat yourself up!!!!! You are smart and can and will get through!!! I took the AANP, so I can't give any advice on the ANCC, but don't give up!!!!! I studied hard (6-8 hrs a day for about 6 weeks before the test), and I listened the audio cd's with Amelia and Fitzgerald in the car on my phone, everywhere, so I could almost say things before she said them!! lol.......

I wish you luck but DONT' GIVE UP!!!! Hang in there and hopefully someone who knows about the ANCC will post!!! But please don't feel like a loser!! you are NOT, or else you wouldn't have made it through school!!!!!!! sometimes people have more trouble with tests!!! doesn't mean you aren't as smart!!!


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I am going to try to bump this thread, hoping some people will come in and give this poster some uplifting words and someone who knows more about the ANCC, come in and give some words of wisdom, I know what I did for the AANP, but apparently its different!!!

I don't know this poster personally, but we are all here for support and words of encouragment are priceless!!!!


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Please don't give a RN we are no allowed to do that. I am currently a FNP student and studying fcor my ccrn exam all at the same time. My head is practially spinning but I have not and wll not give up. Your success is based on your commitment. Just study harder and review key content for the AACN. I also have the fitzgerald and barkley home review on my ipod and in my car so I can study everywhere I go. And just by hearing the content it has proven to be helpful. Good luck with your examination, don't become discouraged. Let me know, if you need help getting access to the FNP review material.


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This thread scares the be-jeezus out of me! I'm scheduled to test soon and getting a little freaked out myself. I'm taking ANCC; did Fitzgerald's live review course and have been using those materials as well as her updated book for certification and practice preparation. I will do all the questions in the book and read the accompanying review of path/sxs/txs for each section. Lord, I hope that's going to do it for me!

Does anyone know how well I would need to do on Fitzgerald's review questions in order to feel confident going in to the test?


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I'll be taking the AANP exam next month. These threads scare me, too! Good luck!


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Passed ANCC Sept 9 and then went on vacation!