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    Quote from Orphan RN
    I learned I still hate summer in AZ, which is like living in the 7th Circle of Hell. I've learned 110° F feels like 300° F, and the inside of a car may be hot enough to cook a human. I've learned to use the sun reflector screen when parking my car in an unshaded area, or bring pot holder mits in order to be able to touch the starting wheel …

    I've learned that no one you live with will offer to help clean up 3 consecutive floods in the laundry room in the same day, making themselves scarce …

    I've learned even high dose Rx xanax as isn't much of a buffer for a large dog with storm anxiety. I've had to come to terms with cleaning up things he has destroyed if left unattended even for a moment …

    I've also learned the hard way that being on the receiving end of pt care is a very bitter pill to swallow for most nurses. I wish you a speedy recovery S/P your recent surgery, and hope others in your life can try to put themselves in your place while you convalesce and heal.
    Thank you! [emoji173]️

    I take it you may be near mid-Atlantic region? We got a loud and bright storm two nights ago. We also have an anxious dog.

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    Hey, tbjock! New WILTW threads do typically start around the weekend, and have an organized process of launching the OP so that duplicate threads don't get made. They sort of have their own culture and "rules", so to speak.

    Would you like to host the thread starting this coming weekend? If so, PM me.

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    Quote from LadyFree28
    I know you were asking another poster, but I check right after licensure and at least three times during the effect of licensure-I checked myself recently.
    I only check when the date should be updated to make sure the BON didn't screw up.

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    Quote from BeenThere2012
    Okay. Point taken. How often do you actually go online and just for kicks and giggles, make sure you are actually licensed? Seriously....once you do all you are responsible to do, and receive your re-newed license in the mail, do you then go online and make sure periodically ? Not being often do you do that and what do you recommend?
    I don't do that, but I do keep a professional and educational experiences binder that has license expirations up front filed under tabs that organize by expiration date. My BON says they'll send a notice 90 days prior to expiration, but I know they suck. So I check in on my binder for it, and everything else that expires.

    You really have to own your actions or inactions. The only person on this planet responsible for you is you. If you're going to mess that up, no one is coming around to fix it.

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    Quote from Extra Pickles
    every time I read the word Troll I think of the Three Billy Goats Gruff story I heard as a kid.

    Everyone knows Trolls really live under bridges!
    I think of Dora, for my own kids growing up.

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    I once dropped the B bomb (bored) while offering to help another nurse. An hour or two later, I received a trauma patient who bled out into a chest tube and went into hemorrhagic shock before we could even hang enough drips to transfer him to tertiary where they could open his chest. My first ever trauma, and he was deemed stable before leaving that OR after laporoscopy.

    Sorry, ICU gods.

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    Quote from EaglesWings21
    Well it was more of me saying I did everything in my power to relate the concerns of the patients as well as my assessment to the doctor and that after four pages the doctor still did not feel the situation warranted an order for narcotics.
    This is what I get for adding responses before reading. I didn't realize there was not an order in place, nor would the MD give it. This negates some of my responses and for this, I apologize.

    ETA: I revised my comments.

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    Quote from EaglesWings21
    I also want to add that this is a vent. I am not looking for all the possibilities of what I could have possibly done right or wrong. I have just had a rough week or so at work and am venting. That is all.
    This is something I can say I understand. I am sorry for the rough shifts.

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    What the hell am I doing here?

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    But that keyboard, though!

    morte, you've got me laughing my butt off over here!

    Anyone want to join in on a morte gofundme for some kind of solution to the mac vs. keyboard issues?

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    It appears I jumped on the bandwagon too soon.

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    I did all of my pre-reqs and non-nursing courses at community college. This left me with an AA in general studies. My nursing education I did at a university. If I recall....

    Community college was per credit, regardless of full time/part time status. Per semester, I think the classes alone were 2000-3000 for tuition and fees, but not books or supplies. Books and materials typically were $500-750 per semester, usually around $600.

    2000-3000 x 5 semesters = 10k-15k. Probably closer to $15k.

    600 x 5 semesters = $3000

    $13k-18k for my AA. (I actually think it was about $16k.)

    University had a flat amount for full time. Fees and tuition amounted to around $9k per year. (I should mention I went to a state school that has a low price compared to other state schools.) This does not include books or supplies, which averaged probably $750 per semester.

    $750 x 4 semesters = $3k

    $9k x 2 years = $18k

    ~$21k for my BS.

    $16k + $21k = $37,000.

    This was a few years ago, so I may be mis-remembering, but probably not by too much.

    My years at the community college were paid for by the Pell Grant and a Maryland grant. I have kids and my husband was the sole income. This was a massive blessing because we otherwise would have had no way to pay the bills with me in school. My grants always gave an extra couple thousand to assist with bills.

    My third year of school, at the university, because of the slightly higher bill and our increased need to cover bills at that time (we unfortunately added some that year), I requested the max amount of loans possible from the feds, which the FAFSA approved me for. I also still received the Pell. I can't remember if I got the Maryland grant, not that it was a huge amount at the time.

    My last year, I received the Pell and an additional scholarship of $14k. I was a very, very thankful girl! I wasn't looking forward to doubling my school debt!

    My BS(n) landed me a job before graduation. I regret nothing. The students at the University go back home after graduation. The community college ASN grads are all from here, hoping to work here. The market for a BS/BSN is extremely favorable around here.

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    I just realized Pinay said county jail. Who's giving tats in the county lock up?