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Joined Feb 24, '11 - from 'North Carolina'. cfaith is a Clinical Quality Improvement Manager. She has '26' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'Addiction'. Posts: 55 (27% Liked) Likes: 22

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  • Feb 20

    Has anyone taken this exam? I've joined IntNSA. & the NC Chapter IntNSA but have not truly committed to this certification? Please any words of wisdom from CARNS or CARN-APs?
    Thanks in advance,

  • Oct 11 '15

    Quote from priorities2
    Is there a benefit to getting becoming a CARN-AP in addition to a PMHNP if you want to work in an outpatient setting with mental health/addiction patients? Or would most of the addictions-related knowledge/treatment capacity already be included within the PMHNP?
    IMOH: Having the CARN-AP in the addiction setting establishing a speciality for practice with a unique subpopulation with in the scope of the PMHNP. As for hoe muwc addiction related information is included on the PMHNP, I have no knowledge of the test make up.
    There Co-Occuring questions on the CARN-AP.
    I went this way first still looking at if the PMHNP would benefit me personally and professionally.

    Good look!!!!!