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  • Nov 23 '15

    Quote from bhodge
    Hi Everyone,

    I actually took the new version so they say yesterday 4-1-11 it was my 3rd attempt and according to the pvt trick i PASSED this time.Yes i tried the pvt trick the other times and took me to cc page... First off i got all 205??? and most where select all that apply and infection control.... no math couple drugs bactrim, but like i said most was select all that apply..... I left out of there thinking oh no i failed again got alll 205?? Well PVT tells me cant re- register and VA does not participate in quick view results so i will have to call them on monday since my test was friday. I was a little nervous because it was the new test and 3rd time taking it but really if you go to the NCSBN website they just changed the percentage's around... Well How did i do it....
    Lacahrity Book Prioritazation, Deligation.
    Those are the only two i have came aross that helped... and are very similar to the real NCLEx.

    Good Luck EveryOne
    Hi bhodge,

    Do you have or Is there a web link or a PDF copy of Lacharity Prioritization Book. I'm using Saunder's 4/ed & Kaplan's PN strategies. I'm taking mine 4/29 & i'm major stressing.
    Thank you for your help.