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Hi Everyone.
 I was born with a hearing loss of 25-30% & I wear hearing aids. I can hear without them but they do help me hear 'everything' alot better.

On my yearly work review I received good marks and that they were happy to have me on the unit but in the comment section it included my 'hearing impairment' 

Make sure I keep my bed alarms on, check IV pump alarms, patients doors are open, etc. So that my 'co- workers' aren't always being addressed by my co-workers. 

I do hear alarms & do address them. Now there have been alarms that I haven't heard but when brought to my attention I always address it. (bed alarms, pumps, etc) If I can't hear someone I ask them to repeat themselves to clarify what was said. I also tell people in person & over the phone I have a hearing loss. 

I have worked in the hospital for 20 years & worked in this particular hospital for a year. My hearing was never brought up in my in any of my reviews in previous places of employment.

When I was in the interview hiring process of this hospital I told them I had a hearing loss.

What do you think of my hearing loss being included in my eval? 



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