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    If you had an option between ICU and OR as a new grad and your goal is ED, take the ICU job. Much easier to go from ICU to the ED than from other specialties.

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    You have to be very careful with benzos in the elderly population.

    Quote from iwannabeanursee
    She's so disoriented and drowsy and falls out her chair and bed more.
    This concerns me. This could be the meds...or something else.

    Is she breathing effectively? What's her pulse ox once the meds kick in?

    She may need a dose decrease...or a different med...or no med at all. Some of these meds have the opposite affect and can actually keep your patient up.

    Its pretty typical for elderly patients to not sleep at night. Particularly in the dementia population.

    Find out if there is anything else keeping her from sleeping? Is she cold? Does she need another blanket. Is her back hurting her? Maybe a PRN tylenol at bedtime? Some patient's swear by tylenol to help them sleep.

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    I would say...start off in ICU/Stepdown, preferably surgical (because you will get medical cases too and if the surgical ICU takes cardiac surgery cases too, even better) and then work in the ER.

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    I'm glad you have figured out a solution. Just make sure you actually get back to school this summer. Don't let your anxiety prevent you from going back to school!

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    If you love Women's health, go for L&D. Do what you love. Its better to be stressed out working in a specialty you are passionate about than be another tele nurse who doesn't like working tele, but is just there "because it opens doors."

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    She was asking for her service dog. Don't worry he's sterile.

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    Quote from NurseNinja1990
    I go out of my way to give as little information as possible while staying polite. I have a coworker who has to go to court every 6 months to re-file her restraining order against a former patient who began to stalk her. We just got a new DON, and it was pretty clear to me that she has never worked in psych before when she got in a big huff over the staff covering their last names on their badges.
    In all the hospitals I have worked at (4 total), ER and psych only have first names on their badges.

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    There really isn't such thing as high SpO2. There is only abnormal which is below 90-95%.

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    I would think the opposite. If a patient is bleeding excessively and has a low hemoglobin because of that you can see hypotension.

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    It's very long because there is a separate policy on each coming presenting issue and what should be done/ordered.

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    I currently work at community ER in a very cushy area. City is city. Those who work in urban hospitals know what that means. According to this there are only two level 1 trauma centers in Brooklyn. I was misinformed that it was the only one.New York State Trauma Centers

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    I currently work at community ER in a very cushy area. City is city. Those who work in urban hospitals know what that means.

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    I have an interview coming up at Kings County for an ER position. I hear it is the only level one trauma center in Brooklyn and real city hospital. My question for those who work there or have worked there or know of the hospital...Is it a good hospital and would you recommend I work there? I am only planning for work there for a year full time before starting NP school.

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    I am moving to NY in the next 6 months. I am planning to switch specialties to ICU. I do not want to work in a NY ER because of the ratios even though I love the ER and it is my specialty.

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