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    So far the only people in my program that know I'm gay is the one girl I went to high school with. She might have told a few of her friends in the program, but they haven't said anything to me or anyone else about it. I'm not afraid to be out in the program (it'd make things a whole lot easier for me) but I have to keep it a secret from my roommate. There's no way I could afford to live by myself, and I don't have anyone else to help me. I don't want to scare him off, in case he reacted poorly. If it wasn't for him, I'd be out and proud. If someone reacted poorly, screw 'em! They don't know what they're missing out on by getting to know me.

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    Quote from Jenniferasch
    Jennifer here. From Northwest Ohio...

    STNA for 1.5 years at a LTC facility...most recently a NA in an Ortho unit at a hospital that is 1+ hr away.

    Nice to meet you all
    Nice to meet you too! Yay for Ohio! Us Ohioans gotta stick together haha. That's gotta be a long drive back from work if you live an hour away. I only have a 3 minute drive and its still too much for me haha.

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    Hey! Nice to meet you too. I also work in a nursing home. I work third shift. I really like it, but I'd really like to work in a hospital. I've got two more years of nursing school and then I'll do that. I've only been a CNA for a year, but I've definitely come a long way haha. I couldn't even be in the room at first. But I'm the same way with my coworkers! I love them to death, but they can be the laziest people. I swear I answer 95% of the call lights. The 5% they answer are when I'm on my lunch break. That's all you can really do is just put a smile on. I've thought about trying to get a job at the hospital, maybe as an aide or a transporter or something. They might work around my school schedule, and hopefully pay more!! Hope things are going well with you

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    Hey! I'm Kyle, a CNA in Ohio. Nice I meet everyone!

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    Thanks for sharing this video and your story. Truly inspiring. I know my friends are going to love it when I show them.

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    Thanks for all the feedback! I had no idea there was an allnurses app I freaked out a bit when I downloaded it

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    I got the same reactions from work. The only thing you can really do is keep your mouth shut :/ Thats what I have to do. The only time I talk about school is if I get asked about it. The LPN's and RN's are all very happy that I'm in nursing school, and always encourage me. But the PCA's always have in their minds that I think I'm better them, and that I'm just going to treat other PCA's ****** once I graduate. I know how hard of a job it is, so I'm only going to give them respect.

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    Not all CNA's are mean and grumpy. A lot of the ones I work with are amazing. There are the few, however, that are constant complainers and tend to bring everyone else down. It is a very stressful job, and they don't get nearly enough credit. Once they get to know you I'm sure they'll warm up!

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    Thanks so much! I'm hopefully getting my Ipod this weekend so I'll start downloading them. I probably will PM you for that discount sometime!

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    I just walked into as many nursing homes as possible and applied. I kept calling and calling them, asking about my application, if they had reviewed it, if there were any openings. I'd call every week to check up on them until I got a job. It didn't take long! I'd even go in and ask if I was in town. Just stay persistent! You'll find something!

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    I definitely know how you feel. I transferred nursing schools, and I still get phone calls and texts about all the drama and tests and crap that happens down there. I love going down there to visit, but I had to limit it because I couldn't take all the drama. I don't even go there and I don't know any of the people they're talking about, but the girls still insist on venting to me. The whole point of going down there was to hang out and have fun, not get bombarded with drama!

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    I'm a CNA in a nursing home, and I do occasionally get a resident who doesn't want me because I'm a guy. But thats just something that comes with the job and being a guy. Some people just aren't comfortable with it. But when other people find out I'm doing nursing, they always have something good to say about it. They know its a good profession to get into, and its full of caring people. Don't worry about any disrespect.

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    So far I've had no trouble with being gay and in a nursing program. This is my second one I'm in because I had to transfer schools. In my first one all the girls loved me (hey, I can't help it!) We were best friends and I always had people to study with. They didn't know I was gay, but when they found out, we became even better friends. And my guy roommates didn't care at all when I came out to them. I haven't really had the chance to interact with anyone at my current school, but if they don't like me, screw them! I am who I am, and I can't change it and won't. The world is a much more accepting place that I pictured it to be when I first got to college. It's not a perfect place, but you'll find allies wherever you are. Best of luck!!

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    I'm a CNA in a nursing home, and all the nurses there just seem miserable. It sorta discourages me as a nursing student. I'm just trying to keep my head up and look at the positives!!

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    Hey! My school requires me to have an ipod touch for clinicals, so I was just wondering if there are any good apps for nursing students out there?

    Or if you use your phone/ipod during work, what apps do you use every day? I just wanna know what will help me out and make nursing school easier! Thanks!!