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  • Apr 11 '17

    I started working 2 days a week (16 hours a week) when I was half way through nursing school as a CCP (Aide) at a hospital. Two days a week was more than enough for me. I would go in extra here and there when I had some down time (rarely) but any more than that and I may not have been able to keep my head above water.

  • Mar 15 '17

    Hi all,

    Had a few questions about epidurals and would greatly appreciate any answers!

    1. I was wondering, when you put in an epidural, how do you know it is in the epidural space and not the subdural/intrathecal space?

    2.)What would be some signs/symptoms that it was placed too far?

    3.Is it possible for the epidural to "migrate" into the intrathecal space and basically turn into a spinal?

    4.) If the epidural needle pokes a hole in the dura, can the epi medication travel through it into the subdural space?