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    Quote from soontobesunny
    i did my senior practicum in nticu at a level one trauma center, and 1,000 clinical hours overall throughout my nursing program. when i asked her what i could do to make my application stronger for next time, she told me that she likes to see more experience. i was kind of baffled by that since i hadn't heard anyone indicate they had been in nticu before.....i feel really confused by it all and conflicted as to whether i will reapply - hoping to land where i am needed most and can serve best.....keep us posted and i hope for your success!
    i did too. i have my msn, and did a leadership project in the nticu. my med/surg was trauma step/down as well. i also have 5 months experience as working as a rn per diem at a urgent care clinic, but still wanted more experience...

    congrats to those who haven't gotten the call. after last week i couldn't bear to log on for a while. for those who got the call, i'm sorry and keep on trucking!

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    Quote from soontobesunny
    Oh no! So sorry to hear that! Something better is in store for you! Keep the faith!
    Thank you. My faith is pretty much at zero. I have almost been out of school for a year now....Not really a new grad anymore. I have probably applied to over 1,000 jobs.

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    she is making her calls...i just received mine...I didn't get the job! Good luck everyone!

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    During my interview I asked how many positions she had available, she told me 10. She is unsure how many spots are available for new grads, because she is also interviewing experienced med/surg nurses for the 10 open positions as well.
    Good luck everyone.

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    Thank you! This is so much easier.
    Quick question, did anyone from out state get asked for a second interview?

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    I just updated/re-did my resume today. I have a job interview coming up! Any comments would be AMAZING! Same with my cover letter...I hate writing them!
    Thank you in advance!

    I was pleased to learn of your IMC RN position, as my career goals and experience are directly in line with this opportunity. My experience and education have provided me with excellent knowledge of IMC practices, patient care, family liaison, and other relevant skills required of an effective team member. Ogden Regional Medical Center has an excellent reputation in the community with your patient-centered care; I would like to be apart of your team.

    The following are highlights of my qualifications and accomplishments:
    - Patient care on Tele/ICU and strong stroke background
    - Clinical Nurse Leader Certification allows focus on patient outcomes--increase patient satisfaction, patient safety, and cost effectiveness
    - Compassion and dedication to patients--noticed by patients, supervisors and coworkers
    - Patient advocate

    I am looking for a nursing position to advance my skills and challenge me, and to be part of a team that prides itself on compassion and advocacy. I am highly organized, work well under pressure, and a quick learner. I have a very strong work ethic and a positive attitude. I have a calling to help those in need, especially the vulnerable populations. I enjoy spending time with my patients and their family, and being present to answer any question no matter how minor they may appear.

    I will make a substantial contribution to Ogden Regional Medical Center. I believe that a challenging environment such as your IMC will provide an excellent opportunity for ME to best utilize my skills while contributing to the healthcare community, patients, and their families.

    I welcome the opportunity to meet with your any time to further discuss the chance to become a part of your team. If you have any questions, or if you want to schedule an interview, please contact me at (XXX) XXX-XXX or (XXX) XXX-XXXX.
    Sincerely yours,

    Nicole MSN, RN, CNL, PHN
    Enclosure: resume

    Nicole MSN, RN, CNL, PHN


    Registered Nurse position in inpatient [specific unit applying to...]


    Over 10 years of healthcare experience with nursing experience in clinical rotations in labor and delivery, trauma med/surg, tele/ICU, pediatrics, psychiatric, community health


    University of San Francisco School of Nursing, San Francisco, CA, 2011
    Master of Nursing degree, Clinical Nurse Leader

    University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, 2007
    Major: Health Promotion and Education


    Registered Nurse
    Clinical Nurse Leader--American Association of Colleges of Nursing--10640223
    California Public Health Nurse--79959
    Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers Certification
    Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certification
    National Institute of Health Stroke Scale Certification
    Institute of Healthcare Improvement Certifications: Quality Improvement, Patient Safety, and Leadership


