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  • Aug 5 '16

    I work FT, I am on 24/7 call and make far less than 70,000/yr. I am grateful for the job, however, as so many don't have one. I am struggling with burnout, but know it could be much worse.

  • May 28 '16

    This doesn't sound like a good system at all. If passwords can be changed so easily I would be afraid anyone can do it. Yikes, I hope you have HR, Legal, and IT attention for this.

  • Mar 24 '16

    Can only speak for myself: I am 52 years old. If I ever get to retire it would probably happen when I am 70 or older. I work 10 hour days 5 days per week, on call 24/7 (no pay). I do not work in a hospital, but an assisted living facility. I consider myself an RN with nearly 30 years experience. I cannot afford school and I have not the time. No one is going to hire me at my age anyways. I think BSN is great. But don't take away my experience. Don't belittle it. Don't consider me less of a nurse. My recommendation is to get your BSN first going in. Go to state schools so cost may be less. I am in management with many years experience. I see no reason for me to have to get my BSN. I should be grandfathered in. Plus, I took same test as BSN nurses.