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  • Aug 5 '16

    Quote from NickB
    Seems to me that MD's support PA's and AA's more than NP's or CRNA's because the PA's and AA's are like their little puppy dogs. They get them from inception and teach them their base knowledge how they want it taught to them. NP's and CRNA's start with a completely different base set of knowledge and come into the picture with much more clinical experience and thus, more of their own ideas and techniques. Being an MD by itself demonstrates a person's propensity to be in control. PA's and AA's are much more controllable and it's to be expected that MD's will have an issue with NP's and CRNA's because they feel less in control. My ...

    All I can say is wow, this is really what you think of PA's? You really need to research the role of a PA before you start calling us "little puppy dogs". The clinical rotations for PA's will usually be around 2000/hrs +/-, NP programs hover around 500 +/-and there is continued debate on where it should be for NP's. Then general consensus is minimum of 500hrs. PA students will have minimum 2000hrs HCE prior to entering a program, NP's require 2yrs as a RN which will average to little over 2000hrs. Most PA's applying for school will exceed the 2000hrs, my class average is around 7000 with my HCE at 35,000hrs. PA school is INTENSIVE, I studied more in the 1st 2 weeks of PA school than I did the entire time in Nursing school. To me, nursing school was a joke compared to PA school and I went to a school with a >50% attrition and 99% first pass rate on boards. Out of my class of 62 only 1 did not pass 1st time. Most every NP worked in some capacity during school, VERY few PA's worked and nobody in my class works. I currently spend 36hrs per week physically in class, 3-5 hours per day studying and 10hrs each for Sat/Sun. I will spend 35-45hrs weekly studying. In nursing school, read notes about an hour before class.

    Talk to some PA's before you call them puppies, that's pretty insulting and just really shows your ignorance.

  • Jan 28 '16

    I worked an ER travel assignment at Hilo Medical Center on the big island back in 2006 and loved it. Never had any problems from patients or co-workers. The nurse manager and I did not see eye to eye on many things but it was not racial by any means (she was native Hawaiian, me white guy). It's hard to get travel companies to pay decent there but I went out for $35/hr (most were getting 26/hr) so it all depends on how you sell yourself. I'd probably try to go there on a travel job 1st and see how you like it. Pay wise, it's all union for regular staff so you can go to Hawai'i dept of health web site and look at jobs and pay rates.