Safety Rules!

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The Mission of Safety First Nursing is to support the physical, psychological and emotional safety of patients and nurses through research, resources and education. Safety First Nursing utilizes the Patient Risk Detection Theory to facilitate understanding of both individual and organizational factors that influence nurses’ ability to detect risk in complex healthcare settings.

Keep What You Love, Return the Rest: Healing from Trauma with EMDR Pt. 1

by klsm1968 - Keep What You Love, Return the Rest: Healing from Trauma Part 1: Background on EMDR I have written several blog posts about getting fired and the consequences it has had for me...

What if I'm the Bully?

by klsm1968 - Only the light from the bathroom illuminated Jill's room as I walked in as quietly as possible. It was only 7:15 a.m. and I had received report on 4 patients. Two of them were new, but Jill and one...

Healing from Childhood Trauma: Tapping/EFT

by klsm1968 - As a survivor of childhood trauma, and a mother of 3 children who survived childhood trauma before we adopted them, I am on a quest for healing. Childhood trauma has been linked to long lasting...