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Hi! Thanks for checking out my page. I've been a member of allnurses since Apr 8th, '11. I have no blogs or journals to follow, but you are welcome to find me on the threads I follow, where I love humor and silliness to counter the seriousness of life. Feel free to chime in. Currently work PD/Geriatrics.

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  • Aug 1

    Hi everyone - new user here!

    I have been working my first job as a registered nurse at a community based hospital since April 2016 and I am very sad to say that I think I hate it

    I have worked as a med-surf float and more recently on the telemetry unit. I can't help but feel a never ending sense of anxiety when it comes to work. We are always understaffed and the acuity has been so high lately. I can't even keep up some nights and have had to go to the break room or medroom to cry. It's embarrassing, but sometimes I can't help it. There was a night where I had two heparin drips, a combative/high fall risk dementia patient, a blood transfusion, as well as getting hit with two admissions within two hours of each other - An unfair assignment in my opinion.
    Just when I feel as if I am advancing in the nursing practice, I feel like I take 10 steps backwards. Then on top of it, I have experienced some very mean/rude patients. I get it, they're in a time where they are vulnerable and sick, but being called a "useless b****" because I told a patient we ran out of turkey sandwiches (at 2am) doesn't sit well with me.
    I want to cry before every shift and I feel depressed. Sometimes even on my days off. I work night shift 7P-7A and it does not help that my boyfriend works first shift. There are weeks where we will go 4 straight days without seeing each other, and we live together! I can never sleep right during the day, or now even at night for that matter. Hence why I am up at 0230 venting.
    I have been desperately applying to other areas of nursing and praying for a day shift. I know people who work in outpatient settings and absolutely love their jobs. I am envious because I wanted nothing more than to love nursing, and this job makes me feel the total opposite.

    Sorry for the the long rant and thanks to those who read it! I just had to get that out there.

    Love to all!

  • Aug 1

    I just recently read that John Cougar Mellencamp has 2 sons named HUD and SPECK.

  • Aug 1

    In my travels through corrections, I found a couple of examples of parental ambition that didn't quite turn out as planned. One was named Senator, and the other was named Lawyer.

  • Jul 28

    Quote from No Stars In My Eyes
    I really don't care for Orson Welles or pretty much any film in which I've seen him.
    Well, No Stars, what about the old 1970's Paul Masson wine commercial where Mr. Welles spoke out against kleptomania?

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  • Jul 23

    OMG...I was laughing at this...BUT ITS TRUE......we allow residents to go onto this terrace to smoke...and there is an Aide out there monitoring them and lighting up their cigarettes and putting these so called fire jackets on those who apparently have many holes from their ashes in their clothing...its NONSENSE..... ......I am sorry...but a Health care facility in my eyes shouldn't allow patients to defeats the purpose of calling it a health CARE facility......yes...especially when a person has COPD and goes out to smoke...and comes back gasping for is the common sense there? Oh and don't get me started on the nurses I have worked with......I think they should call me Mommy instead of my proper name....Oh Mommy I cant find this paper..Oh Mommy where did I put my report sheet? Mommy, can you just look at this tiny pimple on this one patient.... Oh Mommy can you help me fill out all these forms on my patient even though Ihave been here for some time and should know this by now? OH I CAN TELL YOU STORIES .....sad....but its true....

  • Jul 19

    How about "Prin'cesss" and "Amazin" because she was amazing 😐 People kill me....

  • Jul 12

    Somehow some people about four blocks away from me managed to get some commercial grade fireworks last year. The resultant fire took out a palm tree and about 50 people went to the hospital.

  • Jul 11

    Quote from No Stars In My Eyes
    I have a Doctorate in Nebulous Ridiculosity.
    Would that be a DNR?

  • Jul 10

    Quote from caliotter3
    There's a lot involved in the "up and running" role that a new employee to an established employer does not have to worry about. Doubt that she wants to pay you any extra incentive for the extra workload. Are you sure you want to do this? And keep in mind that a new business could very well go "belly up" fast or she could just up and decide to bail on the whole idea. A lot to think about before leaving a sure thing.
    I have a family I would never just leave a sure thing. But I'm dipping my foot part time to learn home health may do some training and I'll see if this is something work going full spend ahead.

