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  • Oct 9 '12

    Quote from MiraLaccay
    Hi, your story made me more motivated and inspired. I'm an RN in the PH I just applied for my Nclex here at California. I'm so.bothered about the concurrency issue thing because some of my fellow Filipino was not granted to take the nclex and are ineligible to take the exam. I just wanna know if you were affected by the CA BRN changes for USRN application. I look forward to.your kind response.!!
    Hi! I'm so sorry to hear about that. I'm from Texas. There was no problem with my application, whatsoever. I sent my application on May. It took a month for my school and PRC to send my documents. CGFNS received it first week of June. They sent the result to Texas BON last week of June. I then took my jurisprudence exam, which is one of the requirements in TX, and I registered at Pearson Vue and paid $200. 2 days after the registration, I got my ATT. And that's when I started studying.

    What was the reason for ineligibility? You can PM me. Maybe we can both look into it.

  • Sep 28 '12

    i am an rn in the philippines and just migrated here in cali.. and will apply in the nclex exam but im not eligible.. so sad im planning to take the LVN but i dont know how to? im i eligible to take the LVN exam? or just apply to another state aside from CA? i know lots of you guys also experienced what i experienced right now.. any opinion? appreciate the help that youll do

  • Jul 30 '11

    not necessarily. when i finished my mn there were a very large number of mns at the bedside in our metropolitan area, because there weren't enough mn-level jobs for us all and we loved the city. bedside care was fabulous, though.

    mn is usually sought by people who want to practice at some advanced level, teach, do research, or get into management/business/etc., not to do bedside staff nursing. if you are just starting out, you have a looooong way to go before you make that decision.

  • Jul 19 '11

    Quote from hyds_rn
    Hi kikay_rn, do you have NKTI's update?
    Their next BST will be on September according to the lady in the office