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  • Dec 13

    You may have this dream to become a nurse, but don't you dream of retirement one day? $900 a month for student loans is insane. Depending on where you live, that could be one entire paycheck a month.

    Not worth it.

  • Dec 13

    Quote from Fiona59
    This mentality is creeping into Canadian healthcare. Meals are basic and balanced. It's not an all you can eat buffet!
    I had a patient demand polenta for lunch. She actually said that we owed it to her because it didn't come with her dinner the night before as she requested. Hate to break it to her, but the kitchen wasn't serving polenta that afternoon. It came with a specific entree, she ordered a different one. Anyone who has ever had a frozen meal knows you can't just separate one part off the top of the other. Shrimp over polenta is going to yield shimpy tasting polenta. I had to endure the complaining about that darn polenta for three days straight. There was once a time when you had a choice between meal a or b. Chicken or pasta (usually with some beef). Fish was one of the choices usually once a week.

    Oh, and the other princess that wanted her flan. Okay people, whatever happened to jello? I'm sorry if I will not dedicate 2 hours of my day chasing down your food cravings. You're here for Vanco not a five star restaurant.

  • Dec 10

    All part of the customer service model of health care. "Come to Hilton Hospital for a five star experience." BLEH!

  • Dec 10

    I HATE the Xarelto commercial. I have had a patient not take it "Because on TV it says I can die from a hemorrhage." Well gee, what do you THINK xarelto is for? Couldn't possibly be a blood thinner for that clot you got last month, could it?

  • Dec 10

    Quote from meanmaryjean
    Before Famous QB announced he was moving to another team, he first met with the CEO to affirm his ongoing commitment to the children's hospital. Quality human being that guy!
    Is he like Voldemort? Are we not allowed to say his name? You're talking about Peyton Manning, yes? I will say, the Broncos suck now that he's retired.

  • Dec 10

    Quote from amoLucia
    YES!!! I just saw that last nite!

    I think every time I use baby powder (the big name company one esp) I try to hold my breath. I don't connect how inhaling baby powder causes gyn organ cancer but ...
    Its only for talcum powder! Baby powder is now usually made from corn starch.

    And the gyn cancer is related to putting it on your genitals, not inhaling it

    Talcum Powder and Cancer

  • Dec 9

    We've had many conversations at our house about the drug commercials. My kids often ask, with all the side effects listed at the end of the commercial- why would people even take that medicine when it sounds worse than the illness! And, there's nothing like a Cialis commercial in the middle of a family show to bring about some awkward silences.

  • Dec 9

    My youngest daughter's boyfriend is from England. He was here in the states a couple months ago, and we were watching TV. An ad for the hospital I used to work at came on (starring the famous QB it is named for). A while later, they re-showed the same commercial.

    Nathan (the BF) said, "I know who (famous QB) is- but I don't understand why this little 'show' comes on so often. It's almost like a commercial for a hospital!" When we told him it WAS a commercial for a hospital- he asked "Why?".

    It was an interesting discussion from there!

  • Dec 9

    So glad that legislation in Australia prevents this. I get cross enough with the payday loan advertising on TV and radio and one website design company has spent a fortune on radio advertising on the morning commute and it is driving me nutty.

  • Dec 9

    Lately on Pandora the advertising is dominated by advertising from both my hospital, and another one where I used to work. I swear, it's going to to drive me to pay for an ad-free subscription!

    The ads are obnoxious, repetitive, and promising the sun and the moon. They also remind me of all I hate about modern healthcare.

    Drug ads are the same. They should never have been legalised. Those have helped turn America into the pill-popping people we've become.

  • Dec 9

    I'm not sure how you think that would work. All that would happen is that your org structure would change slightly. You might not have any direct coworkers as an APN, but you'd definitely have LOTS of interactions with other nurses and patients when you're asked to consult. I'll be brutally honest when I tell you most front-line nurses have little time or respect for advanced-practice personnel who haven't walked the walk. When a certain NP walks onto the unit where I work, there are collective moans because we know our workload is about to increase to meet her demands, without her laying a hand on the patients. She's never done our job so she has no idea how unrealistic her expectations are.

  • Dec 9

    Back in the mid 80's, when I worked at WRTH (Weed Rover Township Hospital) as a Psych LPN, I lived in the same neighborhood as an RN who worked in Hospice. We were chums and would sometimes ride to work together. She disappeared by moving South for a number of years. She came back and took care of her Mom until she died and then went to work in the Family Hardware Store.

    I see her now and again when I stop in at the Hardware Store and she seems happy enough. I never asked her why she moved South or why she gave up Nursing.

    I figured if she wanted me to know, she'd tell me.

  • Dec 8

    You can't complain if you don't try to befriend them. Invite them to a movie. Offer to go pick up coffee for the person who is watching your patients. Set up a secret santa gift exchange.
    Set up a staff morale boosting activity.
    I did that when my floor was falling apart. Everyone was leaving 6 nurses in 6 months. Another nurse who is very quiet (sounds like yourself) set up a bowling night, we all payed separately and it was so fun! Then we had things to talk about and we connected more at work.
    You also could have said hi to them in that situation. If they didn't say hi back to you then that would be rude and I would consider asking one of them what their problem is. But put yourself out there a little. I am an introvert, it's hard, anxiety producing to put yourself out there, but it is worth it. Makes your work more enjoyable, you have people there to help if a patient is crashing, more support after a tough shift.
    Just go for it, you have nothing to lose. They aren't a part of your life now, so nothing to lose, a friend to gain. Or consider it networking.

  • Dec 7

    People that think LPN's aren't "real nurses" are just ignorant. Plain and simple.

  • Dec 7

    I assure you, when I'm the only nurse on the floor and the patient starts to bottom out, I am a "real nurse" then.