  • Jul 9

    "General Specialties" is by definition an oxymoron. Describing something as "general" differentiates it from a "specialty".

  • Jul 9

    Quote from SuziQ63
    Wow thanks everyone. I had them in a cart in a pill crusher and apparently fell out. Left to go change a cath and returned they were gone, I asked everyone if they saw any pills but someone did and turned them in and that person knew it came from me. I got a call today, they terminated me. Should I be more afraid now? Are they reporting to Bon? Y would a new job need to know. I'm so depressed now. I'm mad at myself but at the same time mad that they can't accept it was a mistake
    Wow... I'm sorry you were terminated. This was a mistake, and you've owned it. It will also be a learning experience for you, which you may not believe now. I have a hard time understanding how some people cannot tolerate ANY mistake. Not to sound like a Pollyanna, but this may be a blessing in disguise. At the very least you will probably never ever do this again. I do not know that the BON would be notified; it's not diversion so don't see why BON would need to be notified. Change your practice, keep your head up and move on. I am so sorry this happened to you.

  • Jul 9

    2 cents here:

    -usually, people do background checks BEFORE extending a job offer.
    -resignation > termination. Why give them anymore time to terminate you? By resigning now, any action your current employers take against you post-resignation would look like retaliation.
    -When asked, smart former employers would just report when you worked for them. Anymore could set them up for a slander/libel lawsuit.
    -If you have not already done so, shadow the new place, and then, if you like what you see, accept the new position.

    Though, with your current job, it has just been a week, right? Then again, the longer you wait, the longer you risk termination.

    Nevertheless, do you feel your managers have your back and they are just doing this investigation per protocol because an ***-kisser reported you instead of talking to you first?

  • Jul 9

    Quote from LovingLife123
    Why would you waste in the Pyxis but not actually the meds? That's the confusing part for me. Is the cactus not right beside the Pyxis?
    Wait what cactus?

  • Jul 9

    Hi, LovingLife -

    [Forgive me if I've misunderstood your situation]

    If you are working in a situation where remainders of pulled narcotics are being put into any space that others can access (including your co-workers, including any locked cabinets), you are AT RISK. Unless I'm misunderstanding I would encourage you to talk to your employer about this practice and work to get it changed. As soon as there is any kind of aberrancy with already-pulled narcotics, everyone who could have accessed them will be suspect.

    As you note, this shouldn't be about the problem of "doing someone else's work", but rather about steering 100% clear of situations where you could be swept into any investigation of what happened with any particular dose of narcotics.

    Quote from LovingLife123
    I wouldn't say it's a nasty culture. I think the issue more than finding the narcotics is documentation was falsified and that is also reportable to the BON. And it's documentation on narcotics.
    So, here's how this happens to non-using, non-diverting nurses:

    Your patient is in severe pain. Everyone on the unit is run ragged with one task or another. You go and pull dilaudid 2mg/1ml for an order to give the pt 1 mg (let's just say that is your only option). No one is near-by to do the waste right then. You do "something" with the remainder (put it near your computer, in your pocket, into some cabinet for storing such things, in the patient's drawer in the room....whatever....) fully intending to waste it as soon as you encounter someone to witness the waste. You get busy and forget. Someone else comes across it. Voila.

    We can call that "falsification of documentation", but given the scenario that's a pretty disingenuous and frankly dishonest categorization, since "falsification" implies the intent to falsify.

    It is also being called "diversion" a lot these days; personally I consider that characterization pure evil for its intent to malign the person who 1) tried to serve the patient quickly and 2) has no control over contributing circumstances, such as staffing.

  • Jul 9

    Meanwhile, let this serve as a cautionary tale. Never leave the medication-dispenser area until waste is completed. Call the house administrator, manager, charge nurse, them to come and waste if everyone else is too busy. Stand there until someone shows up. No one ever died from pain. Anyone reading this right now who is just too nice or too efficient or too much of a "good worker" to follow the above rule is merely biding time until they find themselves in the exact same situation as the OP.