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    Are you posting about BCIT in Burnaby, Canada?

    There threads ads on this in the Canadian forum

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    Quote from Scottishtape
    In Missouri, IV certification is part of the LPN programs, so there was no need to get the cert after.

    Once I moved to a different state, they didn't honor that part of my program, so I had to get the IV cert again. No pay raise, it just opened up more job opportunities.

    If if I move to a sister hospital across tow, I have recertify. Just a condition of employment

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    Here in Canada, my hospital employs LPNs in the NICU. We have one of the largest NICUs in wester Canada.

    Not an area I've ever had a desire to work.

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    Quote from loriangel14
    What at do you mean by "residency requirements"?
    Ypu can only transfer a certain number of credits into a new college or uni

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    No. Every year my scope of practice increases and no raise.

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    Stability. We all want it but it's hard to come by.

    As a new grad, at one point, I had four casual jobs to get the hours I needed. It took three years to get a permanent job.

    Its a tough job market across the nation and you sometimes have to take what you can get, to get the experience to make you more marketable

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    Why is your husband only working PRN?

    One of you has to bring home the benefits.

    HOw much is your childcare currently costing?

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    Haven't seen a diploma to BSN course promoted in years. The degree became mandatory in 2009 in my province. That was also the last year a diploma RN graduated.

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    Quote from loriangel14
    What's a PND?
    That was my first thought as well. I guess it's what the new kids are calling the PN Diploma

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    The companies recruit privately.

    Since the Fort Mac Fire and the decline in the oil industry, it's pretty much a bust.

    We are even employing Ft. Mac nurses in Calgary and Edmonton who were displaced.

    Good luck for your info hunt.

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    Quote from kcsanju
    Are there class options available for extra cost? or all courses are on line only? what extra challenges are there?

    Take me the equivalent course at your local uni or community college and then transfer them over

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    You read the terms of service when you joined to post this. We do NOT give medical advice here.

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    Are you a NP that is looking to specialize?

    Or an RN who is looking at a job in a urologists

    FYI, doctor's offices always pay less than hospitals and rarely match union rates.

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    Quote from zzyy
    In Ontario, there are universities that require SOME university education (ie, 60 credit hours which is equivalent to 2 years of a full courseload). I'm not sure about other areas.
    Looks as if the OP hasn't researched nursing in Canada. They are looking for the old two year diploma RN courses which became the PN educational path.

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    How would you fund your education here?

    Tuition is roughly doubled for overseas students.