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Joined Apr 14, '11 - from 'PA'. MAtoBSN is a N Supervisor - SNF/Rehab/LTC. She has '15' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'SNF/Rehab. Pediatrics. OBGYN.'. Posts: 94 (22% Liked) Likes: 39

With 13 years of VERY valuable experience as a Medical Assistant, I finally went and got my BSN. I took the scenic route, being a young single mom for so long - but I made it. I graduated with my BSN in December of 2012, my RN license two months later, and have been working on a SNF/Rehab/MedBridge Unit ever since! I'm currently seeking a position that is more like my "dream job" (which has and always will be L&D); but for now, I'm enjoying working five mins from home at a job that pays well and gives me GREAT experience. And I love allnurses...it is my sanity after one of THOSE shifts. I love that we can all connect!

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N Supervisor - SNF/Rehab/LTC
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SNF/Rehab. Pediatrics. OBGYN.
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15 years
My kids, shopping, music, reading, the beach, and relaxing when I get the chance.
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