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    Quote from renzlao
    I worked in downtown Vancouver hospital and we don't have LPNs in our ER. I'm not sure with other health care authorities. we used to have LPNs in our fast track area. Because our Hosp do not allow LPNs to do IV start they were a bit limited in their practice so management decided to replace them with RNs now.

    And that hat is why I hated working in BC!

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    I don't have a middle name. My parents were married when I was conceived and born. They just didn't like any if the options.

    my sons bear their fathers name not mine. Nobody has ever questioned their parents marital status

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    Thought somebody had stolen the fridge!

    Yup, usually it's the Residents who are the thieves.

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    Quote from PinayUSA
    To me it's pretty silly to require a person from Philippines to take a English Exam. Business is conducted in English in PHilippines.
    Have you ever sad through a report wher yo can't understand 50% of what the Charge has to say? Where the oatients gender keeps changing in every sentence the Charge utters?

    Wait, you are not a nurse! You have no idea at all. Just you unusual jingoistic dribbling

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    Isn't an instant messenger service, it's a bulletin board!

    Frankly, we work and come her to relax and share info. Not be bombarded with questions.

    have you thought about visiting or even walking through these units you are applying to, to see if you like the vibe they give off?

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    Quote from PinayUSA
    Have you ever had him look into joining the military?
    Have you ever served your country?

    My husband served for over 40 years. My son is in his seventh year. They are trained, professionals.

    i suppose you also think the military should be offered to those as an alternative to jail/prison time.

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    Quote from sofiebear
    What NHS trust Hospital/employer in England would you highly recommend for nurse applicants wanting to land a job in the UK?
    Ultimately the NHS is the employer. That is who issues the money to pay you.

    Where do you want to live? Wales, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland?

    Rural or urban?

    Answer those questions and then maybe, someone can give yo the information you are demanding

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    Pass or fail was how CPNRE was graded.

    wpPeople. We're happy to open the envelope and see PASS

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    Why hey would my country want American nurses with questionable practices??

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    Why was it revoked?

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    Oh, I've just read your moving to the USA post-- basically a copy and paste version of this thread.

    you just want to move to the west coast of North America. Living here is very different from vacationing here.

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    Also, holiday leave is nowhere as generous as in the UK. Usually in the first year, it's ten days, then 3 weeks until around 15 years service. You can add on statutory holidays ie bank holidays to get a bit more. But remember you will be at the bottom of the seniority list and definitely not have prime vacation time.

    Factor in the cost of living, housing and transportation, Vancouver is one the most expensive cities to live in, and you may be better off where you are.

    is there a spouse to consider, employment wise?

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    Quote from NOADLS
    You are a new grad. What you are currently experiencing is expected. Pass the test of time and work for your respect.
    Hell has frozen over. I liked a NOADLS post

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    'An undergrad in Biology' is understood to be an undergraduate degree.

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    Why didn't you go for a post degree entry spot in uni?