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  • Oct 21 '16

    I ALSO got DENIED from UTA. My last 60 hours cumulative GPA was 3.3 and I've been a RN for two years. I guess UTA NP program is TOUGH to get in. But I got accepted to TWU. THANK GOD!

  • Aug 19 '16

    I agree with ChristineN, in that if you want to be an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner or an Adult Nurse Practitioner, then working in the ICU or ER would be valuable.

    If you want to be a FNP, then any hospital experience would be worthwhile. Some programs REQUIRED 1-2 years experience as a RN first. However, there are some Direct Entry programs that require no RN experience to begin a NP program.

    But I feel like experience only HELPS your application to grad school, your confidence in deciding if you truly want to become a NP, AND most importantly what TYPE of NP you want to become. There are several types of NPs. So do your research, decide if you want to work in mostly hospitals or ERs or urgent care settings or clinics, do you want to work with pediatrics, women, adults or family?

    Its never bad or at a disadvantage to have experience under your belt. I graduated in 2009 and also have no kids or responsibilities. So I understand about wanting to get back into school and keep going. I have 2 years experience in Medical/Telemetry/Oncology and I am beginining a FNP program this fall. I don't regret waiting for 2 years and getting little experience as a nurse first though. And I feel like I have a solid amount of knowledge and experience, but I'm also not TOO FAR out of school to be uncomfortable going back.

    Good luck in whatever you decide!