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Mentor, Mentor...Where Art Thou?: Newbie 101, Ground Zero

Newbie 101, Ground Zero Psychiatric nursing is unique and is a wonderful field of nursing. However, for the student nurse or for the new nurse entering the field, it may either cause much anxiety or alot of awe. Psychiatric nursing often presents its own unique challenges. This blog is to help prepare those who may have some concerns starting off. Many of us may had prior experience of someone close to us dealing with their own psychiatric issues. Many of us may have had psychiatric... Read More →

Into The Looking Glass: Facing the Cliff in Recovery

Facing the Cliff in Recovery (Based upon Creed's song and video, Six Feet From The Edge) The main character is singing while standing upon a crumbling cliff edge, falls in a free fall until he hits rock bottom, faces a sand storm, then meets a woman who presents him a bowl of water containing her tears, as he looks on to view the face of the demon of his own making. At the end of the story, it is discovered that he is found once again standing upon the cliff, the fall was merely a... Read More →

Borderline Personality Disorder on the Behavioral Unit

Folks with Borderline Personality Disorder or BPD can often be a challenge on a behavioral health unit. When dealing with BPD, here are some cognitive-behavioral tips: 1. Focus on the here and now, not yesterday or the past. The present is all that matters and where it leads to in the immediate future. The present is what placed the person on the unit in the first place. The future allows a way out. 2. Focus on cause and effect, his/her actions and the resultant consequences. Hold the... Read More →

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

I remember, in my Grad school training as a counselor long ago, a saying my professor drilled in our heads. The saying was..."Stop, Think." Simple, but to the point...and yet, very powerful. The reason why it is of such value is that most people do not do this when times get tough or stressful. During stress, we often "react and respond"...without much thought behind it. This "reacting without thought" often jacks up our own stress response to higher levels during the stressful event or leaves... Read More →