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  • Jan 23

    Quote from Tragically Hip
    Did you search this site? This thread came right up....

    1 year FNP programs
    I did see that one but it didn't go for very long and did not contain much information

  • Dec 19 '17

    Quote from fallinnstyle
    I heard Union university in TN has a 14 month program.
    Good luck in your search
    Thank you very much fallinnstyle, this is a great lead! Their website says it is a 15 month program and at $490 per credit it is $22,500 very affordable! I will check more into this one for sure. If anyone else knows of more please post them and thanks to those who are helping make this list.

  • Dec 19 '17

    Quote from hey_suz
    I'm a bit jealous that you don't have to work while in school! That will be nice, to just be able to focus on studying.
    It is very nice, the secret is to keep your bills low, don't buy a big house and new car, etc. I will still be working one 16 hour shift on Saturday but that's it, and I think I can handle an accelerated FNP program while working one day a week. If I have to drop the saturday too I will but it will be nice to have some income coming in to cover living expenses.

  • Aug 13 '17

    I knew when I posted this that I would get many posts from people assuming that I don't care about the quality of the education but that is not true. The two schools that I mentioned Vanderbilt and Georgetown (which are both very short programs) have an excellent reputation for quality! Why do people just assume that because the program is short it is not any good?

    Many RNs complete their FNP in 2 1/2-3 years while working full time. I am in a position where I do not have to work at all and would like to only focus on school so why wouldn't I be able to complete a program in 1 1/2 years? Makes perfect sense to me.

    Anyways... lets get back to the original question, Does anyone out here know of any short FNP programs? If you do please list them because I would like to do some further research about them. And just an FYI, one of the things I want to research is quality