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    Yup, here in Canada, the 'winter beds' are being readied.
    The flu season has started. Snow the other week brought increase in ortho cases, good times ahead

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    My country has taken in 25000 refugees this year. Their sponsors and government agencies have been very thorough in getting the newcomers into the system.

    The biggest problem so far is having male refugees accept care from female specialists.

    Church groups and other social agencies usually attend appointments and bring translators along.

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    I work with many Muslim women who do not wear the hijab. They dress modestly and seem to take a lot of flack from patients and other nurses who do wear the hijab.

    I dont think a hijab makes makes one woman more devout than one who doesn't wear one.

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    Right now on Edmonton, everything is casual or temporary. Unless you are ICU! NICU! Or OR. Even then there is huge internal applications for the line.

    my unit had 75 Internal applicants for a six month temp line.

    There is something happening in AHS and management is keeping very quiet about everything.

    I imagine Calgary is the same

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    Suck it up and study in Germany. As yo, yourself pointed out the population is aging.

    With Frau Merkel's migration policies, you have a huge aging and multicultural population to care for.

    Money is nice, but you need the skills to be a NP and many accelerated programmes for no nursing degree holders isn't going to cut it. Do you understand the history of the role you covet? The skills and experience those nurses have/had?

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    Quote from joanna73
    Since it's already snowing here, we can be guaranteed 8 months of winter this year. I am not happy!
    Arg! Arg

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    But what do we know? We live in igloos according to one American poster.

    I find that offensive. My area only has snow six months of the year!

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    Universal Healthcare isn't free. Our taxes cover it. It's for the greater good of society that people are cared for.

    Our patients do complain, or their families will complain. Nobody gets fired, the nurse in question might receive some counselling on interpersonal communications but union reps are there to protect the member.

    The only nurses I've known who have been random tested for drugs had it as a condition of employment due to being caught, shall we say, sampling the narcotics. One I know of was sent to rehab, rehired onto a unit with no narcotic access and subject to random screening by her provincial College.

    Jobs? Well as has been said, funding comes and goes. My province is an oil producer and revenues are down. Positions aren't being filled. New grads are hired but usually into temporary lines or as casuals. It's tough but it is what it is. It took nearly four years for me to find a permanent part time line with pension and benefits. I had family commitments that I couldn't change. Others found permanent lines within 14 months. One of the two universities in my city is set to graduate 300 RNs in December. There is another university in town, no idea of how many they will produce in December. The college that provides practical nursing grads, usually produces 50-70 every six months. No local system can absorb that many new grads. Many are reluctant to go to small towns, the north and Arctic aren't really suitable for new grads unless they come from those communities and have an idea of the cultural problems.

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    Quote from meanmaryjean
    That is the single most offensive thing I've EVER read on this site. Wow!
    Then you need to spend more time reading the threads on Universal Healthcare in the Politics area. I have been truly concerned at some of the statements made by Americans on the topic. The main ones being along the lines of "why should I pay for somebody who doesn't care about their health". Total lack of the concept of "for the greater good'. Those threads are eyeopeners. Diabetics bring it on themselves, according to severa who claim to be nurses.

    There are far more offensive things on this site than my post

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    EBay has some. Different hospitals, even some from overseas

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    Where does your partner live in the U S?

    Apply there.

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    Quote from chica7
    Does anyone know a good place in specific that easily hires nurses with little experience? I am not a new grad but I have had a lot of trouble finding work.

    Anyone in the same boat have any prcticasl ideas how to go about?
    Should I volunteer at my local hospital 2-3 days a week? An for how long before they would consider me to work?
    volunteer for what?

    nursing is paid employment

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    Quote from Been there,done that
    You would start with contacting the Canada Board of Nursing. Find out if your degree is accepted there to apply for licensure.

    Best of luck and happy nursing!
    No such animal as the Canadian Board of Nursing.

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    Due to unions, ther is no difference in the pay grades in hospital or nursing homes. If you work in the private sector, yes, nursing homes pay less and there is no protection for anyone working there.

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    Oh Grasshoper, have you read anything on this site?

    Nursing jobs are so tied to the fiscal policies of the provinces. AB is reducing jobs, the BC job market isn't any better. When I worked there, yes, they did prefer to hire local grads.

    Skills, yes I use most of them. Do I feel challenged? No. Patient care is often drudge work. We don't have aides on my unit. S/he who finds the code brown, cleans the code brown. Do our doctors listen to me? Usually but that's because I've been on the unit for nearly a decade and they know and trust me. Often, our biggest challenge is not to murder the patient's daughters, lol.

    Yes, I have met nurses involved in research. But it's hard for them to get the jobs. Networking and on the job experience got them these positions. Usually the job only lasts for the term of the project and they either have to return to their old jobs or look for soething else. These jobs are really only found in areas with teaching hospitals. It's not scientific research either. More along the lines of are care needs being met in a timely manner, is NPO really required for specific surgeries.

    Job markets in Edmonton and Calgary are saturated with new grads. The demand is out in the rural areas and you will not be making the connections you need to make out there.

    With your background why are you really applying for nursing? Wouldn't medicine be a better fit?