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    Thank you guys! It was really tough to study but I guess it paid off finally. Good luck on ur studying all I can say is study HARD! It will be worth it when you can burn those nclex books or pass them on to the next studier lol

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    I took the test today and got 75 questions and the good pop up I hope that means I passed
    feeling scaaarreeeddd lol and happy excited too

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    So I posted a few days ago about testing in 3 days and I tested today. The test shut off at 75 I got like 10 select all that apply. I did the Pearson vue trick and got the good pop in Virginia how long do I have to wait to call? is it too early to celebrate? has the good pop up came up for anyone and they didn't pass? im freaking out in a good way but im nervous just wanted some reassurance thanks everyone and good luck with all the future testers

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    Wow grntea that was amazing information thank you so much I'm just so nervous!! And my study plan was Kaplan pretty much that's it I didn't want to clutter myself with a ton of books again

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    and any last minute study tips? im doing anywhere betweek 100-150 questions a day and writting down the facts i dont know. On sunday i plan to focus on lab values watch true blood and go to bed by 10 i have a 1.5 hour drive to the center and i am going to record myself saying the lab values and play then in the car on the way...too much?

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    Alright im freaaaakkkkiiiinggggggg out that my exam is in 3 days! especially because i have read so much about the new format or how they increased passing rate and its so much harder. i graduted nursing school 2 years ago and took the test twice already, i can honestly say i have prepared more this time around than i did in the past but im still scared crapless! any advice from recent takers (april onward ) or recent multiple times takers would be awesome!!!! hoping for the best its my time to shine best of luck to anyone testing this upcoming week we are gonna be awesome nurses!

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    i take mine at 130 on monday third time though third times the charm! best of luck to you!! and all of us testing soon

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    So im hoping third time is the charm is the saying for me, I will be taking my NCLEX RN for the third time july 15 at 1pm. Im nervous but not as much i have been in the past. Any advice from third timers that passed? Ive used Kaplan this go around and only kaplan so im following the testing in 2 weeks template. hoping for the best any advice would be totally welcomed prayers and good thoughts will be appreciated i graduted in May 2011 its my time! good luck to anyone else testing this month!!

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    Hello third or more timers: I graduated nursing school May 2011 and here we are in 2013 and still nothing...needless to say i am discouraged and ashamed to say the least all my classmates have made it into their RN carreers and im merely working as an assistant. I fear that i have forgotten alot and cant afford big courses of study like kaplan. I thought of doing the ncsbn review thats cheaper but i dont know much about it. Anyhow i guess im looking for some encourangement from my third time friends and some help of how you passed it that third time, what were your tools?


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    i have tried it the second time around, i didnt care for it very much, it felt too simplified and i just wasnt into it. I havent earned inboxing rights yet, lol. whats your email? Heres mine

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    i just wanted to say thank you...I graduated in May 2011 too and I will be taking the NCLEX for the third time soon and i, just like you, felt discouraged and wanted to quit after the second time. I too considered another career choice but at 24 and being a wife and a mom starting over is not an option. Your story has really encouraged me to keep trying. In school i wasnt the best student but i did manage to get my associates in 15 months in a very rigorous program so that has to count for something. Anyhow thanks again and congratulations on passing!

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    Hello everyone, I will be taking the NCLEX for the third time soon and im feeling more nervous than ever. I graduated more than a year ago and have been working as a care partner along side nurses for over a year as well. Im finding it soo hard to get back into the swing of studying and im not sure how to start. I cant afford kaplan but i have a kaplan review book, a saunders book and the prioritisation book too. If anyone can offer any wordsof encouragement or any study tips please let me know thanks guys wish me luck

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    i have the allnurses study guide thats been going around, whats everyones expirience with it? im not sure how to tackle it just as light reading? or pre test cram? night before the test confused it seems like great bunch of information thoughthanks for your thoughts

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    an recommends obtaining a study guide from a nursing program's book list or from recognized and reputable nursing publisher as information is usually peer reviewed.

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    could you email me your resources as well? thank you in advance

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    wow congratulations!! ur story was inspiring i will be taking my NCLEX (for the third time) in the beggining of august. Im very nervous but I think its my time and im not giving up. I will be taking a week off work ( im currently an NCP at a local hospital) to do some heavy studying then taking the test but relaxing the night before as i often hear. I also printed the AN guide, did that help you? did u review that a couple days before u took the test? Anyway congratulations youre truly an inspiration to all of us
    much love and support