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  • Nov 20 '14

    Thank you so much fellow nurses, for your input/advise. This has been really helpful in helping me decide which unit to accept. I thought MEDSURG was the obvious choice, but now I'm not sure. I do remember loving my NICU rotation during nursing school. I know I have the ability/strength to care for really sick little babies.

    As a new grad, I have been told by several nurses that NICU shouldn't be the beginning of my career, because if I later want to work with adults, then you are not trained into that unit because you have previous nursing experience. So that transition from babies to adults is really difficult.

    Clearly I'm still not sure. However, everyone's input has made it much easier for me to decide. It sounds like NICU is a once in a lifetime special opportunity VS MEDSURG where I can always get hired later. And it also sounds like I'd be a happy nurse VS a stressed out/burned out nurse. I would like to be a happy nurse!

    Thank you all again for your help!

  • Nov 10 '14

    My first RN job was ICU, it's a great foundation for other opportunities (I'm in ER now). Since you don't seem certain of what you want to do down the road ICU is a great option. However, don't turn down a set job for a maybe job. PCU/Tele are great opportunities to learn and grown as a foundation for ICU or whatever direction you want to go into.
    High tense and critical decision making, some may not agree with me, but ER in a trauma center fulfills that for me more than my critical care jobs did. Not only do your direct skills such as IVs have to be on par, you often need to critically think different aspects and suggest to physicians such things. My ICU patients were typically more stable as they already had most direct interventions completed and were on the medications they needed to be. My ICU patients required close assessment and lots of charting. ER is more assessment and lots of doing. So it's just a personal preference of charting versus tasks.