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    My hospital sees the complications of medical tourism.

    Bariatric, you go through a programme called weight wise. Does all the education on diet, exercise, psych issues, what led to the weight, etc. One that I remember, was told she wasn't a good candidate because she wasn't heavy enough for the programme, a good diet, weight watchers, and exercise and she could do it herself. Well, off to Mexico she did go. Her flight home had to be diverted because she was going septic. All together, she cost the province over $1million in fixes.

    Anyone remember the Mumbai virus? Brought to my city by a medical tourist.

    The family doctors don't want anything to do with the problems and off to hospital they go.

    I honestly think, if your surgery is botched overseas, don't expect universal healthcare to pay for the repairs. You could spend $$ to get the work done, spend some more and fix your mistakes.

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    Quote from cleback
    Maybe requiring BSNs for professional entry and stiff competition for entry into nursing programs will help attract a more professional group?
    It's been mandatory since 2009 in my province for RNs to do the degree programme.

    No change has been noticeable.

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    The last three new hires on my unit have all been U graduates. All have been placed on learning plans and given extended orientations. The PN grads from Norquest haven't had problems. The new grad GMU floats we get from the Float Pool don't have issues.

    See a pattern?

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    Spain has some great international hospitals that employ auxillary nurses. Do you speak any other language?

    The staff there are at least bilingual

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    Quote from vintage_RN
    Not sure about this...but when I was an RPN I was often a preceptor for RN students on my
    For their final placement/consolidation?

    I've buddy shifted them when they are on the units for shifts and when their knowledge base was the same as a PNs. But most were not happy to mentored by LPNs, the U students were the worst for complaining.

    No way would any of the local universities let an LPN do the final preceptorship and evaluation.

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    Have you looked into the hoops nurses have to jump through to move to your country?

    Your government is attempting to legislate Mexican and Canadian nurses out of jobs many have held for decades. You have a President who is saying America first and keep American jobs for Americans. The Phillipines won't even issue non-national the right to take their registration exam

    Yet you seem to expect the rest of the world to put out the Welcome mat.

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    Quote from jnurse816
    Why do you say that? It should be based on me passing the test and my credentials rather than me not being from the U.K.
    Any nation has the right to restrict who may move and/or work there.

    The National Health Service is the main employer of nurses in the UK. Therefore priority rightly should be given to UK nationals.

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    Why the UK?

    Why not head north? We sort of speak the same language

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    Colleges that offer PN programmes also offer Preceptor Workshops for working LPNs to develop the skills need to preceptor a student.

    Considering that most RNs don't know what an LPNs scope of practice is, you'd be set up to fail.

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    OP is wanting info on the PN diploma and job opportunities for LPNs.

    last time I looked there was a total of 18 postings for LPNs ( including OR and Ortho Techs) in the Edmonton area. Most were temporary for less than a year.

    Hardly a glut of opportunities. There is a closed Facebook page for practising LPNs. The truth is in Edmonton and Calgary Norquest and Bow Valley graduate a lot of new nurses each year.

    Most new grads in my hospital come in via the float pools, either medicine or surgery. The new grads I work with manage probably a .8 each pay period.

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    Define attractive.

    I work with some men who would be described as handsome, etc. But one has the personality of a dead dog.

    When I meet people, I don't demand to know their job.

    I base it on a case by case basis. Polite? Friendly, Arrogant? Know it all?

    And as for the gay/lesbian issue? I really don't care what you do when you aren't at work. I work with out and proud gays and lesbians. Doesn't bother me one bit.

    I find they hypercritical, judgmental overly religious types harder to work with.

    I don't bring my sexuality or religious beliefs to work. Everyone gets a Merry Cristsmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Hogmanay from me.

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    If possible, start looking outside of the GTA.

    There have been years worth of postings that GTA and the major cities have a terible job market

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    Nobody knows what the job market will be like in 2020 or 2019. For rural positions, you'll just have to check the AHS job board. Sometimes there are full time, some times part time, and others only temporary postings. Heck, some of us have no idea if our unit will be still be open in six months.

    The registration exam is NOT easy. Look at some of the old threads here. Everyone I've ever met (myself included) walked out of the exam going "what the hell just happened!" Yes, it's multiple choice, often with three correct answers out of four and you have to figure out which correct answer is the right correct answer.

    Managers like people who pass the first time because, it can show you work well under pressure, lol. Grad nurses are hired and expected to write as soon as possible. I've met people who have failed the exam and been asked to leave. Coworkers start to wonder why you are still working as a grad nurse after 4-6 months. When I was hired as a Grad Nurse, we were only paid NA wages until the exam date. Pass first try, bring in that precious PASS certificate and we got back paid the hourly difference on our wages. If you failed and took the exam the second or third try, you were working at the lower wage with no back pay until the PASS was obtained. Fail it a third time and you lost your job.

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    You will be about the average of most new grads.

    Now, here's the kicker. Calgary and Edmonton have the hardest job markets to crack. I've heard of experienced nurses who have been trying to get hired into AHS for two plus years.

    There is no way of Knowing what the job market will be like in 2 or 3 years. AHS doesn't tell anyone who works for them anything. Most jobs are temporary postings for 3- 12 months. Full time lines are few and far between.

    There used to be a good chance of getting hired onto your preceptorship unit but not anymore. Most new grads are coming into the system as float pool staff.

    Rural is hiring and I don't mean Airdrie or Stony Plain. Think two hours outside of the major cities.

    Most managers don't care about your previous work life, they care that you pass the registration exam first try. I've worked with nurses who used to be meat cutters, construction workers, morticians, and strippers.

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    Quote from danothemano
    thats true But I would still like to go to university and finish as soon as i can, i was thinking that if i do the upgrading with u oi t then i would be able to upgrade to about 12 percent, however with my mark as low as it is when i graduate it will be impossible to bring it up to their and even then i could still be in trouble if i do take the courses and i still dont get in. What do you think about working after school as a rpn, i was thinking about it, however, what what i am afraid of is starting to work as one and then later down the line, not feeling like going back to school, due to my loss of nursing knowledge which i am afraid of. Any advice or do you know any info on the programs, thanks!

    Explain in how you would lose nursing knowledge while working as a nurse?