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  • Aug 5 '11

    Quote from xtxrn
    What do y'all expect from a job? What are deal breakers that you won't tolerate? What do you think are reasonable expectations?

    Some places stink. There's nothing redeemable about them.

    But, most places (and it's different for everyone) have pros and cons. You have to decide what is worth putting up with in order to get the other things- and the sooner you do this before graduating, the more you'll know when you interview (like if the interviewer says you have to rotate to all shifts, but you know that won't work for you, then it's done- you don't work there if they offer a position). Literally write a list out.

    You will not get all you want- first, because they don't exist (unless you work at some fluke institution) and second, you're a new grad. There are a lot of places where the current, long term employees get the choice of open shifts- which is how it should be; they've shown their loyalty just got there

    Just some suggestions
    Thank you! I think this is a much needed post. I'm going to get flamed for this, but I will say it anyway.
    There seems to be a lot of whining from younger grads lately. They don't like their place of employment, their hours, their pay. They want to switch floors after 2 weeks because med/surg isn't for them, their preceptor is mean or the other nurses are mean.

    Yeah, I'm as old as a dinosaur, but I started with a job I hated. Why? Because it was a job! I was trash talked by the other RN's and dealt with it. I developed a thick skin and also listened to their constructive criticism when there was any. I made 6.50 an hour for the first 6 months and I never complained. It was hardly livable (this was mid 80's), but I knew this was temporary, this job was temporary. I counted down ever day, every hour until I had a year under my belt.
    After that year, I left and found a job I enjoyed. I knew I had to start at the bottom to get to the top, and I certainly didn't whine along the way.

  • Aug 4 '11

    Run...don't walk, away from California

  • Aug 4 '11

    Stay away from Northern California, probably best to steer clear of the entire state actually