    Snowcreek Emergency Medical Center, Park City, UT (2011-Current)
    Registered Nurse
    - Collaborates with physicians to develop and manage nursing care plans
    - Counsel patients and families in proper treatment
    - Responds to inquires in responsive and professional manner
    - Performs physical assessment of patients, including triage duties
    - Performs other procedures including: Intravenous therapy, venipuncture, wound care, physicals, applying splints/casts, collecting cultures and collection of body fluid specimens, nursing assessments
    Tele/ICU, San Francisco General Hospital, San Francisco, CA (2011)
    Leadership Internship, 400+ hours
    - Served as new-grad nurse under California RN license while immersed in CNL role
    - Implemented unit improvement project
    o Assembled bedside emergency kits designed by unit assessment
    Kit delivered respiratory and suction equipment to bedside to be utilized during emergencies
    Trauma Med/Surg, San Francisco General Hospital, San Francisco, CA (2010)
    Clinical Rotation 270 hours
    - Proficient in assessment, wound management, tubes/drains, pain management, nursing skills
    Psychiatric, San Francisco General Hospital, San Francisco, CA (2010)
    Clinical Rotation 90 hours
    - Proficient in assessment skills, therapeutic communication, therapeutic relationships
    Ashbury House, San Francisco, CA (2010)
    Community Health Rotation 90 hours
    - Residential treatment program for mothers who have lost custody of their children due to mental illness
    - Proficient in therapeutic communication, group sessions, therapeutic relationships
    o Health education group session about STI's, birth control, self-esteem
    Neuro, Children's Hospital of Oakland, Oakland, CA (2010)
    Pediatric Rotation 90 hours with added simulation lab
    - Proficient in assessment skills, medication calculations, neurological conditions in children, family liaison
    Institute on Aging, San Francisco, CA (2009)
    Health Promotion Rotation 90 hours
    - Proficient in providing care and planning activities for those with altered mental status (dementia and Alzheimer's disease)
    Labor and Delivery/Postpartum/NICU, Kaiser San Francisco, San Francisco, CA (2009)
    Maternity Rotation 90 hours
    - Proficient in assessment skills, NICU, postpartum, NICU, counseling new mothers in breastfeeding
    Inpatient Neuro Rehabilitation, University Healthcare, Salt Lake City, UT (2008-2009)
    Health Unit Coordinator
    - Performed clerical functions for patient care unit facilitating flow of information between medical staff and department to maximize unit efficiency
    Inpatient Neuro Rehabilitation, University Healthcare, Salt Lake City, UT (2008-2009)
    Healthcare Assistant
    - Delivered patient care under supervision of RN on unit specializing in patients with TBI, Spinal Cord Injuries, and Strokes
    o Trained in feeding tubes, ventilators, sterile urinary catheterization, LVAD
    Salt Lake Valley Health Department
    Health Educator
    - Administered Salt Lake County's work site wellness program


    Peoples Health Clinic, Park City, UT (2011)
    Volunteer RN
    - Performed phlebotomy skills, obtained vital signs, and health history
    Fox Hills Elementary School, Salt Lake City, UT (2011)
    Health Educator
    - Instructed first through fourth grade students importance of hand hygiene and microorganisms
    Volunteered at various health clinics and elementary schools for 10 years


    Sigma Theta Tau International
    - Beta Gamma
    - Gamma Rho--Board Member--Publicity/Newsletter Chair

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    I don't know how it works with second licenses...I received my first in CA. The livescan process is just a electronic fingerprint and background check...Call or email the BRN.

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    I believe I picked tele, but I have rehab experience as well! I always waver on my top 2 choices...

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    I applied as well! Good luck!

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    Number one is self-care! It helps with stress. Take a day to take care of yourself and do things you love that have NOTHING to do with nursing school.
    In my program (which was accelerated 2 years for RN and Masters degree) some people were able to work and others couldn't balance it. Organization is key. If you do plan on working, schedule in your studying, class, work, sleep, etc.

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    Try and volunteer...that will count as experience!
    Don't give up either! Stay positive!

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    Pain is treat what the patient says (within orders and common sense).
    Disregard your judgements...

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    The American Heart Association has a free course (I believe it is still free) and CEUs to be certified in the NIH Stroke Scale. I really enjoyed the course.
    Teaching hospitals/Trauma I Hospitals tend to have more opportunities for strokes (Neuro ICU, Neuro Rehab, nurse educator, and coordinator positions)

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    Hello everyone. I have an interview on the 24th for a RN position at Salt Lake County Jail. Late last night I went through the interview thread and came up with some topics I should should study. I just want to make sure I haven't left anything out. If I did would you please let me know? Thank you!

    Substance abuse withdrawal
    Trauma/ER Situations
    Mental health (suicide precaution)
    Universal Precautions
    Communicable Diseases
    Infection Control

    Thank you again!