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Hi! Thanks for checking out my page. I've been a member of allnurses since Apr 8th, '11. I have no blogs or journals to follow, but you are welcome to find me on the threads I follow, where I love humor and silliness to counter the seriousness of life. Feel free to chime in. Currently work PD/Geriatrics.

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  • Feb 16

    We had a pair of twins named Khyree and Demicus. Not funny names, necessarily, but unique enough that several people stumbled over them in report.

  • Feb 16

    Leaf (his middle name is Ridge) and Passionflower

  • Feb 16

    Shawntasia was an interesting name I had once come across. My son has an Embassy in his grade. I have no idea what her brother's name is LOL.

  • Feb 13

    Quote from smartnurse1982
    There are some parents who refuse to allow a nurse to work on their own laptop or play games on their cell phone.
    Whenever I start a new case, I make sure the parents are ok with me hitting the books/laptop at night. If not, then let me know, and I will find another assignment.

    I work PDN as the night float, and also go to NP school. Thus, I hit the books while the kid sleeps. Fortunately, nearly all of my cases are stable, and I can get a good 6+ hours of studying in on an overnight 8 hour shift.

  • Feb 10

    Quote from nrsang97
    Has anyone mentioned the football player Ha Ha Clinton-Dix?
    Or what about... Plaxico??? Anyone remember Plaxico Burress?
    What kind of name is Plaxico??
    Was he named after the chemical plant where his father worked?

  • Feb 10

    Maybe agencies can solve this by paying more $$$ for night shift.

    I will say that some situations during NOC shift that encourage sleep.
    There are some parents who refuse to allow a nurse to work on their own laptop or play games on their cell phone.
    I am soy,but you cannot expect a nurse to just sit there and look at the twinkling lights.
    Would you as a parent want to work at night in the dark staring at the patient and the wall?

  • Feb 10

    Quote from No Stars In My Eyes
    When my Mom did PDN/nights, one of her elderly patients wanted her to go across the hall and lay down on the guest room bed; the patient's idea was to have my Mom tie a loooong string to her big toe and give the other end to the patient, who said she'd "give a little tug" if she needed something. Then she added,
    "I do so hate disturbing you girls during the night; you need your rest, too!"

    PS This was long before any temp agencies; she worked through a "Private Registry".
    Sounds like my kind of patient. More clients should be so considerate of others.

  • Feb 9

    Giving morphine to a hospice patient with a respiratory rate of 9 is appropriate if they are showing signs of pain or air hunger.

  • Feb 9

    SNF work can be absolutely dreadful. Ounce in a while you may find one that is actually nice. They do exist. However you friend's fall report "res found on flow." is genius. A report like that is what I which I could write, maybe this way I would have some time to take care of patients.

  • Feb 9

    Quote from kidzcare
    I've seen enough horror movies to know that the only reasonable next course of action is to grab a crucifix, some holy water, and a sacrificial virgin.
    Quote from BeckyESRN
    I don't think any of those are available options in my charting system!
    Visual acuity confirmed by burning of retinas upon introduction of crucifix to environment. Topical treatment with holy water results in tissue damage that will remain unstageable until the sizzling subsides.

    You'll have to chart separately on the virgin... Probably sign that one out for the day "Excused absence r/t taking one for the team, call to parent who is clearly upset but understanding. Waiver on file"

  • Feb 9

    Quote from sweetpot
    My classmate in college, her last name was areola
    A kid from my high school band had the lovely last name -Placenta- Our band director thought that it was the coolest last name ever, even had a baseball style shirt made for the kid because he just thought it was awesome. The kid was mortified because he obviously knew more about reproduction than our band director.

  • Feb 9

    Quote from MrChicagoRN
    Hey Jacob,

    What do you think of the bill that Sen. Lieu is introducing requiring a staff psychiatrist in the White House?
    Somebody needs to inform the President!


  • Feb 9

    Quote from douxmusique
    I went to high school with a girl named areola and a girl named lochia.
    My classmate in college, her last name was areola

  • Feb 9

    What a cast of characters! How would you call them to dinner?

  • Feb 8

    I got one...

    Chris P. Bacon