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    I would say go where accepts ou. The bar seems to be raised every year.

    Every student is different but but we are still seeing better skills and attitudes from GMU students.

    Common sense seems to be missing from many of the Uof A students.

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    Like anything it depends on where you work.

    in my province, dialysis is considered a specialty. Employer funded training. Same duties as the RN but without the supervisory duties.

    everybody cleans and sets up machines in addition to patient duties. Vitals, weight , blood sugars. Monitor. Chart. Two sets of patients on an eight hour shift. Usually groups of three or four per nurse

    there are limited numbers of service workers to the unit, so you have to take care of your own machines.

    fot the extra one dollar an hour, it's not worth it to me.

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    In the last five years, it's also become the norm to see a poster on units reminding staff that 'English is the language of the workplace '.

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    Quote from dishes
    There is a need for experienced NPs in remote and isolated First Nations communities.

    Its a first time post. Most likely doesn't like the idea of president trump. From the phrasing used, has no knowledge of Canada.

    Not an ideal candidate for up north.

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    Quote from Lornamorna
    Hey am thinking of moving to Ontario from the USA, am already applying for the NP license, what is the job market and is it better in other Canadian states?

    Canada doesnt have states. We have provinces and territories.

    Read this forum. Our job market is discussed frequently.

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    [QUOTE=companisbiki;9262937]I studied nursing in the States and moved to Canada (currently in BC)
    1. you will get paid less if you move to a major city in Canada. Depends on your experience but here rural and mid-west, mid eastern provinces, or the northern areas pays more...
    2. Bedside nursing is very different as there are not as many nursing assistants (called psw or care aides here) in the hospitals. In a non ICU, med-surg setting you typically have 4-5 patients with only 1 nursing assistant/care aid for 20-40 patients. You also work with LPNs and depending on the province you go to, they don't have the same scope as RNs so that's also another thing you want to keep in mind. I know some hospitals in Ontario do not hire LPNs in their acute care units.
    So typically I have 10 patients together with the LPN and I provide washes and feeding to all my patients and do all the wound vac dressings, trach care etc to my patients as the LPN cannot do those. Not to mention that nursing assistants in Canada cannot do any documentation at the hospitals and they do not do glucose checks or VS.
    Nursing home-wise it is not as different and there are many care aids working (9-12 patient assignment, nurses tend to have 30-50 depending on the facility).[/QUOTE

    BC is extremely restrictive towards LPNs and should not be used as a base line

    In Alberta, LPNs do wound vacs, trach care, baseball calls whatever their patient requires. We have awesome RTs who round on the Tracy patients and do much of the routine care for all nurses.

    NAs can and so chart. They do vitals, blood sugars, and basic ostomy emptying and report back to a nurse.

    In LTC, yes RNs are responsible for a floor or two, but it's mainly administrative. They don't carry a patient care assignment.

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    There are corrections in Calgary. They may post only under rhe Corrections heading on the AHS site. Federal also hires

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    Apply to work as an LPN in corrections. The reman in Edmonton usually has vacancies

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    I was a student at Norquest when the distance ed programme was created. It was intended to used by students who lived in northern and rural Alberta, BC and parts of the NWT who didn't have access to the PN course locally. We'd see people come in from Barrhead, BeaverLodge, places like that. They usually knew somebody who could put them up for a couple of weeks, or current students would be asked if they'd rent a room to them.

    I don't think it was ever really intended for across Canada use.

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    Quote from trainor
    im also interested in travel nursing outside the US. im having a hard time finding an agency outside of the UK. what about the netherlands or ireland?
    Fluent in written and spoken Dutch?

    Have EU passport?

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    You have to finish the PN course, pass the registration exam, and then take the OR Tech course.

    The school you are attending can give you all the information you need

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    Quote from LACICURN
    Hello, Sopever. I am planning to move to Spain early next year 2017. I am looking at Barcelona Spain. I am not a Spanish speaker. I have a CCRN and a 10 year experience in cardiac surgery ICU. Is there any English speaking facility I can work in Barcelona that you can recommend? If so, how do I start the process of making it happen as far as paperwork needed. Thank you.
    I have a coworker who spends a lot of time in Spain and they have used the Spanish private system.

    The nurse there are all multi-lingual. Minimum Spanish and English. The charting, labs, etc is in Spanish. The wages are lower but then to a degree the cost of living is lower.

    Chances of getting a job? Slim to nil. The public system is over burdened. The private system can pick the best of the best (and only speaking English? you won't make the cut). Layoff have been made in many provinces. The economy isn't great.

    There are a couple of NATO facilities over there but none really close to Barcelona. Gibralter is English speaking but not close and again they hire local and UK trained. There is a large UK population in the coastal areas but they either use the private system or go home to the UK for healthcare. Those who do use the private system have very high expectations service wise.

    Is there a reason you are moving there like a fiancée? Because without several languages and a EU passport, you are at a severe disadvantage for employment.

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    What were your reasons for choosing nursing?

    ive worked for the last 15 years, had raises and lots of variety. $29 an hourvis a very good wage to a lot o feople.

    What were you expecting?

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    Quote from loriangel14
    If you are in Western Canada and go for the Registered Psych Nurse program you can only work psych. If you want to do other kinds if nursing you need to do the BSN.
    Not true. RPN education covers basic nursing skills. I've worked with Psych nurses in LTC and heard of a few working the Women's Health floors in my system..

    rotations are are done during training on the surgical and medical floors but from what I've heard the emphasis is on mental health.

    psych nursing is over subscribed because the degree is only now becoming mandatory. It was the last route into RN education without doing the four year degree.