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Joined May 2, '11 - from 'Michigan is my home'. strength4unityRN is a RN. She has 'RN (2010 to present), CNA (2002-2010), DCW (2000-2002)' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'critical care, PCU, PACU, LTC, HHC, AFC'. Posts: 23 (43% Liked) Likes: 30

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Michigan is my home
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critical care, PCU, PACU, LTC, HHC, AFC
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RN (2010 to present), CNA (2002-2010), DCW (2000-2002) years
traveling, amusement parks, reading, watching football and wrestling, gym, museums, documentaries, kindness but don't mistaken as a weakness, respect, and flavored coffee
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