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    This LPN gets her Gen Surg post ops up and moving unless it clearly says not to.

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    Post Partum is incredibly hard to crack. The nurses there tend to stay forever.

    Having said that I went the other way, PP to GS.

    The skills you develop in GS will help. CSection Mums are post ops. You develop good assessment skills on GS. You need to be able to look at the entire patient not just at the babe, fundus, and breasts.

    Time management is huge in PP, you can have up to five mums and their babes. The turnover is fast. Most vaginal births stay less than 24 hours and you get fresh Mums as the beds empty, so it's not unheard of to have ten Mums in one shift.

    Keep up with your breast feeding knowledge and be prepared to work casual to get your foot in the door.

    It truly depends on how large your city is. How many PP units are there?

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    You need to focus on your time management skills and volunteer to watch or do any skills you can

    I'm surprized that you have had only two patients. When I did my training, we were expected to handle our budyy nurses load in Semester 3. And yes, I'm talking 4-5 surgical patients.

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    12 weeks?! Up here, we get can choose between 12 and 18 MONTHS!

    Are you worried about childcare? Being unable to separate you emotions between your patient and own babe? Physical concerns?

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    Look into Blue Cross. They always have ads offering plans to those who don't have benefits through their employers.

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    I take it you are looking mainly at AHS for employment in Alberta.

    All postings are for internal applicants unless otherwise specified.

    There is a rumour going around that since the government has put a hiring freeze on new employees, it is also affecting AHS because ultimately we are paid by the government.

    Honestly, I can't remember the last outside hire on my unit. We've had people come in from rural and even corrections but I don't remember any external hires. I seem to remember some new grads getting hired towards the end of 2016 and they came in through the float pools.

    What have you heard on your placements?

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    Quote from Infirmiere797
    Sometimes I do regret getting into Nursing. But, I like helping patients and I love learning how to keep the household organized (as a psw). It's the co-workers that annoy me. They are so cutthroat! Lots of crabs as well.

    I did a customer service assistant job over the phone. It was okay. I was doing my own thing most of the time because we had our own stations.
    What is a crab?

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    Cataracts and retina clinics


    Day Surgery

    School vaccination programmes.

    It all depends on where you live and work.

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    This is a serious question. Why do you feel that a Nigerian Nurses group is needed? Shouldn't you be focussing on inclusive Canadian Nursing organizations and belong to Nigerian cultural groups?

    Until you posted this, I had no idea such a group existed. I've checked with some nurses who trained in other nations and they've never heard of their country of origin having specific nursing associations.

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    I've worked in both provinces. BC indeed has a far more restrictive scope despite saying you will work to full scope. The hospital decices what you will do.

    In the smaller areas, your chances of working in post partum are not looking good.

    In Alberta, LPNs can and do work in post partum, NICU, ER.

    If you do make the move, expect to feel under utilized.

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    AHS is a crap shoot when it comes to hiring.

    Rumour has it there is an unofficial hiring freeze due to the government freeing hiring.

    Jobs are posted that they have no intention of filling.

    Every job that is posted is reviewed by HR to see if "duty to accommodate staff" can be placed in it.

    Lately, the hiring process has been very slow. I know someone that applied for a posting in mid-September. Her interview was at the start of November. New hire was announced the second week of December. This was for an internal posting.

    Most managers I've had over the years don't take cold calls or resumes handed in. The process is all on-line. Staff have been hired from rural settings into Edmonton. It used to be that RAH or UAH staff had first selection at jobs within their sites. Now with AHS and on-line applicants, all are meant to be viewed equally and no more site preferences.

    All you can do is keep applying. Covenant, Capital Care, LTC. AHS isn't the only employer. And any employer is a start.

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    I know hospitals are only hiring people who have completed and aide's course, no more off the street hires.

    But I've never met an NA, PSW, HSW who has a license or governing body.

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    Quote from bluestar776
    I'm from Canada but in my area there seems to be alot of RN jobs and the grads seem to find work quickly in many different areas of nursing. I'm praying it stays that way lol we are building a new hospital as well so i'm hoping it opens even more jobs.

    You better post in the Canadian Forum where this source of employment is.

    Ontario seems to have huge problems in the GTA.

    Alberta has an unofficial hiring freeze (the government isn't hiring any more staff) and nurses are in theory government employees. We've had a new hospital in my area for the last couple of years. Unfortunately it turned into a very expensive day clinic. They can't afford to staff it 24/7, so it's open until 2300.

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    Effective January, mat leave can be either 12 or 18 months, so the employer hasn't got a clue what this nurse will chose to do.

    We have the same issue right now. Someone came back from mat leave two months early (and three months pregnant) and will be on mat leave by March. All I can say, is the person who was her cover during her first leave is upset. The manager isn't happy and the pregnant one keeps going on about how many more hours she needs to work to qualify for mat leave pay.

    It really makes you wonder how people survived when there was shorter mat leaves back in the 80s or even down in the US who doesn't have a mat leave programme.

    When you are non-union, your employer pretty much can play by their rules and enforce them whenever they chose to.

    How long has the OP been with this company might have something to do with issue.

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    My employer will rarely hire a casual who has more than a .5fte, due to limited availability.

    I worked casual for the first few years, and everything Caffiene said is correct