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What I Wish Would Change/Be Different

Cartoon and "cutesy" patterned scrubs. (Disclaimer: I do wear patterned scrubs.) Nurses and CNAs are the only healthcare workers I see who wear patterned scrubs. I have never seen a MD or PA wear patterned or cartoon scrubs. They will wear solid color scrubs. I think we look more professional when we wear solid scrubs or nice patterns versus mickey mouse. I think the “cutesey” scrubs should be reserved for pediatrics. I am in no way saying that nurses who wear such scrubs are less intelligent... Read More →

Entering My 18th Month of Bedside Nursing...What I Have Learned.

I look back at the past year and half plus and I can hardly believe I am here. I sometimes wish I was still back in school under the watchful eye of a clinical instructor or preceptor, with time to fully review charts and have hour long conversations with my patients, to be able to watch and not have to do. But, alas, those times are behind me and I am a nurse with a degree and a license. I have grown, in good ways I believe, and a lot of it can be attributed to the job, I think. I have... Read More →

What I Would Love To Send to My Hospital's Inpatient DON

This is what needs to be instituted to keep your nurses and patients happy: Mandated nurse to patient ratios The suggested ratios are: 1:5 Acute care, 1:4-5 Observation 1:4-5 Surgical acute, 1:4 Heart Care Unit, 1:3 Intermediate Care, 1:6 SubAcute, 1:2 ICU, 1:4 ED. These ratios should not be breached! Secretaries on the floor to handle non-nursing tasks They can fill out medical release forms, make copies of advanced directives, stock forms on unit, and pick up old charts and... Read More →

Advice for Nursing Students: How to Thrive at Clinical Rotations

Here are some do's and dont's of interacting with the nursing staff at your inpatient clinical rotation sites. These are just some suggestions based on my observations. 1) Arrive on time This is very important. Please be there before we get report, so we don't have to take up time giving report again for you to listen in. Of course I will do this with a smile, but I will be a little annoyed. 2) Introduce yourself! I like putting the students' names on the board. I can't do... Read More →