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  • Dec 26 '15

    Oh my gosh. Are you at a nursing home? That is insane.

  • Dec 16 '15

    Quote from Katie5
    You spoke the truth- I see no reason why you should hide behind a couch.

    If you want to be paid same as MDs and want the same priviledges, then you darn right go to Medical school. It irks me silly. As long as you have BSN in your name and did not go the medical route, then yes, you DO NOT earn the same privileges.

    Such greed. You want the accolades that come with the position but do not want to take the time to earn the degree! Unfair and a disservice to the doctors who did and do.

    And NO, it does not bother me- they earned it!

    As a new hire, you might want to concentrate on the job at hand dear
    I don't care about the money. I'm more financially stable than most 50 years olds at 27 years old. I was just making a comment. I'm not a greedy person bc I made a comment about money. Please don't judge me when you don't even know me. THANKS!!!!!!!!