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  • Dec 13 '16

    The sources I used the most are "Uppers, Downers, All Arounders : Physical and Mental Effects of Psychoactive Drugs" Darryl Inaba & William Cohen

    And Western Schools Continuing Education Courses - Commonly Abused Substances and the Addiction Process:

    Though I likes Allen's book as well.

  • Dec 13 '16

    IntNSA is updating the study guide. It should be available in the next month or so... Be sure to check out the test matrix it has changed quite a bit.

    NCFADS has a review course every summer in Wilmington, NC. You can check out that web site. Plus IntNSA has a review course every year at the conference. It will be in Washington, again this year.

    I took the CARN-AP this past fall, it was a lot of appication and critical thinking... not much in the way of strick "if this ...answer that" type questions.

    Best of look!!!!! faith