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    Quote from Farawyn
    Love you, girlie!
    This thread has brought me great friends and many laughs.
    Chaos and her bunny ears, talk of the AN football team, stalkers following us to this thread, all our good news and heartache, everyone always helping each other and getting along on AN? This thread is the place it happens. Students to COBs are welcome.
    Thanks for the times you've asked me to host, I've been honored.

    Happy Bday Lady and Chaos Bebe! í*½í¸
    I LOOOOOOVE that this thread is always the spot to get along! That boat has only been rocked once, if I recall. And the poster was easily talked back down to peaceful.

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    Quote from Jensmom7
    Ixchel, you can have 10 of mine.
    Quote from LadyFree28
    I'll add my 10 pounds too.
    Please! I'll take them! (See comment above)

    Quote from OrganizedChaos
    Still waiting on my husband to get into training for his job. I don't know why on earth it's taking so damn long! They said there are a lot of people ahead of him so he just has to wait for an email. Ugh. He's gonna apply for any kind of job he can get until he gets into training.

    On another also depressing note, I found out a friend has cancer & has been in the hospital for 3 weeks. [emoji17] That's all the information I have. I don't know why she's been in the hospital for so long or what type of cancer she has. Hopefully I will get to visit her soon.
    I'm sorry for your friend, and hope for her recovery. [emoji173]️

    Quote from Farawyn
    I've learned that Valerian tea and Melatonin packs a punch with me. I went to sleep super early last night...and stayed asleep.
    Valyrian steel, on the other hand...


    This thread was very quiet this week!

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    Quote from Kitiger
    Ixchel, you're teaching me a lot of nursing in this post. I'm learning what 6 weeks post op spinal fusion looks like. Thank you.
    Thank YOU! I think we learn the most through experience, and the experiences of others do count!

    Quote from nutella
    Ixchel - I am sorry you are somewhat struggling after surgery. I think that when a person had chronic pain, there is a lot attached to it, emotionally and physically. Also, if you had been on chronic pain medication before surgery and are able to reduce now you may perhaps feel a touch of withdrawal at times creating anxiety...not that I am saying that is what is going on but it is something that I have seen in patients.
    However, I wish you a speedy recovery and that things will straighten out and healing will continue on all levels.
    Your instincts on the meds are accurate. I stopped all opiates a few weeks ago, and have just braved the storm since. Thank you for your well wishes!

    Quote from calivianya
    Ixchel, I have been thinking about you, and I'm glad you're doing well. I am especially glad you can sleep on your belly - that's the best feeling! I love sleeping on my belly.
    THREE CHEERS HOORAY FOR THE BELLY SLEEP!!!! And thank you for your thoughts!

    Quote from NotAllWhoWandeRN
    ixchel, I'm sorry you're having a rough time. I don't know your story, but I wouldn't wish spinal surgery on anyone. I suggest we have a potlock. Everyone throw in a pound for ixchel to help pad the hardware.
    My story - at some point in early childhood, I managed to get bilateral pars fractures at L5. Over time, this resulted in spondylolisthesis. I've gone through conservative, medical management thus far. I have had no nerve involvement until recent years, and evidence of that could be seen in a demyelinated nerve root on a routine MRI 3-4 years ago. Then in November, going back for routine imaging, the disc at L5 was almost gone. I decided the time has come, as all surgical risk factors are presently in my favor at my age, and knowing I've turned the corner where the nerve involvement isn't easily ignored anymore.

    As for the pot luck....

    Quote from OlivetheRN
    Can I throw in more than one? I have quite a bit to spare....
    Quote from calivianya
    If you're throwing in more than one I will too - I have about ten I could afford to lose right now!
    Quote from kalycat
    I have some padding to offer! I also make excellent authentic Italian food (if I do say so myself). Perhaps some carb loading?

    I was just breezing in to say that. I learned a lot this week but I will have to type it up later when I don't have to get in to the shower for my 9th shift in a row. [emoji99]

    Wish I could say I signed myself up for that voluntarily.
    Quote from smartassmommy
    I will happily pledge 10 lbs to ixchel's padding fund.
    Quote from NanikRN
    And sign me upfor a solid 15 pounds for Ixchel!! Happy to contribute to your padding, lol
    I will gladly take some pounds of padding and potlucks! My surgeon assured me that the feeling of bruising where the screws are digging in will subside once scarring develops on them, but in the meantime, being this skinny is actually a downfall in this instance. I lean forward, and the screws push back against my incision site. IT IS NOT AWESOME! lol

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    Quote from Farawyn
    Have you ever worked with mostly men? They can be just as gossipy, jealous and petty. Been there, done that.
    OMG, YES.

    In property management, it was boringly stereotypical: women in the office or cleaning, men doing maintenance, groundskeeping, and painting. I oversaw a staff of 2 women, and 5 men. Those men were enough to make me swear off management for a good long time!

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    One year ago today(ish) saw the birth of WILTW. In that time, we've been able to grow together as people and nurses, and it has been awesome!

    I've been wanting to put together this massive, awesome recollection of each week, but then I realized how ridiculous that would become. So, I wont do that. But, I did want to peek back at some of my more monumental lessons, and encourage you to peek back, too, if you would like.

    As always, please share present day learnings, too.

    What I learned, over the last 52 weeks...

    Making sure your nurse knows you have breast implants can prevent an embarrassing ICU transfer when a dislodged boob looks like a hematoma.

