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    I work at Sinai and I'm so happy that some of you guys got hired. Imwas getting depressed reading about how hard new grads were finding the job market. Yup you get paid for everyday of in class orientation. I think the starting pay total comes to a out mid 80's ( $85,000) annually. Ummm I forgot the other questions but fire away. I'm all ears.

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    It depends on which medicine unit you're on but generally the ratio is 1:5-6, management is OKAY, years ago as a new grad I was treated well, and the patient acuity at Mt Sinai overall is very high. Our medicine patients can be icu candidates at other hospitals. It's tough but its great experience. We nurses and our PCA's do everything suck as ekg's, bloodwork, etc. Good place to work. You will see everything

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    Quote from godbless-yute
    I think anybody posing as something they are not is BS!. It has nothing to do with thinking too much of what you do, or feeling that you're better than someone else, it's about principle. If you ever get into trouble, do you want a paralegal or do you want a lawyer?? A CNA maybe be the best darn CNA ever, but he/she is NOT a nurse for the same reasons a nurse is NOT a doctor. The level of training and the scope of practice is completely different. There's a reason the boards made them separate licenses, because they are NOT the same. Its sad that there are real nurses who don't see anything wrong with somebody else playing pretend
    I couldn't have put that any better

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    I should have been clearer. My sister in law told my nephew she was a nurse, not like a nurse. When I asked her about it she said, "well I told him I'm a nurse because RN and NA, same thing". I didn't confront her in a rude or aggressive manner it was a joke amongst us but on the inside I was annoyed.

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    Quote from eyeball
    1 year telemetry/med surg experience (still there) and am 53. I've been reasonably successful at my job and am ready to move on. I have an interview for ICU at another hospital. Am I too old for them to even consider me? I am healthy, in good physical shape, but suddenly worried that they'll laugh at me as soon as I walk into the interview. Am I being paranoid or should I steel myself for likely being turned down?
    You're never too old. Unless you can't physically stand for a shift, you're never too old. The great thing with nursing is that the physical aspect is rough but you have other nurses and aides who can help you. You're brain and knowledge is what's needed most and until Alzheimer's sets in you're good. Good luck on the interview and knock 'em dead....well not the patient of course

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    I was watching the David Letterman show and actress Minka Kelly stated that she was a scrub nurse. I'm like yeah, go girl. Then I look it up on the Internet then combine her statement that a scrub nurse told her it takes one year to be certified and I come to the conclusion that she was actually a scrub tech!!!!***. Awhile back my 7 year old nephew tells me his mom is a nurse like me!!! I said, "no sugar, she's a nursing assistant". My brother was convinced that his wife was an RN. So when his wife came home I asked her. With my line of questioning she had to admit she was lying and was actually a nursing assistant. Come on man, why lie? I worked hard for my degree so I hate when people go around and lie on my profession. You're an aide, what's wrong with that? I used to be an aide. I was unsatisfied so I continued my education and became an official nurse. If you're unhappy, do the same.

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    I posted a topic similar to this a few days ago and I got chewed out for being a nurse who thinks she is above patient care. Maybe I explained myself all wrong but you guys are stating my point exactly. Thanks for letting me know I'm not crazy

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    Omg what a cutie

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    I think I'm so used to hearing comments like this that it doesn't affect me anymore. My coworkers and I joked about how I was such an incompetent nurse because I don't speak polish, German, and Swahili.

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    I have a dog. I work the same hours as you as well. I really only do daycare when I need a break from her. She loves to play with other dogs for a few hours and I get uninterrupted peace. She is trained to go on the pad, never chews anything or destroys my apt., and I just leave a bowl of water and a little food when I go to work. I walk her when I get back from work, most days. Get a havanese, they are a very friendly breed and are low to no shedding dogs.

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    This happened awhile back. I was caring for a patient, had to use the translator phone because of the language barrier. After telling the patient all of the meds she would receive, asking about pain, and if she needed anything I could see that my patient was upset. I asked what was wrong and the translator replied, the patient said "what is wrong with you why don't you know Spanish?" I was upset, I felt dumb, I was like you *****.........needless to say I'm becoming best friends with my Rosetta stone CD's. I ain't getting cursed out in Spanish again, I'm gonna curse her out back and in her native tongue, mama ain't raise no fool.

    Real story but just kidding about my response

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    How you handle this depends on what you're equipped to deal with. Are you comfortable with confrontation and possible animosity? If so, speak to the nurse or manager about your concerns. If you're like me, chase this nurse, learn everything you can, and pray for the end of orientation. I had a nut case training me and I was stuck for 16 weeks. I just smiled and curse that ****** out in my head, lmao.

    But it depends on how bad it is for you. The person who trained me was a nutcase but she knew a lot and wanted to teach, so even though we were complete opposites I dealt with it

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    You know what I value experience. I'm getting my experience before starting school, but you know what I give credit to any nurse who wants to further their education and as soon as possible. If a CRNA program will take you with 3 week floor experience, Go for it. It's ideal to get your education before you have kids, a spouse, and responsibilities. Forget the naysayers. After graduation start planning for that next educational goal, because the longer you stay out of school the harder it is to go back.

    Isn't it funny, growing up they tell you, go to school and when you graduate they tell you to slow down with the schooling

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    Quote from DookieMeisterRN
    This thread started out biased and disrespectful. Old broads? I'm in the *young* category and found your 'vent' ludicrous. It seems you have a lot of issues with your co-workers. Between the old PCT's who gimp around on bad knees to the old broads who can't figure out how to charge their cell phone it sounds like you must be running the floor since you have so much more going for you?

    This whole thread is ridiculously childish and yet again shows the professionalism of nursing. Bickering like grade schoolers and juvenile remarks. I can certainly appreciate a thread with differing opinions and points of view but I really can't believe threads like this. Re-hashing a beat up dead horse is a waste of time. I'm sorry I wasted mine and even took the time to comment. I think I'll get a life and get off AN now
    My point exactly....goodbye

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    Pixie120, thats great that you work with a cna who wants to learn other tasks to help around the unit, but where I work we already have a social worker, a central supply man, and a housekeeper. This particular person was hired as a CNA and no other position. Also the nurses on my unit work well together but it's painful to watch my fellow nurse help me clean my patient while our aide sits at the desk and plays on the computer. What's the excuse???? My neck hurts, my back hurts,...... and I believe her because she walks with a major limp to prove it. But my issue is what was the point of hiring her. She was always his way. She didn't hurt her back on the job, she came with the limp, and she came with the back aches.

    Please dead the notion that I feel I'm above patient care because if you comprehended anything from my posts you would see that all I ask for an aide to do is aid me in caring for patients.

    I used to be an aide and one thing I despise is when YOU nurses say it's MY patient. When i was an aide, the nurses would give the CNA's report at the beginning of every shift and a list of tasks which needed to be done. We as CNA's were given our own patients and just like the nurses those patients were ours. That gave us a feeling of responsibility. The aides used to compete amongst one another on who could get all of thier patients OOB, bathed, eating, and looking pretty. Maybe that's what's missing, aides don't feel part of the team. They feel like theyre just servants, so they don't always take pride in their work. It would be hard for me to take pride in my work when I dont feel needed.
    But anyway, I just want my hospital to hire an aide who can do the flipping job. Aide me !!!!!!!! Do you get my drift? Please dont mistake me for someone who's nasty but its frustrating to be labelled as some snooty nurse when I know I am the exact opposite. But the blessing is that aides and my fellow nurses always tell me different and most importantly I know me. Please let's not get into a battle of who is a better nurse because that's irrelevant, just as long as my check clears at the end of the week, I'm good.
    Excuse my typos, I'm tired