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Joined Jun 24, '11. SafetyNurse1968 is a Nurse Entrepreneur. She has '11' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'Oncology, Home Health, Holistic Nursing'. Posts: 50 (60% Liked) Likes: 128

Kristi Sanborn Miller RN, MSN, CPPS, HNB-BC is “the Patient Safety Specialist”. She is currently working on her doctorate in nursing at East Tennessee State University, studying the effect of Root Cause Analysis on safe medication administration. She is a mother of 4 and loves being in the woods of Western North Carolina, when she’s not obsessing over patient safety research.

Kristi is a board certified professional in patient safety, and a published author. She has over 10 years of experience in nursing in areas like oncology, integrative health and home health with over 20 years of experience in education.

Posts: 50 (60% Liked) Likes: 128

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