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    Nah, you're supposed to toss your knickers on the stage. Preferably clean ones

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    Quote from Farawyn
    You don't get an opinion. You are a mere woman.
    OK, your account has been hacked. You sound like Redranger or PinayUsa!

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    OR nurses are required to be on for a certain number shifts per month, you need good back up childcare if yo are called over the weekend or ar 0200.

    Day surgery in my region takes 10+ years of seniority to get an interview. Outpatients clinics? I have 15 years in, and can't get an interview.

    Look at dialysis, outpatient, you'd have a chance there

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    Quote from theRPN2b
    I'm in Ontario actually, I didn't know that this strategy doesn't work in AHS
    The OP stated looking for an AHS opening.

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    Quote from theRPN2b
    That's how I got my job! There is also another new grad on my floor that got their job by going in to see the manager in person
    Do you work for AHS?

    Trust me, my last two managers don't take cold calls. And our managers rarely last a year

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    Quote from vinceyuu
    sounds tricky though then EN(=LPN) is not able to say I'm registered ?
    I'm trying to decide if you are a troll or just dense.

    a nurse must pass the national licensing exam and legal requirements to work in the province or country of residence.

    any fool can make it through nursing school and graduate with a degree or diploma, it seems

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    Quote from vinceyuu
    Thanks for the reply. then can I say like if someone asks you are registered or not and the answer can go like yes I'm registered as an en ? registered and non-registered are comprehensive meaning i guess.

    Thanks for reading.
    registered means you have passed the legal requirements to work in the field of study.

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    My unit manager doesn't have time to see drop ins.

    managers can't hire unless there is a posted vacancy

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    Everything is online with AHS.

    with every job being frozen to see if there is a need for a replacement, everything is taking forever.

    My my unit has been one LPN short since October despite it being posted twice. Short two RNs since New Years, a unit clerk.

    havent even heard off UNEs being hired this year.

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    Yes. I puts pressure on the nurse, who may or may not want you in their care assignment on a daily basis

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    Quote from Horseshoe
    Then why are you posting on a nurse's web site? It's STAPH infection, not "staff." And your hyperbole is not helpful.
    He's one if those men who have to import a wife from poorer nations. He's afraid of women from the first world. Not submissive or passive enough. He thinks a young, pretty foreign bride will be thankful.

    he needs to read some of the threads on visa journey and see how men just like him have been scammed by docile women, lol. Iron fists on velvet gloves is a better description

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    Can't give legal advice per TOS.

    contact your provincial college of nurses.

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    Quote from TheCommuter
    Over the years I've gotten away from wearing printed scrubs. I prefer solids these days, although prints can look professional depending on the wearer. Since I work with an adult clientele, I would never wear cartoon prints to the workplace.
    Thought you'd left the bedside and had discovered business, casual?

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    Quote from RNperdiem
    Do you wear those kind of clothes with novelty prints outside of work? Where I work, nobody wears prints. They are considered a bit tacky.
    Thank you!

    i was thinking this just the other day. An who in their right mind with 56 inch hips would buy lime grin dress pants, sugary pink?

    most in my building have gone back to solids. Snowflake prints are big in Dec/Jan.

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    Have heard of this being done in hospitals in the UK.

    maybe check the UK forum?