    If you're going to give a nonresponsive patient a titty twister in an attempt to establish they are actually responsive, warn the other people in the room first.

    When you read a patient's chart notes and see they couldn't be stopped from punching and spitting on staff with 25 mg haldol and 10 mg Ativan, you might actually think to yourself, "thank god he's only felt me up this shift".

    9/12 What I learned this week...... | allnurses

    This is one of the threads that was moved to blue. It is, however, the first WILTW after Brian died, and feels worth it to include.

    Herpes can literally get in and on every part of the body. I'm glad my innocence was already shattered by sidepockets because for real, people. EVERYWHERE.

    (It was in the lungs.)

    If a coworker is charting in a darker, quieter space, YES, they are are hiding. Go away.

    Never remove an African American woman's wig.
    This thread was linked on social media and people were royally pissed off by it.

    This week, I learned the end of a patient story and I celebrated with a happy cry.

    If you shave your dog to determine if she has a heart block, you may be a little unbalanced. (And that stethoscope I mentioned? Gone. Thanks, AHole.)

    Why is the end of a straight cath ribbed? It certainly is NOT for her pleasure!
    (Incidentally, my husband learned how to change an instead cup post op.)

    It comforts me to know my LEO hubs and his coworkers have devised an apocalypse plan. I also just realized being nurses makes us all valuable (like, save the nurse, kill that guy instead, valuable).

    And what have I learned this week?

    5 hours of driving in a day when almost 6 weeks post op from lumbar fusion can make the rest of the week complicated. So can carrying a ~15 lb load of groceries.

    My time away from work could be as long as 6 months. I miss it, and I don't miss it.

    When a person awakens during a focal epilepsy seizure, they will potentially continue to interact as though in the dream still, while also interacting with their real surroundings.

    So, friends, with that I say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WILTW! You all have been wonderful to share my nurse growth with. Every time we get new posters, I feel the excitement of this weekly installment growing. What began as sort of a journaling process for me has become a highlight for many on AN, and I love that! Thank you all!

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    I wouldn't do it. Not unless you've had cellular biology or a related topic already and really learned that information well.

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    I am currently on my way to go see my grandparents today. This will be my first visit since my grandmothers Alzheimer's has really progressed to make her unrecognizable at times. So I'm feeling a bit of anxiety over that, but I didn't want to forget to post my sincere gratitude for all of the wonderful well wishes and support that you guys have given so far in this thread. Thank you! Thank you so much. Some of you have asked questions, and I promise I'll come back and answer them in a little while. Maybe tonight.

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    Quote from Jensmom7
    Yes, women tend to go into public restrooms in packs, but I guarantee that we do not strip down to our undies and engage in sexy pillow fights. No matter WHAT you've seen on the interwebs.
    Well, that sucks.

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    I had a whole different post in mind today, but then realized it needs to wait until next week. Oops!

    So what does that leave me today? Very little!

    What nursing related thing have I learned? I learn nothing when I'm not nursing. Well, this week, anyway. I have had some evolution as a person, and a patient. But nursing? Nada.

    As a patient approaching 6 weeks post op from spinal fusion, I have learned...

    ...that the torso I see from the side in the mirror doesn't look like mine. My lordosis is gone.

    ...I am thankful to have cut my med list down so much.

    ...being really skinny means my hardware presses against my skin and incision site when I bend. I really hoped this would stop by now.

    ...I never knew how much I relied on pain to be the friend who cautioned me to hold back. I've felt anxiety over losing the pain.

    ...^^^^ that??? It's crazy.

    ...I CAN SLEEP ON MY BELLY!!!!!!!!

    ...I'm EXTREMELY bad at unknown. My post op appt this week will show whether I am fusing at all yet. I just want to know.

    ...the hardest lesson is this mountain of defeat I'm feeling after such a big few months. I'm seeing pics of graduation, celebrations of employment, and worthy bragging moments on my facebook historical posts. I felt like life was hard then, I celebrated something hopefully becoming easier. It didn't though.

    I've lost my muchness, guys. Lots of it.

    Bonus: comforts me to know my LEO hubs and his coworkers have devised an apocalypse plan. I also just realized being nurses makes us all valuable (like, save the nurse, kill that guy instead, valuable).

    So what have you learned? (And please, if you can, bring it back to nursey since I couldn't! (Sorry, mods!) We need to stay yellow.)

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    I never came back this morning! I'm sorry! I will have to wander over in a bit. I've gotten back into bed and I'm waiting for Mr. Sandman.

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    Quote from offlabel
    The point here, I think, is to stop this patient from dying so that you can do all of those other tests.... we're talking about 15 minute intervals here. O2, IV, NTG, morphine, move forward.
    If they came via EMS, EMS already did this. (Don't forget the aspirin!) And OP didn't mention what time frame. The rest of the posters covered MONA, I was simply going to the next step - Can't treat without the cause.

    Eta - it isn't clear whether this is inpatient or someone in the ED. Its in the cardiac nursing/CCU forum. Maybe OP will come back? Hit and run threads suck.

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    Schlitzophrenic! I love this word! (And I also have been stuck awake.)

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    Quote from Dogen
    I bet it's convenient to assume that when your behavior hurts someone it's because of something they lack, rather than something you lack. I imagine that's very comforting for you.
    Again, in the voice of Tobias. It's beautiful.