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    OP: LPNs don't work under a nurse. They are nurses who carry their own insurance and are responsible for their actions and decisions and report back to the Charge Nurse.

    An 86% pass rate is nothing to brag about. My class had 72 write the exam and all passed.

    CDI has a dismal record and are not permitted to educate PNs in my province.

    Yes, where you went to school can affect a hiring decision. If there have been graduates of a programme hired with poor skills and requiring lengthy orientation periods, managers are less likely to take chance on you.

    I graduated from one of the best PN programmes in the country with basic skills that exceeded what BC taught but found it hard to get hired there because I wasn't a local grad. Great references but not local.

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    AHS is the main employer of nurses in my province. So unless they go the private clinic route or the Catholic system, it would be discovered pretty quickly.

    factor in the $10+ an hour difference and you wouldn't see many new RNs working their old LPN lines

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    I've never heard of that in my hospital. PN and RN are in different unions. Any RN working is PN shift will have a grievance filed against them

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    Yup, the only person I've ever heard of losing her licence lost it due to lack of hours worked. Not for the narc she stole, abused, and got sent to rehab for.

    Being downright dangerous and almost senile? Still fit to practice. Because nobody wants to copilot the documentation and submit it to CARNA because it would hurt the Rn in questions feelings. So, scheduled to work the quiet shifts with 'strong' nurses. I mud you not.

    CDI graduates were so poorly prepared that CLPNA forbid them to function as a PN programme here

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    Different hospitals and health authorities utilize their staff to meet their needs. I would suggest you have really good assessment and IV start skills. A love of ortho also helps in my hospital.

    head down to your emerg and talk to one othe LPNs ther.

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    Borderline diabetic. You are or you aren't. Taking insulin? Pretty sure you are

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    Quote from PinayUSA
    How would a passport show if someone was in school?

    What if person never got a passport until they decided to leave the country, which is fairly common in Philippines
    duh, passports are stamped entering and leaving nations. Can't be in school if you're passport shows you somewhere else

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    you can get all the Arts/electives out of the way while working on the required hours.

    the completed hours can be spread over several employers as long as you have documentation.

    The hours are required before your formal acceptance into the programme. I believe that you must obtain and keep registration with CLPNA during the course duration

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    Strange first post from someone who joined in 2012.

    Trump or Clinton refugee?

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    Quote from target98765
    This the the Nightingale pledge. We didn't say it at my graduation, and if they did I would not have participated.
    I solemnly pledge myself before God and in the presence of this assembly, to pass my life in purity and to practice my profession faithfully. I will abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous, and will not take or knowingly administer any harmful drug. I will do all in my power to maintain and elevate the standard of my profession, and will hold in confidence all personal matters committed to my keeping and all family affairs coming to my knowledge in the practice of my calling. With loyalty will I endeavor to aid the physician in his work, and devote myself to the welfare of those committed to my care.

    are we meant to be no nuns?

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    Back on topic. Nurses in the Canadian North are paid by the government.

    if the government knows it needs to pay top dollar for staff, it knows why it's paying out. Location, isolation, cost of living. And high turn over of staff. It takes cultural awareness of groups with high rates of historical abuse issues, diabetes at a high rate, substance abuse. It makes me shake my head when posters who are recently arrived in Canada think they are ready to work up there

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    Some nurses do see far north jobs as a goldmine opportunity.

    But it happens everywhere. Recently AHS posted their sunshine list of staff making over $125k per year. Look at it to have your eyes opened. With UNA OT rates of a round $100 per hour there are numerous RNs on it. Several doctors I work with mad over $2,000,000 and they carry very little overhead.

    senior RNs on my unit squabble over the OT with it rarely making it down to the newer hires. LPNS stand almost no chance of OT because somehow those same RNs claim there was no LPN available when the calls went out and they have totals the shift to keep the unit staffed.

    its all about the money, here as it is around the world

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    Not seein what Ilg has described in my part of Canada.

    We have several pension collecting members of UNA turning up as casuals and collecting a paycheque. Nurses who came as second career nurses wnpnt be retiring early as they will never factor 85, if I work until 65 with my years of service my factor would be 79. I will barely physically last until age 62.

    we haven't had a surge in the number of training places. We have had the province attempt to juggle and reduce staff. One recent grad told me she is going for an MBA as the future I her classes eyes is for RNs to be further reduced at the bedside

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    Sounds like the OP used the Quebec immigration programme to get landed status in Canada and had no intention of staying there.

    Quebec needs people to le to live there. The programme was originally set to to make it easier for francophones from around the world to migrate and work there. They need took look at how this programme is being manipulated

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    Quote from canoehead
    Happy Canada Day!!!

    Oh, you were thinking of something else?
    what my first thought was as well! Finally somebody recognized our national holiday!