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Still Raw: Six months after graduation, five months after employment

A few months ago, I wrote an article that basically expressed my shock at the first weeks on my first nursing job. (It's called "Raw: two months after graduation, one month after employment", if you are curious.) I wanted to share how life has been since then. I've been on the job for about 5 months now. My orientation ended about two months ago, and I'm honestly so glad for it. It's not that I don't feel like I have a lot to learn - definitely I have way more to gain before I feel... Read More →

Raw: Two Months After Graduation... One Month After Employment...

I watched that video in orientation thinking, "these people are crazy. I'm a ray of sunshine and hope! I am a positive person! I believe in myself and I am ready to learn and BE AWESOME!!!! I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!!!" But here I am. Three days shy of a month in on my first job. And there is a bit of dread in my heart. I'm not sure how it got there. It snuck up on me rather insidiously. A couple of weeks ago, I was walking toward my car and I passed some respiratory students. I beamed at them... Read More →

Don't choose a school until you ask these questions!

As you consider beginning the journey into nursing, it is very important that you pave the way to success early. There are a lot of choices to be made, and it doesn't matter if you are a fresh new high school graduate or a 45-year old parent considering a second career - you need to consider some things up front. It's frustrating and sad to see, here on allnurses, posts from grads who can't seem to beat the NCLEX, or who have sent out hundreds of resumes, only to get no responses. If all of... Read More →

My moment in the sun

Four years ago, after an inspiring trip to a Lamaze conference, I filled out my fafsa. I decided I was going to be a midwife. I enrolled at my local community college, thinking I'd get my ADN, work while I get my BSN, then move on to CNM. Three years ago I finished my first year back in school as a nearly 4.0 student. I had joined AN and evolved my ideas. I knew there was more I needed to learn than the pre-reqs. I had realized that ADN-BSN would actually take me a year longer, so it made no... Read More →