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  • Oct 2

    There are no bridge programs to go from anything to PA and no part time programs to become a PA. Like Neo said, Extremely rigorous. I'm at the end of my didactic year and since last july we have been in class M-F 33-36 hours per week, I study about 40-60 per week outside of class, I've not worked since July 4th last year and prob won't work til I'm done with school. Our clinical rotations start end of July and by graduation July 2012 I will have 1800-2000 clinical hours in PA school. We go for 16 week terms the 1st year with 1 week of between and got 1 week for Christmas. Clinical year we only get a week off at Christmas.

    As a PA you do have a delegation of service agreement with your supervising physician and yes your tied to that doc but they are not looking over your shoulder and most times not even in the same office. As a PA you can jump specialties whenever you like but you can't carry your previous scope of practice with you. Basically if your SP doesn't do it then you can't do it. I could do ER for a few years, move to surgery if I want, jump to pediatrics or whatever I desire without any further education. One thing to consider is PA's re-test every 6 or 7yrs, can't remember but as a NP one and done. Make your decisions based on your own needs, PA school = no work so >school loans but also more freedom to choose your career. NP school = part time vs. full time, ability to work so < school loans, the independent practice chip they so readily toss out. For me personally, I don't want the headache of running my own clinic, just let me see patients and give me my check on Friday. I've seen, worked with and known many NPs that during school they carried that moniker religiously, "I'm going to open my own practice and not ever have to answer to another doc" and several have done so. Most, however, have realized that working to keep the lights on is worse that working for a doc. just my 2cents tho.